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Garik Kharlamov

( Actor, TV presenter.)

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Biography Garik Kharlamov
photo Garik Kharlamov

Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov was born on 29 fevpalya 1980 in Mockve. In fact, the first three months of life Garik Kharlamov was named Andrew. Then my grandfather died, and the boy Rename in his honor - Igor. Only later, at school, everyone called him Garik, and only the mother is still stubbornly calls Igor. Along with the name Garik Kharlamov and grandfather inherited the love of a joke: it was in the family of the chief humorist, though Dad Garik with my mother, too, did not lag behind.

Family genes have Garik Kharlamov evident in childhood. As soon as he began to think and walk, he took his grandmother's scarves, and other handy tools, relatives seated on the sofa and arranged colorful as the boy seemed to show. Garik Kharlamov full swing improvising and prepared in advance jokes scorned even then.

Garik Kharlamov has repeatedly said that 'I'm a hard fate, but of easy virtue'. And it's true. His parents divorced when he was nine years. Father and mother had gone all the time to work, to somehow survive, they lived a rich, chocolate, and it was a holiday. When Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov asked, with some taste of his childhood is associated, he says: 'With soda' Pinocchio '. Cheap and tasty '.

In school Garik Kharlamov studied fine on those subjects where you want to talk - history, literature. Worse things were in the exact sciences and the behavior. The future actor was already very fond of fun, for which he was repeatedly expelled from school. 'I was very lucky with my mother, she is very democratic: when I came home and said that I still drove, she said:' Well. Kicked and kicked, it's not the end of the world, find another school '- recalls Garik Kharlamov.

And they found it: in America. There's father lived Garik Kharlamov, who after a divorce he moved to Chicago. He did not know a word in the language of Shakespeare, so learn it in the course of the play. Base was no, but it was even better because Garik Kharlamov soon learned to speak correctly and in a few months already chatted freely, without any accent, and even joking!

. There, in America, in Chicago, in 16 years Garik Kharlamov was the selection of the famous 'Harendt' - school and theater in one person
. In the company he was the only Russian, played about six plays in a month. Most musicals. A teacher was the famous Igor B. Zane - frustrated husband of the heroine of 'Titanic'.

In America, all students and students work part time. This includes understanding, and no obstacles does not arise. Garik Kharlamov was selling cell phones and worked in the 'McDonalds', which received its legitimate five dollars per hour.

. When, three years Garik Kharlamov returned, they were with his cousin Vanya decided to try the American experience in Russia: go on the subway and sang songs with a guitar, telling jokes on the Arbat.
. Education = KVN

. After school Garik Kharlamov Bulldog wanted to go to study theater in college but my mother was against it, because the theater at that time was not considered a promising direction in life
. And Garik Kharlamov enrolled at the University management and there discovered the KVN. They played for his department, which was called 'Personnel Management'. First, the team had four, then it became six people, and they renamed 'Joking aside'. Then there were the command 'Cbopnaya Mockvy' and 'Hezolotaya molodezh'.

In Moscow the league then there was a system: the game took place throughout the year, and for participation in each had to pay a fee - one hundred dollars. The prize fund was thousands of 'green', which received the winning team at the end of the year. Money from the young team was not at all, so they do not pay. 'We are all asking:' How is it, why you do not pay fees? " And we answered: 'win - give up'. BUT! That's what happened: the boys really became champions, won a thousand, and were immediately paid back - at the expense of debt for these same contributions, and the remaining two hundred dollars to celebrate the victory. "

. For 7 years in KVN, of course, Garik Kharlamov was a good school, he gave the actor a lot
. But he could not remain in KVN until old age - wanted to make something of their own. Therefore, at some point Garik Kharlamov went from there to:
. Comedy Club

. The first concerts Comedy Club took place in the distant 2003, and the idea was conceived even before the guys from the team of KVN 'New Armenians': Tash Sarkisyan, Artak Gasparyan and Arthur Dzhanibekyanom
. As conceived, 'emerged' during U.S. tour, 'New Genocide'. There, the guys a little, as they say, to study the market stand-up comedy and decided that this genre will be an excellent alternative KVN, on the one hand, and 'Anshlag' - with another. These genres have become dilapidated and order, as they say, zamylili eye. If for decades does not change shape, then undercut and undermined both the content and this happens in all projects, even initially successful. A stand-up comedy - a genre for the new Russia. Moreover, this genre is very mobile and, despite the fact that it exists in the West long ago, many cities is virtually the only type of show.

