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James Blunt (James Blunt)

( Singer)

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Biography James Blunt (James Blunt)
photo James Blunt (James Blunt)
History of James Blunt's not like a biography of a single average author and singer. At university he studied aerospace engineering and technology, sociology, and then was in Kosovo with weapons in hand, on a tank with his guitar at the ready. Such a rich life experience Blunt used to create a thrilling debut album full of songs that will soon be heard all over the world.

His poems often sad and sometimes quite optimistic, but always very sincere. Huge influence on creativity Blount had Jimi Hendrix and the band The Doors, and he himself is often called the British Beck or Elliot Smith. As a promotion of his album Back to Bedlam to raise the rating of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom made a lot more than any TV advertising.

Finally replacing the rifle on the guitar and the release of their debut album, full of beautiful ballads, the former trooper, Her Majesty is about to win the hearts and minds of music lovers. Back to Bedlam, . recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Tom Rotkokom (who worked with such stars, . as Beck, . Elliott Smith and Badly Drawn Boy), . give listeners the sensual song about unattainable love, . lost loved ones and friends, . truly revealing the theme of war, . through which James himself had to go,

The first four tracks of this album could easily become the number one hits. Everyone will find something of his own songs in the first half of the plate. You're Beautiful - a story about the impossibility of relationships, and composition Goodbye My Lover tells of a failed and doomed love. To all other, all these songs are instantly memorable. The second part of the album will not disappoint you, too, although it is not as contagious as the previous tracks, but her material is not less good.

Blunt again sings about the sufferings of the heart, which devoted most of the songs Back to Bedlam, including the composition and the losses in our lives, such as So Long Jimmy and Billy. Throughout the plate arrangements are fairly inconspicuous, but very successful, thanks to the work of such powerful producers and writers as Linda Perry and Guy Chambers. This once again proves how deeply the work of our contemporary musical hero.

Thus, dark-haired singer demobilized from the army and released album. Somewhere we've already heard it: Oh, yes, Elvis Presley. But this is only a slight resemblance between him and James Blunt, . After all, Elvis was already a super star, . when he was drafted into the army, . while Blount has written most of the songs for his debut work, . Being active military, . and then left the ranks of the armed forces, . order, . to become famous,
. With this plate, he went straight to the top of the charts, proving that having the talent and tenacity, a master of all trades can be in any field, not excluding the show-business.

Those who are disillusioned with the modern music industry and felt devastated every time she heard that nowadays infests esters radios, James Blunt and his album will give new force. Agree, a rare occasion to meet a musician with such a remarkable past, which many of us seem quite incredible. At the same time and life-affirming, and sad, but always passionate, Back to Bedlam - a magnificent debut, which in any case not to be missed ..

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James Blunt (James Blunt), photo, biography
James Blunt (James Blunt), photo, biography James Blunt (James Blunt)  Singer, photo, biography
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