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( The First Lady of Russia DA Medvedev)

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Biography MEDVEDEV Svetlana
photo MEDVEDEV Svetlana
Born March 15, 1965, Mr.. Kupchino in the Leningrad region, mother's maiden name - Linnik. The youngest daughter in the family of military personnel, the school was an active. She studied well, although not perfect, but participated in performances, KVN, and other amateur.

With Dmitry Medvedev met when both were of seven years and both went to the 305 th Leningrad school.

- Dima, she always liked her, not sure whether this was as much with her hand, - said Medvedev classmate Elena Egorova. - They sort of talked, but nothing particularly serious. She was cheerful, bright, popular with many boys. Then Dima for it was just one of many suitors. He was quite modest, and take care of it and the boys from our class pluckier. She took it, but so that most fall in love without a memory - this I did not notice her. Although we were not close friends. I always thought it a very proactive, bright, pretty girl, but canny.

. The modest fan of Dima from a parallel class has continued to look beyond the light until the end of the school, even at the final gave her flowers, but then their paths diverged a long time.

. The wife of a career as an engine

. In the 82-m Medvedev went to LSU, and the Light Linnik in no less prestigious FINEK (now St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance) at the Department of Statistics, Accounting and Economic Analysis
. But his school popularity in high school Svetlana again failed. Neither the teachers of those years, not even the rector of the university could not recall now famous student.

- Came to us very hard, and even harder to finish, - said the rector of the university Leonid Tarasevich. - And the man who succeeded in both, is worthy of respect. Although to be honest, we do not remember.

The lists Alumni Club FINEK Light Linnik, too, did not appear.

- We have a lot of people from the issue - told the club. - When it became known, we tried to gather information about it, but we did not succeed.

. This obscurity is due, apparently, that the Light Linnik rarely visited the institute.

. - From the first course, she immediately moved into the evening department, - a classmate Tatiana
. - Because one day course with her and did not remember, we talked briefly, at the very beginning.

They say that, while still in the evening, Svetlana began to work, some time after college, she worked for specialty. And two years after graduation still married to Dmitry Medvedev.

- It happened quite suddenly, - said one former classmates spouses Sergei. - They had a long break in communication. But apparently all this time he loved her, even if was the same humble guy. Maybe in the end, she still appreciated such devotion.

It is known that after the wedding the young couple moved to his father's house his wife, with her mother and father lived for several years.

- They lived in Linnikov. Those were two-bedroom apartment close to the center, Medvedev - two-room away, - says Sergey.

. Native walls and strong character made the young wife of an engine family life, and not only.

. - People who know this couple, the severe impact Linnik at her husband from the start - said political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky
. - That it set the tone, and not only in everyday life. Its charm enables the plant context, that the husband and then mastered. Even when they were first married and Medvedev worked in the St. Petersburg mayor's office, in many respects it was she who brought him to the business community. As if Svetlana, 91 th year, has arranged his work in 'Ilim Pulp' - thanks to his friendship with the wife of one of the co-owners.

. He parted with this office is not very good, but when in 2002, it was necessary to save the 'Ilim' raider grabs from Deripaska, it is influenced by Svetlana on Dmitri, that he intervened to help former colleagues
. All the time their family life was not just a wife but also an advisor and assistant in the career of her husband.

First Lady-X

In the 96-m was Svetlana became a mother, gave birth to a son, Ilya. In addition to worries about her husband and child for themselves, it left an active social life with a charitable slant. Already moved to Moscow, she oversaw Russo-Italian program of 'City Partner Milan - St. Petersburg' and 'Venice - St. Petersburg'.

. - It was the program for the development of tourist relations, - told in the administration of St. Petersburg - in which held and charity events.

. Medvedev often visited Italy in the secular and diplomatic activities of the Russian language week in Rome in late 2006, visited with his son.

. - The Italian connection it close, but it is not business, but more secular entertainment, - said Stanislav Belkovsky
. - Although its filing offer flights St Petersburg - Venice. But her Italian friends - that the diplomats and businessmen are not too high rank.

. Now the international program replaced the purely domestic and deeply patriotic 'spiritual and moral culture of the younger generation of Russia', where last spring, Svetlana Medvedev headed the board of trustees
. Program supported by the presidential administration and the Patriarch. This is a charity project aimed, as organizers say, the inoculation of young people of spiritual values. What exactly does it Svetlana Medvedev, her colleagues refused to tell. We only know that the program she oversees an orphanage in his native St. Petersburg.

. - When she became the head of the program, offered to recommend it to any children's home, and our institution is considered one of the best of its kind - said the director of orphanage for mentally handicapped children Valery Asikritov
. - And she asked two of the Moscow organization, list us the money, held a charity bazaar at the Italian consulate in St. Petersburg. As a result, over the past six months we have received with the help of one million rubles. Although we have never met her, but very grateful to her.

. Svetlana Medvedeva Participation in the program was widely seen as a pre-election support of her husband.

. - Although it seems to me that this time it has to assert himself - says Stanislav Belkovsky.

. About Me Svetlana Medvedev also active states at the fashionable get-togethers.

. - It can be seen in many secular activities - told other secular politician - Alexei Mitrofanov
. - An active woman, and so it should be. Need to know what's going on and on get-togethers, people exchange information, which then Dmitri Anatol'evichu might be useful.

Very often, Svetlana Medvedev 'collects' on fashion shows and events related to cinema. She is friendly with the head of the fund 'Russian Silhouette' Tatiana Mikhalkov and his beloved wife of fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin. Communicates with Alla Pugacheva, and most recently Happy Birthday Leo Leshchenko. Alas, none of the familiar stellar potential first lady did not dare to say about it either good or bad word.

Actually, a lot of personality and background Svetlana Medvedeva is closed. About Lyudmila Putina, for example, even before the election of her husband knew and told much more. But for the activity and firmness of character Medvedev is now increasingly being compared to the other first lady - the wife of Mikhail Gorbachev. And groomed her the same active political role, which once played Raisa.

- The first time since the Gorbachev era first lady, I think, will not interfere in state affairs, both formally and informally - considers Belkovsky. - It's a classic wife-mother. One can assume that it will often give advice to the next president.

Given that, as before Dmitry Medvedev advice helped his wife, it is not so bad. Proximity intelligent and strong woman in the presidency will not interfere. If this was the neck that turns the head, I want to believe that the head will unfold in the right direction.

Source: http://www.compromat.ru

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MEDVEDEV Svetlana, photo, biography
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