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Bilyaletdinov Diniyar

( Footballer)

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Biography Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
photo Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
Moscow. Winter. February 1985. Homestay Bilyaletdinov an important event - the second son was born, he called his Diniyar, as suggested grandmother. The boy's parents liked the name immediately, it not only sounds great, but has a profound meaning: the translation from the Tatar "din" means 'faith', and "yar" - 'Motherland'.

The historic homeland of the future talent Suksy village, which is located at the confluence of the Oka and Volga. Once there was principality of Bulgaria, later destroyed the Golden Horde. So that the village-it is not simple, as part of the history of Russia!

. Mom Diniyar Adelia Abdulahmatovna said that before meeting her future husband, Rinat, was far from football, but her father was an avid fan of 'Spartacus':' He always dragged me to the stadium in Petrovsky Park
. I remember how I suffered: 'So, from my youth, the future wife and mother of athletes had already accustomed to football, to which she would have to increment, that is, with all my heart.

Pope Diniyar Rinat Sayarovich today was a coach dubs Moscow "Locomotive", and last, was a famous football player: 'When I' Locomotive 'play, the children were still small, but after moving to Yaroslavl and went this hobby. In the summer they are based on the grass mowed, lawn watering, balls were served, mesh hanging. We lived then as the Decembrists, the houses were uncomfortable: the water had to carry, the toilet had to go to the dark forest, so the family there is usually not delayed. But we believed that the main thing - to be together '. Thanks dad Diniyar little getting used to the football atmosphere, and not just getting used to, but have dabbled in the sport: 'He worked in Yaroslavl, the late coach, Kiryukhin. He is constantly engaged in the stadium with his son. Have to come to us and says: you, they say, know that your boy with us doing? We did not understand, and then found out that our standing in the bushes, and repeats all the movements and exercises, and without the ball '. But mom Diniyar said that as a child, her son, when the pope came to the games, not looking at the field, and on the rostrum, he was more interested in the emotions of the fans and not a game. But then, perhaps, genes played a role.

In the early 90's, when prices suddenly fell, Mr. Bilyaletdinov - Senior also suddenly turned into a man, to make ends meet. A family with two children - Marat (elder brother) and Diniyar, had come easily, especially when you consider that was born the third son - Daniel. But the family stayed united and managed to get out of difficulties. Soon Rinat Bilyaletdinov been proposed to play in the Czech Republic, and he and his family went to work. They determined there children in the group of guys who were two years older than Diniyar, they played a semi-legal, documents, Czech to them was not, so his father warned his sons that they were silent during matches: in Russian is not spoken. And then it turned out that it is not necessary, the boys began to talk quite freely in Czech - and the problem disappeared by itself. But only one of the problems, tk. other children were called Bilyaletdinov occupiers, because of which the conflict arose, my mother: "But our guys in the offense itself did not give. As they say, when the Nazis came, you were shouting 'pomot rus, pomot', but when you are all well, so now the occupiers? And explain this in Czech, and such statements immediately stopped. So, even the interests of the country they had to defend '. He would know Diniyar that in future he will have in reality to protect the interests of the country, but only on the football field: In terms of football Czech Republic gave much Diniyar. Rinat Sayarovichu offered to pay the two sons of a local boarding school, where kids are not overwhelmed by the household and educational problems. The school sons Bilyaletdinov not go: they simply were not interested, . program taught by a very weak, . in high school boys, plus two hundred, three hundred piled, . therefore Diniyar three-year forward left, as compared with the older students, . were in his section,