There is no assurance that the Comedy Club will be successful, the boys were. And where would it come from? They started from scratch, and the first thing you have - a sharp negative reaction. They are not seen, saying that it was tacky and stupid. And yet they continued to bend their own line and become winners. But even if time did not work, Garik Kharlamov would still remain on television: at the time he already had a project 'Saturday night', there were different proposals ...

. In Comedy Club artists trying to make jokes in different ways, do not fixate on one thing: there are jokes and poetry, and historical, and vulgar, and vulgar, and 'black humor'
. There are miniatures designed for businessmen to politicians, for youth. The guys always try to experiment.

'What is acting profession? This is the same case that with the presidency. All we had no school, where they teach at the head of state. The head of the country - a man who has vast experience, its proven track record and who thus chose people. Same story with the actors: they are a billion, graduated from university, with degrees. But they were nowhere to be removed, no one knows. Everything depends on the experience and talent. I began, knowing nothing about this profession, and quietly accumulating all ... I will not say that I megaprofessional, and perhaps it would be nice to receive special education. But now I no longer have time for this, and I have nothing new, I'm afraid, I do not '- says Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov.

. Debut was the role of the actor in the film 'executioner', after which, because of the huge employment, Garik Kharlamov agree only on the occasional role in the sitcom: Sasha + Masha, My Fair Nanny, Touched
. By the way, Kharlamov was one of the main contenders for the role of Nikita Voronin in the series 'Who's the Boss? "', But by virtue of the above circumstances, could not accept this proposal.

. In the near future on the screens will come two film project with the participation Garik: "It is the Russian film 'and vaudeville' Shakespeare never dreamed of '
. In the second Garik Kharlamov was shot along with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, which first met on the set of the series 'My Fair Nanny'. 'Anastasia was a very pleasant person, sociable, cheerful. They Zhigunova absolutely normal, adequate people, without any star disease '- says Garik, but after a while they invited the actor in vaudeville. Garik Kharlamov read the script, he liked, and he decided that this character can do something ...

The most difficult thing in the role - think of the image, and he in vaudeville 'Shakespeare never dreamed' had already been laid - a hussar-fool. 'Fools, I think, to play easier than clever. For example, I would find it difficult to shoot in 'Titanic' - I can not seriously look partner in the eye and weep, when there is a thousand men crew, cameras, light ... - Said Garik Kharlamov. - Comedy is much simpler: joke, fun, improviziruesh. However, Alexei Zernov - movie director - like everything to be clear in the text. But even there we found an opportunity and come up with something your. We - this, of course, I, Nicholas II ... '
The best film / Very Russian cinema

In the draft 'very Russian film' Garik Kharlamov and producer, along with Artak Gasparyan, one of the founders of the project Comedy Club, and actor and even screenwriter. This is a comedy, and such, which in our country was not yet: this is a parody of all Russian films that came out recently: 'Boomer', 'Brigade', 'Watch', '9 company ',' Heat 'and' Wolfhound ',' My Fair Nanny '...

. In the main role, it was decided to withdraw Gennady Khazanov, even wrote the script for this test
. He read, he enjoyed it, but looking Khazanova work schedule, it became clear that this is simply not realistic - five plays, four films: Then the question arose - who call for a major role. All the other actors were: Dmitry Nagiyev, Vladimir Turchinskiy, Ksenia Sobchak, Paul 'Snowball' Will, Michael Galustyan, Boris Moiseev, Dmitry Sychev ... And: Armen Dzhigarkhanjan comes so easily and said: 'I read the script, I liked it, ready to be removed'.

. Not only that full-band 'Best Film' is going to be, without doubt, the funniest comedy, but it will bring a lot of money, according to some sources, the budget of the film has reached 9 million
. U.S.. This is the most expensive film in the present time in the history of Russia's cinema.

For a long time film's working title was 'very Russian film' planned to run it on a wide screen for the New Year. But the New Year holidays have been overwhelmed by prime ministers who head the remake of 'Ironically'. In view of the above circumstances, it was decided to hire a comedy Jan. 24, 2008.

