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Piper, Joachim

( Sturmbannf+hrer SS blame carnage in the Ardennes)

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Hitler flouted all the laws and customs of war, if they exist. "Kill! - Ordered his soldiers to the Fuhrer. Responsibility, I accept! "

Innumerable bloody crimes of the Nazis. One of these atrocities were committed by them in the snowy Ardennes.

By December 1944 the war in Europe was hopelessly lost by Germany. Soviet troops were advancing on the Germans from the east, determined to bring the attack to the finish and to punish the enemy for his crimes against humanity. Fuhrer feverishly developing plans of action that could prevent a defeat. He obviously underestimated his opponents and is now focused attention on the Western Front. Hitler was convinced that the more you can change the course of the war, disrupting the attack Americans and the British. In directing his armies out of the bunker "Wolf's Lair in East Prussia, he was trying to deprive the Allied armies advancing into Belgium and France, their largest and most important to supply troops port of Antwerp.

The Fuhrer had hoped to be able to stop the advance of the enemy had landed in Normandy, and then draw all sipy against the threat from the east.

The generals of the Wehrmacht high command tried to dissuade Hitler from the realization of this plan. In difficult times, when should the austerity human and material resources, the Fuhrer was going to throw them on an adventure, a self-defeating.

The miracle did not happen: the operation of the Bulge ended not only failed, but dishonor. SS again mired in disgrace, coolly destroying hundreds of captured U.S. soldiers. They were shot with machine-gun unit under the command of Joachim Piper. The bodies of victims of Nazi atrocities were next on the site of bloody battle, covered with heavy snowfall

. The Americans, who had already an idea of the atrocities committed by the SS in the liberated French cities and the Nazi concentration camps, this inhumane act to give only the tenacity and determination to quickly end the war and finally to settle accounts with Hitler
. The massacre of hundreds of soldiers in the Belgian city MalmLdy spurred U.S. troops is much more effective than inspirational speeches of generals. Battle of the Bulge, part of which was a tragedy MalmLdy, hastened the collapse of Adolf Hitler.

Under cover of thick fog in an atmosphere of extreme secrecy December 16, 1944 German offensive began in the mountain forest in the Belgian Ardennes. General Gerd von Rundstedt, acting on the orders of Hitler, has concentrated a large number of tanks, heavy artillery, fuel and ammunition, and created a powerful grouping of troops, whose task is the last hope gibnuvshego Reich. Transferred from the Eastern Front of the elite SS still differed iron discipline and the peculiar pedantry Germans in carrying out orders. They remained there until the end of. But the soldiers were exhausted and their morale was not the same.

Hitler relied on the bad weather, which was commonplace for these places in winter. He knew that the Allied forces, at that time, surely, are acting prudently in the skies of Europe, in the bad weather there will be powerless. By bidding on the suddenness and swiftness, . he counted, . that the SS troops - that the SS, . not the army, . faith in which he lost, . because too many of its officers involved in the July 1944 plot, . nearly cost him the life, . - Will be in Antwerp next week,
. In this important offensive, codenamed "Autumn mist" on the edge of the strike group Hitler had four tank divisions Sixth Army under the command of the SS of his old friend Sepp Dietrich.

A special task for the realization of the insidious plans of Hitler, who had already completely trampled upon all the canons and rules of traditional warfare, was asked to master of special operations Otto Skorzeny. This favorite of the Fuhrer, . who managed to carry out a risky operation to free from partisan captivity closest ally of Hitler, . Italian dictator Mussolini, . was instructed to land in the enemy's rear landing dressed in American uniforms of German soldiers in order to cause panic and chaos in the enemy forces,

Given that Germany has lost since the war began nearly four million people, by the beginning of the operation von Rundstedt could put together a large group of forces. He gathered thirty divisions, more than two thousand tanks, fifty-propelled assault guns, and received half of the three thousand combat aircraft promised Hermann Goering.

The blow fell upon the allies, was a smashing. Hard weather for eight days confined Allied aircraft to land. Artillery preparation the Germans began a terrible roar of rockets "Fau-1", issued by Antwerp and Liege.