Then there was the return home. Parents say that Diniyar was very happy to return home, but due to stay in the Czech Republic in children has evolved accent, Dad: 'Therefore, after the return to Moscow in school enrollment Diniyar Marat identified the weakest class. Enrollment of students there was one more! But my powers in this company independently, to bend myself to anyone not allowed. Vzhivanie in Russia's soccer when he was also interested in going. Our team of trained Chertanovskaya manege. I went once in the locker room to the guys, no one sees me, I look, Bilyaletdinov stand one another and asked in Russian: 'Where there is our lockers? ". There was a silence, then both boys began to laugh the whole dressing room. What is your locker, legionnaires come in large numbers, sit on the edge of the bench, gave you the nail on the two. As a result, a week later they stole his hat, two are at loggerheads. I did not even get into the situation, considered that this nodal point: you either a lion or a rabbit. It happened this way: I felt that the looming conflict, and even lingered in the day. When the brawl started, was anxiously expected, as the sons behave themselves. Attacked a largely Marat. And the younger brother of the mountain rose, and threw pretty good guy, one of the instigators of intrigue. This conflict has exhausted itself '. But then, most likely, was the envy of elementary. We Diniyar and Marat many received, in the game plan they came from the Czech Republic to date, so the rest were afraid to lose his place in the starting lineup, that's happened this kind of conflict. From studies were also small nuances, . children had time only for the last two training sessions and mentor the group advised to Bilyaletdinov in sportklass, . but in a way the kids would wait a narrow range of specialties in the future, . so we had to find another school,
. First they wanted to go to the 'Torpedo', but ultimately chose to GPP: 'And all whirled really. Here, from the moment I have dreamed of a big sports', - says Diniyar. As time showed, it was the right move, everything was in the best shape, with the school's sons Rinat Bilyaletdinov and Adele went to the big leagues, where they played 'Spartak, CSKA Moscow and other elite teams. That's when the school Diniyar felt real football: 'Everything is lined up, entered the coach. The young people have no one knew, but it was interesting. He experienced some kind of euphoria mixed with anxiety-launch. These feelings still remember and never, perhaps, I will not forget! But his first defeat - strange, but I do not remember quite. Apparently, this is not necessary '. However, one negative nuance is still present - the road is inconvenient came out. If initially traveled to school on foot in fifteen minutes, it is now almost an hour had to lose. And here Diniyar had to exercise self. He began to ride one in eight years, since the little Daniel wanted the attention my mother and she could not take back the children to school. Adelia Abdulahmatovna says that there was a case where Diniyar had one get to the other end of Moscow at a tournament. She had Daniel in her arms, Marat pribolel, and dad was away. He came to this tournament and even earned the prize of the best players - shorts (which were to him are small), but he asked his mother to postpone them for Svoge brother. Despite all the inconveniences and difficulties Diniyar worked hard with their talent.

But he has other talents besides football gift: Diniyar in school was very fond of chemistry and excellent drawing! Rinat Sayarovich: 'The teacher even suggested that we specifically addressed preparation for entry into a prestigious high school chemistry. But this meant an additional five lessons per week and non-football. And soon received an offer from the class teacher to give Diniyar in art room. The woman was delighted with the scenery, which my son drew a picture for the school play, and from his cartoons in the wall newspaper. Experts who have seen these works, said that Diniyar light hand. He managed to convey not only the volume of images and emotions, which is particularly valuable. In general, we were told that because it can turn out a professional artist or at worst architect. But again, everything comes down during. How to combine training and the same painting? " Then Diniyar simply asked what he would do, and he chose football. And where would he go? Was born to play football! Generally the family Bilyaletdinov liberalism reigns, parents would not insist if Diniyar not like playing football, but he made his choice, and most importantly - the right choice.

Mom Diniyar said that her son was in a class with his older brother Marat, learned they were both well. Children growing up, and their education was required not only the mother word, but his father's hand, and it was extremely difficult to implement because Rinat Sayarovich played, and time is not always enough. But when the issue was squarely in 1997, the father of the family, at the request of his wife, refused to serious coaching and took command of boys born in 1984, where she Marat and Diniyar. We can say, sacrificed his own career (at that time, Rinat Sayarovicha were two proposals, including from foreign clubs) for Children. The situation was urgent because it began the adventures of various garbage dumps and abandoned new construction sites, where the boys liked to play hide and seek. So much so that one day Diniyar taken to the police, together with some bums, which was organized raid. He was close, and it also nabbed for company. Dad: 'For my wife it was the alarm. I had to take urgent measures, then I for seven years, dropped out of the coaching clips'. In school Diniyar and Marat was a good performance. According to mother Diniyar graduated from high school get better grades. Next University, has come more insisted mom. Bilyaletdinov - Senior was agreed and gymnastic institute, but ultimately sided with the wife. Diniyar graduated from high school in 16 years - at that time was not yet clear, he will play or not, so my parents decided that higher education will not be over. And Diniyar, and Marat arrived in one institute and one specialty, and they chose a very curious way - wondering about this: 'What love men? - Women. Football. Car '. Therefore, the chosen automobile Institute. Original way to choose a profession! However, not only in the university went Diniyar, immediately after school, he got a double and 'Locomotive', where for a long time did not go in the first team. His father told him: "Work!" and it worked, clenching his teeth. At one time the future of the player base is supported Ravil Sabitov, then head of the youth team. Even when Diniyar not played for the reserve team, he invited him to the team and there Bilyaletdinov was one of the best. Then he noticed Yuri Pavlovich Semin. Diniyar: 'I can say for sure that it was summer. Such a sunny day was. We were brought to Bakovka, there is just the bulk of the warm up. And we - the boys - with them played dvustoronku. We are, however, for the center was not allowed, but for us standing at the gate Sergei Ovchinnikov and many times rescued. We lost 0:4. But most importantly - have played with players base, next to the masters. That was my so-called baptism of fire '

