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Touch And Go

( retro)

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Biography Touch And Go
photo Touch And Go
The creators of Touch & Go was a cult British radio presenter and journalist muzykalny Charlie Vest (Charlie Gillett) and his business partner on 'Oval Music' Gordon Nelki (Gordon Nelki). They both have the broadest musical tastes and the desire to differ from common standards.

. Working together with the composer - a millionaire David Lowe (David Lowe) on a project Dreamcatcher (Dreamcatcher), . Charlie and Gordon decided to offer David, . whose talent brought them an absolute delight, . pouchavstvovat in creating innovative project, . basis which would have been jazz variations of popular music with a very 'economical' use of texts - quite surprising for a modern show business move.,
. The new project have influenced such disparate works and artists, like The Champs 'Tequila' and Louis Armstrong 'Dippermouth Blues' and Fatboy Slim
. Being under the influence of such a diversified, David produced the song 'Would You:?' using the vocabulary and club music, written in conjunction with trumpeter James Lynch (James Lynch) and stylized in a retro party drums and bass guitar.
. 'Would You:?' quickly took the 3rd place in the UK charts and remaining in the Big Ten more than a month later became a worldwide hit, selling more than half a million copies.
. The subsequent single, very successful debut album, Touch & Go 'I Find You Very Attractive' included the hit singles 'Straight To Number One', . 'So Hot' and 'Tango In Harlem', . which in many countries gained their local life - for example, . in Russia singer Evelyn Bledans recorded a song and shot a clip using a sample of 'Tango In Harlem'.,
. Vanessa Lancaster (Vanessa Lancaster)
. Singing.
Vanessa Lancaster began taking ballet lessons at age 4, later successfully passing the final examinations at the Royal Academy of Ballet (Royal Academy of Baller) in London. Shortly thereafter, she began to attend classes on acting and has successfully passed the interview at the State Theater School (Corona Stage School) in London (the cradle of many Britanskiz stars), where she studied up to 16 years. His training Vanessa graduated in Lucy Clayton Finishing School in London, where she went to learn the world, spending 8 months in the United States.
. Returning to London, Vanessa was invited to television, where it is deep and sexy timbre became known for the huge number of commercials, which she gave her voice
. At the same time, she worked as a model on the catwalk and photographic model, being a youth umbrella cosmetics brands. Her work on television is not limited to work behind the scenes - in the frame you can see it in the EMU 's WORLD (ITV) and OCTOPUSSY / Octopussy James Bond.

Vanessa began singing professionally at 15, created with an older brother Shazom (Shaz) group called Boys Behaving Badly, and whose drummer later became the drummer Jamiroquai. Course, . Vanessa was the only girl in the group! Once her vocal talents have become known to the general public - the success did not wait and she became very popular on the record scene in London, . which resulted in her departure on a world tour with Urban Spices.,
. After the huge number of jingles, . that Vanessa has recorded for radio and television producer and composer David Lowe (David Lowe), . He invited her to participate in an innovative project, . which became one Touch & Go, and whose hits are now known around the world,
. Vanessa was a co-author of songs such as Touch & Go Straight To Number One, Big Beat and So Hot.

James Lynch (James Lynch). Trumpeter
James Lynch studied art in the City Of Leeds College Of Music, where he received a degree in the class of Jazz & Contemporary Music and has won many awards for excellence / Arrangements. As a member of the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Great Britain (National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain), Jim at 17 years of age won the prestigious UEFA Newman (The Newman Cup) as the most virtuous Artist.
. After moving to London, Jim was invited to the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Great Britain, where he soon became the lead trumpeter
. His professional career, Jim began his well-known in the Bohemian area of London Mayfair, playing in various dance groups from the Community of Musicians in London. Soon he became interested in musical theater and the record business and was invited to work in musical theater. He played in many musicals of the London West End, such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Fame, The Rat Pack and My Fair Lady.
. In the world of popular music, Jim was the leading trumpeter in the big - Benda Robbie Williams, played c Babybird, Embrace, The Freestylers and Missy Elliot
. Jim was a brass arranger and first trumpet during the farewell tour Spice Girls, live broadcasts from London by Earl 's Court Arena was the highlight of the year.
. Jim has played in many television shows in Britain and around the world, creating an entire fashion on a trumpet in advertising
. His trumpet can be heard frequently in advertising saver that simply do not have the number. In Russia, his trumpet for nearly a year could be heard during the transmission of 'Housing Question' on NTV.
. David Lowe, with whom Jim worked for more than a year together doing music for advertising, invited him to participate in new and interesting conceptual project, which he effects and was thus Touch & Go
. Jim was co-authored songs Would You:?, So Hot and Life 's A Beach.
. Touch & Go Music have chosen brands like NOKIA, . APPLE, . CARLSBERG, . BACARDI, . SANPELLEGRINO and a huge number of films, . was the official soundtrack of advertising contest MISS WORLD, . Vanessa and Jim personally took part in the filming Coronation Street and East Enders.,

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Touch And Go, photo, biography
Touch And Go, photo, biography Touch And Go  retro, photo, biography
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