Parts of the SS in a few hours penetrated several kilometers into the enemy's defenses. Hitler threw into the breach elite units. Among the choicest troops of the most renowned and efficient was the first SS Panzer Division "Adolf Hitler". One of the militant group commander, Colonel Joachim Piper, whose name will continue to be associated with the notorious incident known as the massacre at MalmLdy.

Piper seemed to themselves the embodiment of a courageous and brave the German army, is so enamored with Hitler. This was a man's handsome and intelligent officer dvadtsatidevyatiletny. He decently mastered three foreign languages, had an enviable courage, and, unlike many fervent campaigner, has never been a member of the Nazi Party. He also possessed an outstanding sense of humor - not a very common quality among officers. At the time, when German tanks penetrated the American defenses in the Ardennes, Piper was personally acquainted with the Fuhrer. It has been a daredevil in battles on the Eastern Front, and earned the reputation of the commander who knows when to carry out the order and when you can break it.

Among his subordinates Piper reputed truly Prussian campaigner, who was not looking for rewards for winning, but for their martial cases received Knight's Cross - the highest military decoration of Germany. He tried not to leave wounded comrades on the battlefield. And under the command of General Dietrich Piper went to the Ardennes. But he was not sure of the success of this offensive. Piper reasoned that if he and his soldiers will at least reach the heights above the river Meuse, already can be considered our duty executed.

Like all SS compound at this stage of the war once "pure-blooded Aryan" Division "Adolf Hitler", which had never been in their ranks of foreigners, was now greatly diluted to foreign cannon fodder. Now Joachim Piper led the last crusade against the allies of the Belgians, Romanians, Dutch, Lithuanians - neobstrelyanny young animals collected from all over Europe.

Under the command of Piper were five thousand men, a powerful armored units, which included tigers, panthers, as well as anti-aircraft units, self-propelled artillery and heavy artillery. He had to breach the enemy defenses, build on the success and establish a bridgehead on the river Maas - a strategically important task for the crossing of German armored griffon across the river and massive attack on Antwerp.

Particularly successful, beyond the most optimistic expectations, were the first hours of the onset of. Without the strong support of aviation, who is confined to the land of bad weather, the U.S. defense falter. Neobstrelyannyh guys from Nebraska, Omaha and New York seized with panic, they did not survive the onslaught of Hitler's Guards. But soon the advancing troops felt the problem of logistics - the problem, . that, . As predicted by Piper, . ultimately will have to decide the outcome of the operation: First, . he was ordered to seize bridgeheads, . although the command was well known, . that this task is not enough fuel,
. Further, if the weather changes, which could be expected at any moment, his tanks will be destroyed by ground attack aircraft of the enemy. Supply was organized by the bad: the compositions were lost or stuck in traffic jams at junctions. The fourth problem was the terrain. Dense forests and narrow medieval streets in the settlements makes it very difficult maneuver for the seventy-armored monsters. And soon the offensive petered out ...

The day, when the German offensive, American troops, acting in a thick fog and unfamiliar terrain, were in a terrible situation of confusion. Mess in no small degree increased the disguise of an American military uniform Troopers Skorzeny. In such a cover and got the 285 th Reconnaissance Division Field Artillery, manned by inexperienced soldiers, who, as they say, could hardly distinguish from the barrel of the rifle butt. Heading in the Belgian city Linevil to connect to the 7 th Armored Division, U.S. Army, which is expected to move in the direction Vizalma, a division of got lost and stopped at the fork in the road Bonnier.

One of my mouth was near the cafe Bodarv, "the officer inquired of the locals in the right direction if they moved, as many road signs were either rearranged or do saboteurs derailed the team Skorzeny. But local residents were not so cordial and friendly as those that met the Allies in other places after landing in Europe. Many of them have been set traditionally progermanski because of the endless transfers borders for centuries of internecine warfare in the region. Therefore, people in the cafe American officer met with sullen silence.

