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( The daughter of President Leonid Brezhnev)

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Biography BREZHNEV Galina
photo BREZHNEV Galina
Galina was born in 1929. Family Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev. Daughter secretary general was incredibly kind person, sympathetic to anyone in the assistance did not deny. Its all love. When my father brought home a front-line wife, Galina too empathized mother. After all, she had to come to terms with betrayal of her husband, pretending that nothing happened, that they are still all right. And all their antics further Galina like rebuked his father: 'Who are you to judge me? " And this model of behavior, as we know, do not bring up good ...

She understood very early that it allowed many. Too much. About childhood and youth Galina know is that she categorically refused to join the Young Communist League. Her father, when he was first secretary of the Moldovan Communist Party, went to the university, asked teachers and fellow students to influence the daughter. Avail.

Galya long time to decide what career to. After high school, enrolled in Dnepropetrovsk Pedagogical Institute, then, when my father began working in Moldova, Chisinau яLпTп¦яLп¦п¦ moved into the University. It was a bad student, the classroom it is practically not seen. Later, when Brezhnev became the first person in the state, sycophants, subordinates assigned Galina degree of Candidate of Philology.

The first adult act Galya made in 22 years - ran away with the circus tent. Her heart was captivated strongman Eugene Milan, who in acrobatics kept on the shoulders of ten men. Escape over the secret marriage. Spouse was older nearly doubled, he had two children from his first marriage (his wife died in childbirth).

Milan, in fact, and taught her to luxury - expensive gifts, flowers. Galina accompanied him on tour - it recorded a costumers, the make-up artist. Takes care of the wife and his children.

During the year of marriage the wife gave birth to a daughter, named in honor of my grandmother Vika, and order each other sick. Galya returned to her parents' house (she is officially divorced from her husband only eight years). But Milan until the end of the day provided a focus of the Party and government: People's Artist of the USSR was and was appointed director of the new circus in the Lenin Hills. He died in 1983.

All who encountered Galina Brezhnev in the mid-60's, remember her with the liveliest sympathy. It was simple, not arrogant, without the disgusting arrogance nomenclature. As a human being, even a very sympathetic. Someone gave 100 rubles for a birthday, Vladimir Polyakov has helped open the theater in the Hermitage Garden. Generously tipping in restaurants, made lovely friends and we launched. In APS, where from 1963 to 1968, Galina worked as an editor, she gladly arranged collective holidays. And she drank very little, and then dry wine.

The second time she married in 1962. At this time her lover was a 18-year-old illusionist Igor Kio, younger than her 14 years. About the story told itself Igor ц+mil'evich.

"In that year, the circus went to Japan on tour. Galina, who was fond of nomadic life, willingly went there with Milaeva. Whether Eastern exotica on the way we did, whether Galina already sick of her husband, but suddenly we are passionately in love in love.

It really was extraordinary: seductive, confident, beautiful, well-groomed, somewhat mannered. She immediately informed her husband that she wants a divorce. "

Marriage Igor Kio, and Galina Brezhnev did not know anybody. Countersigned sealed their alliance, the couple drove off in Sochi, where Keogh gave regular performances. Pets, she wrote a note: "I'm getting married, and leave me alone."

The news of the second marriage a circus Brezhnev's favorite daughter led to fury. His sentiments were shared by Eugene Milan, too much to lose from a divorce with Galina.

. When Milan learned that the certificate of divorce, she was given two days ahead of schedule, he suggested to Brezhnev to find fugitive in Sochi and to announce her new marriage is invalid
. In search of a loving couple have mobilized the best forces of the KGB and the MVD.

- The next morning after our arrival, - says Igor Kio, - in the hotel lobby waiting for us already trembling from the fear General. He was terribly worried because of the possible consequences. And what if Galina reconciled with his father and even complain to him at the Sochi police?

We selected the papers, Galina escorted under heavy guard in Moscow. A week later I received the parcel: it was my passport with the torn pages of registration of marriage and someone's sprawling signature: "To be sharing". At the end of our nine-and marital saga.

. - It was my first love, which I'll remember all my life, - says Igor Kio.

. Over the next three and a half years, they met sporadically: Galina visited him in the cities, where's tour.

. Once in Odessa after the regular meeting of Igor Kio summoned the chief town of the KGB and asked to write an explanatory that the woman, for what purpose and what the money came to him from the capital
. Left on a clean sheet of paper and locked the actor for six hours.

. Then a senior security officer tried to persuade a few more hours Kio abandon Galina.

. - We are all worried about the health of Leonid Ilyich - said gebist .-- Why do not you worry for the well-being of his father? - Usually on Sundays Kio flew to Moscow to parents - after a visit from the Odessa Brezhneva it simply was not released.

. - Once we walked along the embankment of the Moskva River, - says Igor Kio, - and I asked Galina, is there light at the man who is able to convince her father
. "Yes, this man is, - laughed Galina .- This Khrushchev.

In order to protect her daughter from a young acrobat, Leonid Ilyich told to send in the army Kio. But he suffered from chronic lymphadenitis - a disease precluding the passage of military service. On instructions of the Central Committee convened a special council to put "adequate diagnosis". On physical examination Kio accompanied a group of security officers. Fortunately, the doctors confirmed the previous diagnosis.

Galina stung all the vicissitudes of life of her beloved. But she could not do anything. She continued to live under the same roof with their parents, who are afraid of her death escapades.

His passion for adventure, she quenched in foreign travel. Take it to the official travel Brezhnev flatly refused. The only time she accompanied her father to Yugoslavia, but it caused such a burning interest in their clothes and extravagant behavior, that Brezhnev had sworn never to go anywhere with her daughter. Then Galina friendship with Anatoly Kolevatova, Director of the circuses of the country. And he decorated it in the overseas tour as a circus makeup.