. Diniyar debut in the Premiership came in the match with the 'Torpedo', . in which he spent the whole 90 minutes! Then he began to go through regular, . although he says, . that he had to hard, . because it is - the player midline, . and besides him there were Loskov, . Maminov, . Izmailov, . Khokhlov, . - All players with the name,
. But he did not give up: 'I'm just getting ready for each match, even in the club, even in containers. Came out and did his job '.

In 2004 Diniyar won the first league title in Russia's Premier League, won the football award 'Premier' and awards 'Big Five'. Season 2005 for 'Locomotive', and for Diniyar started on a positive note. The club won the CIS Cup and Supercup Russia. Yuri Semin, leading the main national team, as if guided by Lenin's famous revolutionary 'today - early in the day after tomorrow - late. So - tomorrow ', a very timely sent Bilyaletdinov challenge for the national team. His debut came in the qualifying round match of the 2006 World Cup, which ended in a draw - 1:1. In the middle of the Championship of Russia 2005, when injuries knocked down the key players Dmitry Loskova and Dmitry Sychev, Diniyar had to take the lead on the field. Conferred hope he justified. And in fact, incredibly, the match with Amkar (Lokomotiv Moscow in the course of the meeting was losing 3:0, in the end won 3:4), when the judge appointed a penalty kick, it was found that in the no pennaltista team. Claimed responsibility for Diniyar, and not mistaken. A few minutes later he realized the second pennalti.

In the 2007 season, after Dmitry Loskova from the club, players chose a new captain - Diniyar Bilyaletdinov. The most terrible punishment of football Diniyar believes that when a soccer player make it clear that he did not need a team that he did not expect. But apparently, it does not threaten the very Diniyar, as he is quite happy with head coaches and teams, and team.

We can not say that Diniyar - left-handed, and every coach is often dreams about the player - Levsha! Lefty Diniyar Bilyaletdinov not Take it to the players, who, like joking, right leg serves only to walk. However virtuoso possession is a matter left to compare it with the heroes of the 90's, also left-handed, Spartacists Ilya Tsymbalar and vladikavkaztsem Mirdzhalol Kasynovym. And if the precision of the Bilyaletdinov yet concede and to both, but the ability to give a pass, perhaps, is it, then speed dribbling exceeds both. In addition young midfielder does, as a rule, a huge amount of work, which will also make a difference from his predecessors. Good Bilyaletdinov and defense, showing some skills zapravskogo defender. Because the right hemisphere (which works better for left-handers and levonogih) creates figurative thinking, a sense of space and time. Lefty thinkers, delve into the problem immediately, rather than study it consistently, in part, as right-handers, search solutions are intuitive, have invested a lot of emotion in the work. Simply put, they have more than right-handed, well-developed instinct, intuition. Psychologists say that these people have a strong character and a strong creative potential. What, actually, with every game and proves to us Diniyar.


Europe has opened up many players team of Russia, whose names were previously unfamiliar to ordinary fans. Especially difficult to journalists from other countries were given the name Bilyaletdinov, although 15-th number of National team of Russia on the field noticed immediately. Before leaving for Moscow Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, answering questions, special correspondent 'News Time' Andrei Vdovin, recalled the most memorable moments of 'Euro 2008' and its most outstanding players.

- Diniyar, a day ago you awarded bronze medals. Nice moment or dreamed about more?

- Of course, a pleasant. Who else from the Russian players have a 'Bronze' Championship of Europe? Only we. Although, of course, a major defeat by Spain in the semifinals spoiled the overall impression.

- The most for you personally bright moment in this tournament?

- I think that after all the way out of the group. Those emotions after the victory over the Swedes were probably the brightest. Then, of course, was the victory over Holland, and we have experienced something similar. But it was the second pleasant moment longer remembers what happens the first time.