When he came out to give the command to resume the column movement on the horizon, like black beetles, there were tanks Combat Team Piper. One of the "beetles" half-track armored personnel carrier on the move, rattling a shot, and the head of the American jeep columns disappeared in a flash of orange flame and black smoke. The remaining tanks, as they crawled out from behind a hill and crashing moved to a place where chaos reigned and death, also fired. Caught unawares by U.S. soldiers scattered for cover: who rushed into the ditch, who to a nearby barn, who hid behind a haystack. When the German tanks came up with the defeated column, the Americans dropped their weapons on bruschatuyu the pavement and lifted his hands, surrendering to the prisoner.

The Germans surrounded the prisoners were searched, to remove the hidden weapon, and drove them all together in a field near the fork in the road. Piper drove with dangling on the right shoulder "Schmeisser". He ordered several soldiers to guard the prisoners, the rest moved on.

Prisoners with anxiety thinking about what to expect. Already very ominous behaved Time. It seemed they were looking for any excuse to open fire. In the city Bullingene, which the Germans had just left, they captured one hundred Americans. But three of them escaped by cutting his throat SS guard. Therefore not surprising that on that day, December 17, 1944, in a damp foggy air specter of death

. The Americans were sitting right in a snowy field, and smoked, . gloomily watching the myriad of complex maneuvers of enemy tanks, . wade through a narrow fork on the road to Linevilyu, . - The same path, . they were looking for before you were ambushed,
. In young lieutenant Virgil Larry parched throat, when his glance rested in the cold as steel eyes of young storm troopers, who from the height of tank turrets reveled in his small victory. Prisoners lieutenant pondered what awaits him and his company. One 88-mm self-propelled gun and stood threateningly deployed barrel, sending it directly to the captive Americans, doubled up in the snow.

But the German sergeant, angrily cursing, ordered to continue the movement.

Then the prisoners were once again to come back in himself Piper, who arrived at the "King Tiger". He smiled, waved and shouted in English: "See you in Tipperary, boys!", And "Tiger" dashed off, releasing club bluish smoke from the exhaust pipe. The Germans, it turns out, was familiar to the American soldier's song "long way to Tipperary".

Finally, at the fork turned around and stopped two armored. Private George Phleps unbuttoned his holster, pulled out a gun and jumped to the ground. Brandishing his "lugger," he approached the crowd of defenseless prisoners and fired. One of the Americans fell. Another shot - and another corpse was left lying in the snow. Then the air was filled with a loud and frequent crack - it opened up in unison with heavy machine guns mounted on armored personnel. And the Americans poured into the snow, mowed deadly fire, as corn on the cob, cut harvester.

"Kill them all!" - A voice, topped crack guns. He seemed to be fueled murderers.

Virdzhip Larry saw the dead fell to the driver, heard the cries of the officer, who called the soldiers to stay until he was shot in the throat. Military policeman Homer Ford, survived the shooting, later told: "There are littered with corpses, the moans of the dying and wounded. I hid under one of the corpses, pretending to be dead. The shooting lasted all. I felt like my blood was flowing from my friends.

Soon after the shooting stopped, and I heard voices approaching Germans. They asked each other: "This is breathing?" and shot and wounded gunstock. Approached me about ten steps, not closer. After successive rounds, I felt like from my body, too, oozing blood. As I was hit, I was hit. I lay on the snow and was afraid that the Germans will see how I was shivering with cold and pain, but they have not noticed. I heard gunshots just outside. Were heard even clicks when they put guns to arm. Dying moaning and shouting curses. I heard the revolting squish when the stock was beaten on the head ".

Orderly Samuel Dobins, like Ford, hid under the bodies, pretending to be dead. When machine-gun fire subsided and he heard the single pistol pops, he realized that his friends finish off shot in the head.

"I do not want to die like a rabbit, he recalls. - To my left was a small copse, and I decided, that whatever the cost to reach it. But suddenly jotted gun. I felt like my body dig chunks of metal. As I later learned to hit me four bullets. I heard the crunch of boots on the snow - is approaching the Germans to kill me. But they seem to have decided that I was already dead, as turned back. I saw three or four of the wounded crying for help. I thought that living was left alone ".