Galina was under forty, when she finally found marital happiness. Third marriage of her parents endorsed. Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Churbanov, who served as deputy chief of the political detention MVD was eight years younger wife. For the sake of this star of marriage, he divorced his first wife and left two children.

For newlyweds spilled "golden rain" all sorts of benefits and government deficits. These divisions, like a toy set of Barbie and her husband, - flat, furniture, summer house, two cars. Yuri Mikhailovich began to grow rapidly in the service. Four years later, he was a lieutenant general and deputy minister of Interior.

. But could it quiet petty happiness to satisfy his temperamental wife? Later, Galina said that the name of her husband is fully consistent with its nature
. Living with him was boring: after work, Yuri Mikhailovich dinner, watching football or reading a newspaper.

. - I love art, - drink, complained of Brezhnev's life - and my husband - General.

. Her new lover was the Roma artiste "Romain" Boris Buryatse, high polneyuschy brunette who went in jeans, cowboy boots and wide-brimmed hat
. He was 29 years old, she - 44. When she was very bothered his jealousy, told her that it was time to go home to her husband, and then mum and dad will be angry.

She gave him her entire self without reserve: bought an apartment on Chekhov Street, Mercedes, antique furniture. In the house of feasts, gathered here and the very famous and very questionable personality.

. When they met, Buryatse as the current Lyuberetskiy authorities, went with a massive gold chain around his neck, but under the influence of Galina replaced chain gold cross, adorned with large diamonds.

. The passion for precious stones unite the
. According to numerous reviews of witnesses, appearing at some reception in the Kremlin or in the Western embassies, Galina diamonds glittered like a Christmas tree - with glass balls.

. Jewels gave her something to fall from her father, she was a constant shoppers many jewelry stores
. According to rumors, even took things into debt, a receipt. Even some valuable artifacts "borrowed", but simply taken to the perpetuity of the Gokhran.

. With his wife Svetlana Interior Minister Shchelokova she flirted with accounting fraud, buying jewelry on the eve of the next increase in gold prices and then reselling them at inflated prices.

. However, it is unclear why all this was necessary
. The Soviet Union was not the country where the beauty of diamonds could appreciate. In fact, high society and as such was not, and, wearing a all their valuables, Galina could go except in the circus - to see another view.

. The pursuit of diamonds amused Galina Brezhnev again as full of dangers process, another venture
. It was in that her passion is something from the books of the XIX century. Galina life is not built on the classics of Marxism, but by "The Count of Monte Cristo."

But in every adventure novel has its own time "B" when there is a terrible and irreparable. Spiral misfortunes began to unwind for a few years before the death of Brezhnev.

In early 1982 robbed the famous tamer Irina Bugrimova. Thieves soon arrested, and they pointed to Boris Buryatse as a gunner.

Buryatse come in for questioning by the investigator in a mink coat, with a small dog in the hands. Immediately after the interrogation, he brought into the cell. The only thing - was allowed to notify his relatives, he called Galina Brezhnev. But this time she just could not save him.

Just at that time died Suslov. Very feeble Brezhnev was unable to monitor the affairs, the power was gradually transferred to Andropov. The man caught in the robbery Bugrimova, unrolled a show trial on bribery and embezzlement. Went to prison Anatoly Kolevatov, head of the country circuses. Arrested director Eliseevsky Yuri Sokolov, committed suicide Sergey Noniev, director of another large store - grocery Smolensk, "- all of them were regulars in the house Buryatse and Brezhnev. Yuri Brezhnev, a brother of Galina, withdrew from the candidates to the Central Committee.

Later Sokolova was sentenced to death, Kolevatov received 15 years in the camps. Shchelokova wife committed suicide. Buryatse went to prison for five years, so yes there and gone. And so often drunk Galina completely ceased to control yourself.

Last time it was published March 8, 1984. Not long ruled Chernenko invited her to a reception at the Kremlin. At a modest suit, wearing the Order of Lenin, Brezhnev, silently handed to her in 1978 as a gift for 50-year anniversary.

But Chernenko died. In 1988 he was arrested Yuri Churbanova, and he eventually got 12 years of strict regime. Galina did not even come into the courtroom when the verdict was filled.

In 1990, she sued the family property confiscated after the trial of her ex-husband. An experienced lawyer proved that the coats, vases, furniture and other utensils not belong Churbanova. It was possible to sue and a Mercedes, and a collection of weapons and stuffed animals, and 65 thousand in the account at the Savings Bank.

Churbanov spent five years in prison and was released early under the amnesty. Only at large learned that Galina had divorced him.

Up until 1995, Galina lived in his big apartment in Moscow, in the quiet center. She opened the door to all who called her. Drunk, seed, picturesque any homeless in Moscow, she was gracious in kind for domestic and foreign photojournalists. Her latest admirer Ilya, uneducated mechanic, was younger than her 20 years. The only entertainment lovers were drinking and fighting.

Finally, in 1995 rebelled neighbors elite home, tired of drunken disassembly distraught Galina. They presented an ultimatum to her daughter, and she took away her mother in a psychiatric clinic. There Brezhnev and ended his days in June 30, 1998.

Galina was buried at Novodevichy Cemetery, next to his mother, Viktoria Petrovna.

We Galina had everything: beauty, money, powerful connection. It was not just ordinary human happiness, which she unsuccessfully sought a new novels and new ...

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    BREZHNEV Galina, photo, biography
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