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Tina Karol

( Singer)

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Biography Tina Karol
photo Tina Karol
Place of birth, education. Born in Magadan region. Real name - Tatyana Liberman. None of the members of the family had no relation to music, the singer's father and mother education engineers, elder brother Stas - lawyer.

The age of six, Tina Karol and his family moved to Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk. After high school, went to Kiev, where she became a professional musician.

She graduated from music school, piano class, Kiev Higher School of Music im.R.M.Gliera. Now the singer - a student of National Aviation University and soloist of the ensemble songs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Career, Awards and Prizes. As indicated on the official site of Tina Karol, has won more than 25 Grand Prix and first prizes at various international competitions and festivals. Among them Spivanochka-dzhazochka "(3rd Prize), . Golden trembita "(1 st prize), . "Young stars Carpathians" (1 st prize), . "Talents are your, . Ukraine (1 st prize), . "Sholom, . Ukraine (1 st prize), . "Christmas meeting at The Blues Brothers" (2 nd prize), . "Black Sea Games" (3rd Prize), . Golden current (Grand Prix), . "Under a Star" (1 st prize), . Festival "We Are Your Children, . Ukraine, . Young Galicia "(2 nd prize), . "Edelweiss" (1 st prize), . Seven Cultures, . First All-Ukrainian contest of pop artists "(2 nd prize), . New York - Kiev - Tel Aviv "(Grand Prix), . First All-Ukrainian contest of Israeli song "(1 st prize).,

. She has sung leading roles in the play "Spirit Day", in the musical "Equator", "Assol, television musicals" Carnival Night "," Star Vacations "
. She represented Ukraine at the gala concert of "Slavonic Bazaar".

Won the International Vocal Competition "New Wave - 2005" (2 nd place, a special prize of Alla Pugacheva)

. She represented Ukraine at the Eurovision-2006 "with the song" Show Me Your Love "(7 th place).

. Vela television show "I would like to Buti W? Rkoyu" and "Dancing with the Stars" all three seasons on the channel "1 +1" (partner of the singer was a showman Yuri Gorbunov).

. Awarded the title "Woman of the Year", "Discovery of the Year", "Outstanding Man of the Year"
. She was awarded the Order of the peacekeeping mission, a diploma "Golden Pen" for his contribution to the development of Ukrainian culture. Decree of President Viktor Yushchenko awarded the medal "For work and courage."

Activism. Cooperates with FN UN on various social programs. Has two peacekeeping missions in hot spots in the world - in Iraq and Kosovo. Traveled almost the whole of Ukraine with great tour of the schools within their own social programs. Has the social project "To know and to hear!", Presented at the Forum FN UN in Istanbul in April 2007.

. Tina Karol has participated in 17 concerts a charity festival tour in U.S. cities: New York, Philadelphia, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Milwaukee
. Participated in the Russian Charitable Ball in London.

Discography. "Show Me Your Love" (2005), "Nochen'ka" (2006), "a pole of attraction" (2007).

Marital status. Produced by singer - Eugene Ogir. In early May, an information space exploded message that supposedly in January this year the singer in secret from the public and without a formal wedding feast married. In the secular lobby called the one single name of her husband's possible - namely E. Ogira, with whom Tina appears on all the concerts and get-togethers. Previously, journalists from one metropolitan publications are not too lazy to ring up the district Beauty salons of the capital to confirm the speculation about marriage Artist. In one of the agencies informally confirmed that they had adopted a statement from Ukraine Tatiana Liberman (date and year of birth coincides with the date and year of birth of the singer), but in December last year. In the vital statistics office also said that in early January was registered marriage of Tina Karol, but refused to name the chosen name.

. The singer has withstood the "theater" pause and heating intrigue, soon confessed that indeed immediately after the New Year holidays has become a legitimate wife, his producer
. And the event held in secret because the "relationship between two people - it is so personal space, that even a person to public often wants to hide his prying eyes, because something needs to remain secret.

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Tina Karol (Tina Karol)
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Tina Karol, photo, biography
Tina Karol, photo, biography Tina Karol  Singer, photo, biography
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