- What was the most difficult to match with the Swedes?

- Nothing so special. We felt the first minutes of the game, we have a. More importantly, we had to show his football. We were not afraid to go forward and at the same time wisely in defense. By the end of the match we were acting more rationally, not risked and achieved victory. But most importantly, we realized that they can win and what should pursue.
. - In the Netherlands all also started well, led team in the long run, but missed the ending of the match, and had to play extra time.
. - It was a difficult time for us psychologically
. I went to replace, and we are already leading in the long run, did not implement a couple of points. And then missed. It was annoying, but the coach warned us that it is worth adding a little bit and we Dozhmem rival. Happened.

- Against Spain in the semifinal, you also went to replace. Feel at that moment that the team is not what it was before?

- Yes, I felt it earlier. From the bench it was evident that the movement lacks. The Spaniards 'sit down' to their gates, but our players were unable to move quickly from defense to offense. It was not only in the ending - it was almost the entire match. So this game, we clearly failed. The first match against the Spaniards, despite the fact that the lost with the same difference in the three goals, we had a much better. Especially in terms of attack.

- You watched the European Championship for the other teams? We agree with the opinion that Russia is the most spectacular of all the participants?

- Well, probably. Although Spain squad no less spectacular. What are they in the semifinals and proved. Germany is also a very good team. In the final, I will, incidentally, for the Germans ill. No offense to Spain, but I prefer Germany squad. Maybe they do not show some sparkling football, but they +-+-+ quality team, which was added in the course of the tournament. I think they and the Spaniards do not have to give carousing.

- Who, in your opinion, the best player of this championship?

- Before the final match of this difficult to judge. I think this tournament was not someone one who would be head and shoulders above the rest. A good soccer spend with Ballack, Podolski of Germany's national team. And very good looked David Villa.

- T-shirt with someone else changed after the match?

- Why? I own more expensive.

- You feel to attract as much interest after this World Cup?

- Only from the press. And very different. Here, at the European Championships, many Asians - Japanese, Chinese came, something asked. And carefully spelled the name. Taught so. Pleasant.

. Form:

. Date of Birth: February 27, 1985;
. Place of birth: Russia, Moscow;
. Height / Weight: 185sm/79 kg;
. Parents: Mother: Adelia Abdulahmatovna; father: Rinat Sayarovich;
. Brothers: Marat, Daniel;
. In club since: 2003;
. Hobbies: none;

. Dream: 'like any athlete - not to stop there and win everything you can';

. In childhood rooting for: 'Torpedo';

. Favorite exercise in training: 'Of course dvustoronka
. What can be more interesting? In the daily routine does not like the early retreat ';

. Million dollars to spend: 'build or buy a big house in which to live and all the relatives, but to the rest of the money will add new ones, to earn one million';

. At school, favorite book: 'Fathers and Sons' by Turgenev;

. Knows how to cook: 'do not know how to cook
. Is that the eggs';

Second country after Russia: Czech Republic;

Anthem of Russia: 'I know and always sing. By this I used to when I played in junior team of Russia ';

The main thing Coach:
1. The ability to create an atmosphere in the team, set it;
2. Must have extensive experience and, preferably, by name;
3. The coach has to trust the players;
4. Perhaps most importantly - he should be able to instill the team its unique style, manner of games;

The main thing in the player:
1. Looking for all the basic qualities: speed, endurance, technique;
2. Must be able to open on time and give a pass;
3. The most important thing that the player had his own feature, a bar, the quality that distinguishes it from others, which is used to the maximum;

Mom Diniyar: 'One time Diniyar darkness did not like, perhaps, it prevented him from mischief. Son's very mischievous child grew. With him, we always keep my ears open. One evening, Dad turned off the light, the children fell asleep, and heard in the darkness: 'Bitinko, turn on the light'. Rinat and stood with outstretched hand, because the son was still quite young was almost no talking. You could say it was his first meaningful phrase '.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF SURNAMES Foggia: It is interesting that in Islam there is no mandatory religious names. Nevertheless, separate groups were the names borrowed from Vethovogo Testament, as well as Arabic and Persian. One of them is formed surname Bilyaletdinov. In the form of 'Bilyaletdinov' the Volga Turks pronounced the Arabic name 'Bilaluddin', which can be translated as 'healed by faith'.