Larry Virgil, too, survived and testified against the murderers on trial after the war: "When the guns opened up around me started to fall dead and wounded. The firing lasted about three minutes or slightly longer. I too fell, pretending to be dead. The snow creaked under the heavy boots, and I heard several pistol shot. Then clicked the new clip is inserted into the gun. Steps to remove, and heard the whisper: "You have not killed?" The answer was: "Not yet, but if these bastards will push us, we'd better really soon returned and did it". Bullet grazed my toes, it was terribly painful, I'm all chilled. Next came the voice again: "They have gone?" What do I do? "Maybe try to escape?" About fifteen of us decided to flee. When we have overcome several meters, rattled rifle shots, then jotted gun. I jumped over the fence and ran down the dirt road until I came across a ramshackle barn. Nearby were stacked firewood, and I hid behind a pile of ".

Several Americans were able to crawl across the road to nearby homes. But the bloody orgy lasted, and many of the wounded were right on the road crushed by the treads of tanks and armored personnel carriers rearguard Piper, who was in a hurry to catch up with the column of the main forces on the way to Linevil. Other Americans rushed into the cafe Bodarv ", but the Germans set fire to his flamethrowers. The Americans jumped out of the cafe with his hands raised, but mad with rage SS Tyr same shot them.

It was one of the most heinous crimes committed by Germans against the American soldiers in the European theater of war. One hundred unarmed people were killed and many seriously injured. Survived forty-one people. The Germans soon felt the wrath of Americans, shocked by this crime.

The news of the massacre spread instantly across the front. In just one night, inexperienced recruits become mature warriors, ruthless to the insidious enemy.

Command authorized correspondent, Time Magazine Hol Boyle and Jack Beldenu go to places of violence at the road junction near the city MalmLdy to make pictures and write a report about the crime of the Germans. One of the first journalists who have interviewed, was a lieutenant Larry, who barely prikovylyal from his hiding. Wincing in pain, he shook out of his boot toes, along with a bullet, cutting them off, and said: "We could not do anything ... We simply did not stand a chance ".

When in the midst of fighting this report was printed on the front page of the Army newspaper Stars and Stripes ", 328 th Infantry Regiment received a written order:" SS and saboteurs to take no prisoners, shot on the spot ". Cruelty cruelty engendered.

The advent of the German forces, comprised of a group Piper, was stopped on the river Meuse.

Cleared up, and the Allied forces turned the German tanks and guns in a pile of scrap metal.

Last attempt to command the Wehrmacht to seize the initiative in the European theater of military operations ended in the collapse.

Even before Germany's surrender, the military legal service U.S. created a special group to gather testimony and evidence against those who perpetrate the massacre under MalmLdy. Piper, already in the post of deputy divisional commander, was captured during the battle for Vienna at the end of the war. He had to answer for the crime of his subordinates have MalmLdy, whoever gave that order to open fire. He was interrogated with the rest vosemyustami surviving soldiers from its battle group. Ultimately, Piper, head of operations, General SS Sepp Dietrich and another seventy-three people were tried.

The trial took place in Dachau, a very suitable place for the accomplishment of retaliation, because it was here was the first Nazi concentration camp.

16 May 1946 the chief prosecutor Lt. Col. Burton Ellis opened the process with the words: "Soldiers Division SS" Adolf Hitler "was ordered to compete among themselves and improve their skills by shooting at prisoners. Each of the accused was a cog in a giant killing machine ".

Among the prosecution witnesses were German soldiers, whose occurrence at the fork in MalmLdy offended. Four privates showed that Piper told them to "spare no one" in the battle and did not take prisoners ".

Corporal Ernst Kohler told the court: "We were told that we must remember the women and children in Germany, killed during the Allied air raids, and do not take prisoners and did not spare the Belgians".

Lieutenant Heinz Tomhardt testified: "I told my soldiers not to take prisoners". Therefore, were killed by U.S. soldiers.

To the extent that more and more evidence became clear that Piper and his soldiers were guilty of mass murder. Piper also said that he was not ordered to kill. Dietrich also denied any involvement in the shooting of American prisoners of war. Nevertheless, July 16, 1946 Joachim Piper for the soldier heard the terrible words: death by hanging. Dietrich and another forty-two Nazi murderers, too, was declared the death penalty.

But ultimately, none of those sentenced to death has been executed. Lawyer from Atlanta, William Everett, who defended the Germans at the trial, presented evidence that some of the defendants pleaded guilty under the influence of torture and beatings.

