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Foreigner (Foreyner)

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Biography Foreigner (Foreyner)
photo Foreigner (Foreyner)
Group received its name based on the fact that its original membership was international and this is reflected in their music. Mick Jones (p. December 27, 1944, London, England; guitar, vocals) founded the project in 1976, having played before in "Nero And The Gladiators" (who had two small hits "Entry Of The Gladiators" and "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" in 1961-m). Rest of the time in the 60's he was the author of texts and musical director of the French singer Johnny Holliday. With him as he worked and ex-Gladiator, Tommy Brown, with whom Jones has recorded several singles and EP-nis. In the early 70's Mick has worked with the ex-keyboardist "Spooky tooth" Gary Wright "Wonderwheel", and then participated in a record three albums resuscitated "Spooky tooth".

Hit the bottle musical experience Jones decided to put together its own group. For this purpose he invited the following people: Ian McDonald (p. June 25, 1946, London, England, guitar, keyboards, horns, vocals, ex-"King crimson"), Lou Gramm (Lu Grammar, p.. May 2, 1950, New York, USA; vocals), who played with the "Black sheep" in the early 70's, Dennis Elliott (p. August 18, 1950, London, England; drums, ex-"If"), Al Greenwood (p. New York, USA; keyboards), and Edward Gagliardi (p. February 13, 1952, New York, USA; bass).

In 1977 released their first album "Foreigner" and in a poll conducted by the magazine "Rollinge stone" team was named best new group. The disc immediately poimel success in America, rising at 4 position in the charts "Billboard". Most of the material on it was written by Jones and Grammy Awards, including such classic tracks like "Feels Like The First Time" (shtatovsky? 4 th March 1977) and "Cold As Ice" (shtatovsky? 6 th July 1977). Despite the fact that the "Foreigner" twice in the 70 years, spoke at the Festival of Reading in England, in America they have had great success with "Hot Blooded" (? 3, July 1978-go) and "Double Vision" (? 2 September 1978 th) diverged millions of copies.
In 1979, Gagliardi was replaced by bassist Rick Wills (England), previously played in "King Crimson" and "Peter Frampton". Disc in 1979 became known more because of its cover, than because of the musical content. In 1980, the group left McDonald and Greenwood, founded the project "Spys". The next album "4", recorded with the "guests" by Thomas Dolby, and Junior Walker producer Mutt Lange, took the 4-th line in shtatovskih charts and 5-S in the UK. The accompanying single, "Waiting For A Girl Like You" in ten weeks, depends on the second position of the U.S. charts and hit the top ten in England. The group's music is basically melodic, dreamy ballads.

The popularity of the team was confirmed in December 1984 with the release of the single "I Want To Know What Love Is", which became the biggest commercial success of "Foreigner". He led the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. Meanwhile, "Agent Provocateur" topping the UK album charts and was number 4 in America. In the mid-80's members of "Foreigner" to start a solo project, and after the success of the 1987 album "Ready Or Not" Gramm rumors of disbanding the group. But it was not entirely true, since the band released another CD "Inside information". He, however, was rather weak, although it was accompanied by the singles "Say You Will" and "I Don't Want To Live Without You", entered the U.S. Top 10. In 1989, Gramm successfully advocated with his solo project "Long Hard Look", and in May of 1990 left the "Foreigner" and founded the "Shadow king". But Jones did not so easy to give up and write "Unusual Heat", invited a new singer, ex-members "King Kobra" Johnny Edwards. In 1992, Jones and Gramm reunited, despite the protests of Wills and Elliott.

Composition of "Foreigner" in 1994 also included a former colleague of Gramm on "Black Sheep" and "Shadow King" bassist Bruce Targona, keyboardist Jeff Jacobs and drummer Mark Shulmana. In such a "configuration" in 1995, the band released the disc "Mr Moonlight". The album was a moderate success, although it was made in the typical manner of "Foreigner". At the concerts they were received warmly, and the most popular song "Cold As Ice", "Urgent" and "I Want To Know What Love Is". In subsequent years, Gramm had been treated for brain tumors, and therefore the group resumed work only in 1999.

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    Foreigner (Foreyner), photo, biography
    Foreigner (Foreyner), photo, biography Foreigner (Foreyner)  Music, photo, biography
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