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Tina Karol (Tina Karol)

( Singer)

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Biography Tina Karol (Tina Karol)
photo Tina Karol (Tina Karol)
Tina Karol is perhaps the only young performer of Ukraine that combines seemingly incompatible things: the morale of the Ukrainian army, peacekeeping, rapid music career and a sincere smile:
. Tina graduated from music school piano
. And then the legendary Kiev Higher School of Music named R.M. Gliere. However, after the energetic nature of Tina led her to aviation - it is now a student of National Aviation University, and a soloist Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Despite the young age of the singer has already won more than 23 members of the Grand Prix and first prizes at various international competitions and festivals. But Tina is not only a pop singer - she plays on the stage of professional theater, performed leading roles in popular musicals of European. Moreover, with such a busy schedule, Tina manages to keep a television, music show on one of the most popular channels of Ukraine - this show is intended to help talented children from poor families. Tina participated in 17 concerts a charity festival tour in U.S. cities: New York, Philadelphia, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Milwaukee.

And 2005 was the singer for the most intense: participation in the Russian Charitable Ball in London, the Royal Residences. Victory at the International Vocal Competition 'New Wave'. Also, Tina has received two national recognition: 'Woman of the Year' and 'Discovery of the Year'. And most importantly: in the same year Tina Karol spent two peacekeeping missions in hot spots in the world - in Iraq and Kosovo.

The singer went solo concerts to international, peacekeeping contingent in Baghdad and Al Kut (Iraq), where she was applauded not only Ukrainian soldiers, but also American, Georgian and British. And in Kosovo, the Ukrainian singer was invited to Paris charmed her talent for French peacekeepers. For performances in the hot spots Defense Minister presented the singer with the orders for peacekeeping missions.

In 2006 the singer opened her debut album "SHOW ME YOUR LOVE".

Tina Karol completed 11 grades of secondary school, 8 years of music school, piano, Kiev Higher School of Music. R.M. Gliere, a student at the National Aviation University, Faculty of Management and logistics, distance separation.

1996. 'Spivanochka-dzhazochka' - 3 premium.

1997. 'Golden trembita' - 1 prize, 'Young Stars Carpathians' - 1 prize.

1998. 'Talents of yours, Ukraine' - 1 prize, 'Shalom, Ukraine' - 1 prize.

1999. 'Christmas meeting at The Blues Brothers' - 2 prize, 'The Black Sea Games "- 3 Award,' Golden talk '- Grand Prix,' Under a star '- 1 prize, the festival" We are your children, Ukraine'.

2000. Took part in 17 concerts in the charity festival on U.S. cities: New York, Philadelphia, Talas, Detroit, Houston, Milwaukee.

2001. 'Young Galicia' - 2 premium, 'Edelweiss' - 1 prize, 'The Seven Cultures' - represented Israel.

2002. 'The First All-Ukrainian contest of pop artists' - 2 prize,' The First All-Ukrainian contest of Israeli song '- 1 prize, the representative of Ukraine at the gala concert "Slavonic Bazaar'.

2003. Soloist Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was awarded Fellowship of the State Council of Ukraine and the measure of gratitude from the city of Kiev, the main female role of the musical 'Equator' - Margaret.

2004. The performer in the role of Martha in the play-BYLICA 'Whit', . Competition 'New York - Kiev - Tel Aviv' - Grand Prix, . The winner of the contest 'Miss Galicia', . Musical 'Assolle', . main role, . Assol (Austria), . performance 'Egg horse' - playing the role of karma, the main character and follow the whole show singing acapello, . participant in the semi-final Eurovision Song Contest.,
. 2005
. The participant of Russian Charitable Ball in London, the Royal Residences. Working on a solo album. Second Prize at the International Vocal Competition in Jurmala - 'NEW WAVE'.

Represent Ukraine at the International Competition "Eurovision-2006 'with the song' Show me your love '(7 th).

Awarded the title 'Woman of the Year', 'Discovery of the Year', 'Outstanding Man of the Year'. She was awarded the National Order of the peacekeeping mission, diploma 'Golden Pen' for his contribution to the development of Ukrainian culture. Decree of the President awarded the medal "For work and courage '.

Tina Karol is an active social figure. Cooperates with FN UN on various social programs. Has two peacekeeping missions in hot spots in the world - in Iraq and Kosovo. Traveled almost the whole of Ukraine with great tour of the schools within their own social programs. Has the social project 'to know and hear!', Which was presented at the Forum FN UN in Istanbul in April 2007.

Vela television programs: show 'I would like to Buti W? Rkoyu' and 'Dancing with the Stars', 'Dancing with the Stars-2'.

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Tina Karol (Tina Karol), photo, biography
Tina Karol (Tina Karol), photo, biography Tina Karol (Tina Karol)  Singer, photo, biography
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