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Christina Aguilera

( Singer)

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Biography Christina Aguilera
photo Christina Aguilera
Christina Maria Aguilera was born December 18, 1980 in New York, USA. She was one of several young American superstars have appeared in the late 80's. My mother Christine was a professional violinist and pianist, speaking in the Youth Symphony Orchestra. Because of his father, who served in the army, the family moved often, traveling around the world. When the family finally settled in Wexford, State of Philadelphia, Aguilera realized that he wanted to become a singer and started working towards their dreams. At the age of eight, she takes part in the national competition of 'Star Search', who's looking for new talent. In 10 years she was singing the national anthem at the games of ice hockey teams. At twelve - her take the children's TV show 'New Mickey Mouse Club', where it acts together with future stars Justin Timberlake of N-Sync and Britney Spears. After two years in the TV show Cristina goes to Japan, where he met with the famous in their own country-pop singer Keizo Nakanishi, and writes with him a duet song 'All I Wanna Do'.

. Returning to the U.S. in early 1998, Christina recorded the song 'Reflection' for Disney's 'Mulan'
. After the cartoon on the screens in June 1998, the Arrangement will immediately get on the list of fifteen top ten singles. Singer finds a record deal with RCA Records, and her ascent to the musical Olympus continues.

. Christina's debut album 'Christina Aguilera' was recorded by such leading American producers, as Karl Stark, Evan Rogers and Trevon Potts, who worked with Aaliyey, Brandy and Boyzone
. The first single 'Genie In A Bottle', with its easy rhythm and infectious melody, led the U.S. charts in July 1999. The single stayed atop the charts for 5 weeks and for the year was the best-selling disc in the U.S.. Other hits from the album are songs such as 'Love Will Find A Way', a ballad 'So Emotional' and 'I Turn To You'. In September, the album gets to the first position in the U.S., and a month later, 'Genie In A Bottle' is headed by the British charts. In November, the singer released his second single 'What A Girl Wants', which in early 2000 broke into the U.S. hit parade in the first place.

In February, Christine gets a Grammy Award nomination for 'Best New Artist'. During the year the singer has been acting in various TV shows and appeared on the covers of numerous magazines. In October, the next single 'Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)' again ranks first in the U.S. charts. Adroit marketing ploy is release of the album the best songs in Spanish 'Mi Reflejo' in 2000. Aguilera, once again bursting at the top of the charts around the world, when in summer 2001, along with Lil 'Kim, Maya and Pink writes the soundtrack for the movie' Moulin Rouge '- a cover version of' Lady Marmalade '. Following the album comes out early songs singer 'Just Be Free'. In October, Christine receives a Latin Grammy Award for his Spanish-language album 'Mi Reflejo'. The following year, the indefatigable Christine produces new work 'Stripped', appeared on the cover of the disc exposed.

But that's not all. Then, in support of their new album, she takes a very candid video 'Can-t Hold Us Down', which is censored by the channel MTV for being too sexy - as a result of the hottest scenes from the cut. In this regard, Aguilera does not regret now reproaches addressed to the channel: in its view, clips of some of the rappers are moments and pohlesche, but this is normal - because they are men. When the same shows Christina - all in deep shock. The singer is puzzled about the following: 'It seems that there was Madonna, and you have never seen a woman that is in harmony with their sexuality, their bodies and controls everything that happens around it'. Her surprise and really easy to understand: Madonna, we all have seen and continue to monitor. Who knows? Maybe with time Aguilera takes her place.

Despite the fact that the album 'Stripped' sold more than 9 million copies, a new hyper-sexual image Christina has undergone numerous criticism from the press. At first, Christina tried every way to cultivate it, . resembling a vacation in an interview frazochki like 'seems, . Girls excite me more, . than boys 'or' I love casual relationships, . casual sex '- but gradually she began to seek a more restful, . restrained image,
. Soon she was again in the dyed blonde, had her short hair in the style of Marilyn Monroe and recorded advertising jingles for the company Mercedes Benz, eventually becoming the new face of. Also in 2004, Christine took part in the campaign 'Declare Yourself' ( 'declared itself'), whose purpose was to attract the attention of young people to the importance of expressing a vote in the presidential elections.

. In 2004, Christine has released two songs, . both of which were written jointly with someone else - 'Car Wash', . recorded together with Missy Elliott for the soundtrack of animated film 'Shark Tale', . and 'Tilt Your Head Back', . duet with Nelly, . entered on his plate 'Sweat',
. In November, she also released her first live DVD 'Stripped Live in the UK', as well as their own perfume 'Xpose', sold, but only in Europe. In 2005 she also was involved in recording a new album of the legendary jazz musician Herbie Hancock, singing along with him the song 'A Song for You' - one year later, this song brought the duo award a Grammy in the category 'Best Pop duo'. At the same year she married on with his longtime boyfriend Jordan Bretmanom - of the engagement pair, who met for three years, was announced in February, and in November the lovers were married.

. In February 2006, Christina first presented to the public the unfinished tracks from his new, third album, called 'Back to Basics'
. Getting to work on this album, . Christina thought about the music, . that childhood inspired her to sing and dance, . and hence was born the concept of the new album - 'a 20-s, . 30-e, . 40 th year, . is soul and jazz, . great old-fashioned music with a modern point of view ',
. The new record was met with unanimous Christine praise from music critics and became a No. 1 album in 15 countries. At the awards ceremony Europe Music Awards in Copenhagen, Christine was recognized as the best singer. The album also brought two new Christine nomination for a Grammy - for best female pop vocal in the single 'Ain't No Other Man' and for best pop vocal album.
. In January 2007, Christina Aguilera came to the list of the richest women, by magazine Forbes - with a fortune of 60 million she was in it for 19 th place
. In the spring of that year the singer has signed a contract with Procter & Gamble to create a perfume - fragrance, introduced in May 2007, called 'Simply Christina Aguilera' and sold in bottles, follow the contour of the body of Christine. Summer the singer also let slip that she 'collects inspiration' to work on a new plate. She admitted that she wants to record the album 'short and sweet, quite unlike the' Back to Basics'', but nothing more, explained. About the same time the mayor of Hollywood Johnny Grant has promised that by 2008 the ninth year in Christine will have its own star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.
. January 12, 2008 in Los Angeles at the clinic was born a little baby Max Liron Bratman.

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Christina Aguilera, photo, biography
Christina Aguilera, photo, biography Christina Aguilera  Singer, photo, biography
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