First love Garik Kharlamov was Svetlana Svetikova. When they met, she was a rising star, prima ballerina musical 'Notre-Dame de Paris', 'Metro' ... She predicted a great future. A Garik at the time was an unknown student, it is unclear what we do. The break in relations triggered Svetin parents: what joy in the fact that his daughter is living with a man who has nothing for the soul no? Garik very upset about the gap.

But this is the case of bygone days. Now there Kharlamova girl Julia. With Julia Garik talked month and a half before they realized that it was his half: 'Julia - the perfect woman for me. I prefer the stability of the whole - the more stable, so for me calmer. The most important thing - trust. If I do not trust a girl, I will constantly twitch: where it is, that with her, who spends his time? And Julia man rave, she - woman of the house: and washes, and cleans ... It lacks the quality that I absolutely can not bear to women - the desire to be a man '.

Friends, according to the actor, can not be much: 'I do not believe those who claim otherwise. Personally, I have two other. Maximum - three, but this is a stretch. They helped when I was a nobody, sitting bare-ass, and nobody but them, not around it. And when all was well, a lot of people stick around, but it is familiar, but not friends'.

. On the cultural activities like going to the movies with Garik Kharlamov just do not have neither the time nor the energy: "I try to do less to attract attention, as little as possible to appear in public places, do not go to clubs, discos ..
. It is, of course, but I'm not a drinking man - I'm allergic to alcohol. From the tiny amount of alcohol I feel bad, and no buzz, I do not get. Therefore, in a drunken quarrel to me does not happen, I usually try to leave the company, which I know very little and in which people drink. Comfortable feel only among friends and acquaintances, which I do not want something out of himself to represent '.

A truly Garik Kharlamov, resting only at home. Ironically, he did a man's home: prefers to quietly sit quietly at the computer and considers himself a serious man: 'We must be crazy to constantly have fun and joke. For me, humor - work '.
I choose ...

... of cats and dogs - dogs. Because they - not cats. All my childhood was a dog - English Cocker Spaniel Dennis. And now I live Toy Masya. She recently gave birth to puppies, and I can say, was a young father.

... the blonde and brunette - both. The first half of my life I was a girl-a brunette, and the other - blonde.

... from the chest and legs - of course, chest. No comments.

... of night and day - night. My life is at night, the muse came to me at night. And most importantly - at night there is no traffic jams. In a traffic jam like to shoot and shoot all the rest.

... meat and fish - only meat. I carnivore. The fish is not eaten for a long time, just two years ago, learned to land. I am the sign of the zodiac fish, so you will have their own kind not think it possible.

... from the hoard and spend - though when. Happy saving up, spend the night. Spend more on holiday, which is extremely rare. And saving up for the family - her mother recently bought a car, it was a pleasure and joy.

... of who is to blame and what to do - the second. I never find out who is to blame, because in a critical situation is immediately clear. The most important question - what to do next? And if I'm wrong, then that "what to do?", To think different.

... of wait and catch up - nothing. Do not expect anything. A late constantly. This character trait, but also objective reasons superimposed. Himself suffered from this. But, for example, today I slept for four hours yesterday - two, the day before yesterday - also two. And all because of the filming, in between which have to keep up as something to live, so the sleep time is not always enough. As a result, I'm trying dospat missing hours and always late.

. Awakes without expressions, and manhandling.

... of the car and airplane - the car. Flying fear. I do not like heights, but at a speed of eight hundred and fifty miles per hour do not love her even more. I have many friends of pilots, but as they do not explain, I never understood how this iron thing rises to the sky. In addition, in the car for myself answered by. If anything, God forbid, happens, it happens on my fault. And when I sit down in the plane, do not even see who it is, I hear only the voice of "Hello, you said the captain of the ship ...". I do not know what the captain had happened in his life, he drank on the eve of the birthday of a son or a quarrel with his wife? This uncertainty frightens me. In the same train is a brake, just in case. And the plane is no brake, and the land is too far. I am not even afraid of death, and her expectation. But the fly still. We have to.

... of love and hate - love. This is the force that pushes me to the grave acts. However, sometimes it is love, and sometimes - silly, and not always clear which is which. Man's task to understand where stupidity, but where is the love.
. Filmography:

. 1990 Executioner

. 2003 Sasha + Masha

. 2004 Give me happiness

. 2004-2007 My Fair Nanny

. 2005 Touched

. 2007 Shakespeare never dreamed

. 2008 Best film / Very Russian cinema - actor, screenwriter, producer

. 2008 Artifact

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