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  • amonya for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • You're the coolest footballer I adore Respect
  • Chrystyna from Yakutsk for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • DINIYARCHIK you are the BEST FOOTBALL PLAYERS IN RUSSIA AND not afraid WRITE European Footballer! You with Masha is a very good couple I wish you happiness!
  • Gulnara for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • I'll meet lyublyu.Davay
  • Rashid for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Hi my name is Rashid me 13let I played football in 2008, you played not so sure if you can call 89190357965
  • Gulnazira for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Diniyar you are the best !
  • Aidar for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • 352288062
  • Malvina for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Hello Dinh, you are the best player, I wish you advance in your career ! Good luck to you all. from -+-T from Smolensk.
  • Nastya for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • would remove from him these pants .......... axx as excite his legs and red panties .... such pisya rayed ...
  • Lena for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • My name is Lena. I'm from Pyatigorsk. I love the team Lokomotiv, especially Diniyar
  • Jasmine for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Welcome to my favorite Diniyar. My name is Jasmine and I am your countrywoman. I very strongly love you and wish you all the best-presamogo and success in their careers.
  • Irina for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Good pictures!
  • KATYA for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Hello DINIYAR.YA LOVE TEAM LOCOMOTIVE, especially TEBYA.TY I am very NRAVISHSYA.YA Good looking, intelligent girl FROM TAGANROGA.ESLI honestly TO YOU Masha PARA.ESLI NOT WANT TO CALL 89185568089 I'll be very WAIT ! !
  • Anonymous for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Anonymous for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • I would not say that Bilyaletdinov best footballer.
  • .... for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • you're a good player
  • Azishka ))))))) for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Dinicu ))))) ty such bunting ))))))) I thee Pts llllaaaafffffff and chmaffff)
  • Gulnara for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • My 18 years old Adela (as in the name of your mother) is keen on long enough "in earnest" in football and thinks you are good player. I saw your photo on the Internet, accidentally clicked on the keyboard and you will have your Account. Honored and decided to write herself, she still never sdelaet.Udachi and all the best for you and your family
  • Raya for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Diniyar you a good player and very handsome guy ! I wish you victory on the football field and in your life ! Health to you and your relatives and friends !
  • Anuta for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Diniyar you super.ya you want ................
  • Olka )))) for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Diniyar you super)))) I wish you great schatsya !
  • Dasha for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • In people:) girls, . girls, . since you're all so fond of Diniyar, . all wish him luck, . it should be glad for the fact that in his personal life is all well and calm down? Do you think that you can give him something more? Is your life not worthy of real guys? If there, . means you do not communicate with those,
    . There is enough. And you too much. A Diniyar one. And the so-called unrequited love until death takes place, only sympathy may be eternal. I Diniyar to feel a deep sympathy, proud of them when talking about him that he was a talented footballer. And besides, he's a wonderful person. Loko very lucky that he was with us that nobody had time to lure:) go on to create, Diniyar;) you more stamina:)
  • Tanya for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Alexandra for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Diniyar you luchshiyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !
  • Anya Blinova for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Dinh you class! Loko forward! "Bend It Like ranshe.My love you! Do not worry LOCOMOTIVE will still be on the first place! VER.SAMY ONLY THE BEST TEAM ONLY OUR LOCOMOTIVE ! ANYA Beal!
  • Anya Bilko for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Diniyar you just -! Sick of you when you're on the field! You a great game, along with Andres Iniesta! Dima you class and heart burn with us !
  • Anonymous for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • You're super!
  • Olya for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • I love you !
  • Denmark for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • you're the best, you FOREVER
  • Vikusik for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Favorite, but to the huge Unfortunaly not mine, Beal! You're the coolest, you're the best, you're the most beautiful football in the world! Masha and I wish you happiness! And you success in their careers! I love you so much!
  • InEsSKA for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • You FOREVER!
  • Victoria for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • T watch football. Diniyarchik there a Sugar !
  • -T for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Diniyar best !
  • drop for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Girls, . otvaliteka him ! Al my Lyalya ! ! I love him ooooooooooochen strongly, . oooooooooooooooooochen long known and not to anyone I will not give you hear, .
    ! ! ! ! !,