It turned out that under the fingernails accused SS men herded burning matches, and some were broken jaw, burned them with cigarettes. It was shameful actions worthy of the Gestapo, not the U.S. Army. Such facts have undermined the credibility of the tribunal, the lawyer, who had a keen sense of justice, invested thousands of dollars of his own money to get a retrial.

July 29, 1948 Senate Committee on Armed sipam decided to review the cases of accused.

By 1951 the death penalty were abolished, and in 1958 had been released the last of the defendants in this case - Dietrich and Piper.

So just retribution passed the perpetrators of the massacre under MalmLdy. Public outcry to nothing has.

Joachim Piper had to suffer many troubles because of its shameful past. To be fair, that he was not found other atrocities during the war. He refused to talk about the past and explained his condition as: "I'm sitting on a barrel of gunpowder. One day, someone showed me yet another accusation, and the barrel explodes. I - fatalist. The world condemned me and my soldiers disgrace. Now no one will be able to shed some light on this dark history, happened to MalmLdy. Around her piled too many lies ".

And indeed, the truth died with those who remained in the snow near the junction with MalmLdy fifty years ago.

But the memory of this alive today.

Photos of Piper, Joachim
  • Commander of the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves
  • Joachim Piper, aged 18
  • Sturmbannf+hrer Joachim Piper on the Eastern Front
  • Piper, Joachim
  • Piper, Joachim
  • Piper, Joachim
  • Joachim Piper rightmost
  • Sturmbannf+hrer Joachim Piper in Italy during the hunting
  • Sturmbannf+hrer Joachim Piper and George Bormann
  • Sturmbannf+hrer Joachim Piper, given to soldiers
  • Piper, Joachim
  • Sturmbannf+hrer Joachim Piper warmed by Russian frosts
  • Commander of the Knights Cross Sturmbannf+hrer Joachim Piper during the years of operation 'Citadel'. July 11, 1943
  • Sturmbannf+hrer Joachim Piper, with the card. Russia, the end of February 1943.
  • Piper, Joachim

Photos of Piper, Joachim
Piper, JoachimPiper, JoachimPiper, JoachimPiper, Joachim

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  • Shadow for Piper, Joachim
  • "It turned out that under the fingernails accused SS men herded burning matches, and some were broken jaw, burned them with cigarettes. It was shameful actions worthy of the Gestapo, not the U.S. Army. Such facts have undermined the credibility of the tribunal, . and counsel, . possessed a keen sense of justice, . invested thousands of dollars of his own money, . to obtain a review of the case. "of Reference of the Federal Court and the U.S. conducted the rasledovaniya otminivshaya verdict found only 139 (!) cases neizlichimyh genital organs from interrogation Germans ... First Lieutenant U.S. Army Perl, . one led a team of investigators, . for the return to the U.S., . was sentenced to 16 years in prison, he contrived to have his own bride Slovan all (!) fingers "in a fit of passion ".... this is the issue" and the judges - who? ",
  • ACE for Piper, Joachim
  • Chris for Piper, Joachim
  • This is certaily better than my Russian but it is not English, not even American English. Good article deserves to be rewritten. I did not know that the condemned SS escaped the hangman.
  • John for Piper, Joachim
  • Piper was killed July 14 1976 by Nazi hunters and his home in Traves France, and the house was torched.
  • Mike for Piper, Joachim
  • There is no question that a person in authority over soldiers must take responsibility for those soldiers actions. The top echelons of the Nazi regime sailed on a river of blood throughout Europe. Pieper & all those in command knew that they had no limits on murder. It was a free for all. Piper & his men all understood this. The soldiers were well aware what was expected of them & they acted accordingly. Pieper should have hung! Stll, being burnt alive was fair justice.
  • Anonymous for Piper, Joachim
  • He was a soldier and a great one at that murderd by french cowards god bless him !
  • Ed for Piper, Joachim
  • Piper was better in tactics to Patton and Rommel. If Hitler had let him go we could have won the WAR. German Ed
  • david for Piper, Joachim
  • a war criminal that got off until 1976 he is not or ever will be a patton
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