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Venecia Aristarchus

( Actor)

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Aristarchus Venecia: 'Girls I have no fans yet can not die'
Dramedi 'Kadetstvo' on the channel STS at the peak of popularity - it all looked great and small, then another long and vigorously discussed. Generating serial film company 'Kinokonstanta' full speed takes a second season, where we meet again with old heroes. To get acquainted with your favorite Cadets even closer, we decided to make a series of interviews with cadets, the first of which was Aristarchus Venecia.

You play a fairly ambiguous hero - Cadet Sukhomlina. And if you were given a choice, you would be stuck in this role, or choose another?

Aristarchus VenesNet, me first, once offered this and other options have not been, I immediately knew that I was going to. I got a call on the same day I went to a meeting with Sergei п-я-п¦п¦п+п+п¦я-п+ and Vyacheslav Murugova, our director and producer. They told me, about that film, who estimated want me to try, given the text, I learned, did tests and three days later I was adopted. Personally, I am very fond of his hero, and I think that he is one of the most interesting, if not the most. As such, his image was not initially registered, he had no story line in terms of love or do something. Nobody knew: who is he? What is it? My job was to make it interesting, I think that I have it completely turns. Sukhomlin more and more is revealed: he has already appeared the girl, soon will be added any zamorochki. Yes, and I do it all: work, my image, the company - a very, very much.

There are some curious or amusing incidents on the court?

There are different situations. Just three days before filming a scene in 'sink', I will not reveal all the cards, but in general, the situation is this: in Trofimova dymovuha in hand, I stand next. Arthur ignites this little thing, keeps-keeps her. Operator: 'Arthur, lift-ka it-to-face'. He raises, but it somehow so badly burned that fire is already on his arm. He begins to put out everything, absolutely no attention to the fact that it still removed, puts out-puts, it puts out, he throws it up ... and this is the homemade dymovuha sticks to the wall. It was so incomprehensible and unexpected, that everyone starts to laugh. But this is only one of the situations, as well as their dark, in fact when removing each scene something happens, someone was joking. Everything is always fun, interesting, fun, colorful.

And with improvisation on the set like? You are given some freedom, or everything is strictly according to the scenario?

In many ways, most importantly, to the essence of the scene has not changed. Of course, always better to speak on the script. However, if you say instead of 'stove, what? " - 'What are doing, stove?' If you do something with this, add a small, small detail, then you will not be tortured, and rework because of this you will not keep.

. At leisure time remains?

. Aristarchus VenesDa free days in general is very little
. You found me here in Moscow, which is very nice, we have today and tomorrow off. I love my family and how much time I try to devote a. Also, I love sports, playing football, doing in the gym, play tennis, walking. I have a lot of important things, I spend entertaining not only his 'free time', but all my life, so to speak.

. Do you have a younger sister, as it relates to such a long absence my brother?

. Sister, when I come for the weekend, just tearing me
. It is wonderful, such a large motor. Now I asked her to behave more quietly, she said that offended me. Here are finished with you, go and ask her forgiveness, and we will play.

. Spiritual union with Sukhomlin there? Do not you think sometimes that you glimpsed something more from him than from you?

. No, but first wanted to say that sometimes slips
. But, that's thought ... unlikely, nothing has been no, because that work is work, and I do not walk like a zombie in the image of his hero. I know that we have with him in many ways similar, I know exactly what. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that 'the same could be said Suhomlin'. He Wild Child rare, I am also about themselves so bold to say. Seriously, so many cases, especially in school period! In addition, he is really a sentimental guy, he can feel a little shy in relationships. Writes poetry and sings songs. And so organically combines it all with the qualities, as I said, tear and the clown. I have all the same: I, too, naturally I write poetry, although I have this happens only when I'm in love.

. Now your hero is just love, you are difficult to play the love scenes?

. I do not know, I'm easily to all attitude, try not to bother, and do everything just as easily
. All fun to play, discover in themselves something new, to develop it.

. The question is now moving quite a large number of girls: "You have chosen one, or fans can still live peacefully?

. Aristarchus VenesV term relationships with girls I'm lonely, the girls do not
. So the fans can, as you put it, to live peacefully. They're all clever. I respect and love them. But! The fact that I just physically can not be rude to anyone, ie. if I, say, call a fan, I tactfully try to explain that I'm busy. And, apparently, my goodness led to that, for the fourth consecutive day, call girl at six. I have a change in nine starts, and to me every hour of sleep roads. So, I call girls from six to eight literally every five seconds. And the phone I can not turn off - from work to call and can not sleep properly. I have no sleep, and my head just no, really I am very angry. I think all right, now I will do a bad lead, nakrichu now on someone. Again the call and route 'Hello, yes it's me. Goodbye. Thank you '. Well, I can not be rude, language does not rotate.

What are some wild things the fans vytvoryayut?

Wildlife? No, they usually just call all day home, mobile, come to my porch. In the stairwell hang out, call in two hours of the night the girls who say, 'if you do not talk to us, we are the veins themselves less often'. This course originally all I was very shocked, it has become accustomed. But still it seems to me that this is not normal, of course, I understand everything, but ...

For your mobile number and ICQ on the Internet is a real 'fight without rules'. Do something to it as a treat? You do have ICQ?

For ICQ? I have it, but I do with computer problems lately, and ICQ, I did not go for three months already. And there is talk in the Net? I'm curious.

Impressionable young ladies screaming and trying to sweet talk to get contact information, so to speak to an idol, in this case with you. In principle, nothing special, come as some reading, we have at the mass confessions to you and your colleagues. And I still have here a question in the topic: are you up to the project 'Kadetstvo' was also popular with the girls?

I have always been, thank God, girls are not deprived of attention. This is not no bragging, just really was so. And I always pay attention to the girls (laughs). Still, I am very fond of the female sex, that is, that is,. So the girls I'm always happy to talk.

Friends somehow changed relation to you?

First, it fails to communicate - are too little time, and secondly, as such, friends I have not so much. Thirdly, if there discussing me, it is in principle not very touching myself, and, fourthly, I think that they do not discuss. They are already accustomed to, that their friend is leaving to take. They remember how I went to the shooting of 'Colors of the nation', and on the other pictures too. Then we even watched all together. This has already become commonplace. I really do not know, maybe they are discussing, perhaps envious, but I very calmly all this attitude. If there is a negative from those whom you consider friends, about what you do, if skips envy or some kind of resentment, I'm not going to do to anyone, be rude. Never. Why? That is their business. Just a man ceases to exist for me and all.

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