  • Ninuska for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • MDOO ... Of course, the guy T++-T++-, and played well, but he has a girlfriend! My sincere sympathy to him on the pi * Danuta girl fans!
  • Fanatochka for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Bilechka, you're such a fine fellow! lapusechka, honey!
  • KsenY for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Super-duper! simpotyusya !( my previous Comment too!) DINIYARCHIK, we are all-you very much love!
  • KsenY for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • (previous commentary -+T my!) DINIYARCHIK, we all love you very much! more often raduy us with their classroom game!
  • -+-- for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Hello, Diniyar! Can you not read this message, but all the same: You are very cool football player! "It would be a shame if you went to another klub.Znayte that your fans are always with you! Good luck and plenty of happy moments, Thanks you!
  • Zhenya for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Girls calm down, this young man, probably already busy.
  • Anya for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • molecules plays, that's all)))
  • Gulashvili Herman for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • You're just a super football
  • +++ for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • It is true that Masha will soon be your wife??
  • Anya for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Yes, Diniyar handsome! But if he saw me, then love would have no memory =)
  • Ruslan for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Although I am sick of SpartakM, but it will support the Bill in Loko.Tatarin Tatar-BROTHER
  • Svetok for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Diniyar Hello! You a great game, good luck! You still too early to get married!
  • Lena for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Loko-super ! Bilyaletdinov and Torbinsky-BEST! Good luck to you ))))))))
  • Alenchik for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Hello! Diniyar you the best footballer in the world! you just super! GOOD LUCK IN FUTURE GAMES-you think it will not interfere, and the locomotive as a whole!
  • Yanka for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • ....
    Diniyar YOU BEST in all respects, we love you for your game, for the ability to PLAY !=) PFC Lokomotiv "-BEST OF THE BEST FOOTBALL CLUB IN THE WORLD !
  • Dasha for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Hello, Diniyar, ty best football ! Know ty in the best team in the world ! Loko-CHEPION !
  • Denis for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Diniyar you are my favorite football player, my name is Dennis, I'm from Sterlitamak me 11 years, I am very fond of the locomotive and you! I know all your biography and hobby!
  • Denis for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Diniyar you are my favorite football player, I love the locomotive, and especially Diniyar, my name is Dennis, I am 11 years old I'm from Sterlitamak I know your CV and a hobby! If that mschy e-mail - 34732h1194@e-mail.ru !
  • Loko for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • You girls, goats, even zyrti on my Diniyarchika
  • Olga for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • hi! Diniyar, you're the best, my favorite football player! Loko-CHAMPION ! Write me at ICQ 72013979!
  • Ayana for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Hello!) Diniyar you cool football !)) Diniyar YOU ARE THE BEST, and your game, ability to play =) this is stupid, but I ost.nom. ICQ 581723644). perhaps you send SMS.
  • Katia for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Hello Handsome ))))))) ty so cool ! +T Loko t.k.ty play there))) ti is the best!
  • Ayana for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Hi, Congratulations on moving to Everton)))! Course will grusno that you left Lokomotiv ((((((! But there you get more opyta.Ne forget we are waiting for your return to Loko !)))))) I hope these years fly fast)))! Maybe I'll see you again captained by 63 rooms in Loko !))))),
  • Oksana Bilyaletdinov for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Otvyali him bitch! Beal MY! I said.
  • Maria Podnyakova for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Dinh, I love you very very very very LOVE !
  • Lyalechka for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Hey you, "Oksana Bilyaletdinov, whom you called Suchkov?? And in general Belyashik MY ! TO UNDERSTAND BITCH !
  • Oksana Bilyaletdinov for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Listen, Lyalechka, too, if you do not bitch, then you SUCHEK +-+T?? Transvestite? You Just remember in the future, the Bill does not like drag queens))))
  • Oksana Bilyaletdinov for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Oh, I know what I am, bitch! But you ......
  • Lyalechka for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Beal transvestites do not like, and you think he likes such whore like you ?????????????? He is my !
  • Lyalechka for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Previous to "Oksana Bilyaletdinov" (not really "Bilyaletdinov, and SUCHARE )!" Oksana Bilyaletdinov" you whore !
  • Oksana for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Lyalechka, with some fig-it's yours?? So I was right, you're a transvestite! He MY! And you think he likes such as transvestites are you??? Whore is better than a transvestite!
  • -?--- for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Yulchik for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Bilechka, you are the best ..... love you !=)
  • jen for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • Diniyar you the best I adore you
  • jen for Bilyaletdinov Diniyar
  • What do you -+, well, just a paw
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