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Alex Lebedinskii (Professor)

( Singer)

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Biography Alex Lebedinskii (Professor)
photo Alex Lebedinskii (Professor)
He graduated from the School of Music. He began composing music while still a high school student. Played and. Suvorov, recorded two songs with him. Entered the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute, served in the Army. After demobilization he worked in TYuZe stagehand, played keyboards in "The Collected Works'. Accompanied in the play 'King of Rock' n 'roll', in which the role of Elvis Presley played Maxim Leonids. Worked with Mikhail Boyarsky. Created group 'TWINS', won the competition 'clip Prize' in 1991. He worked as a music editor for the television program 'Adam's apple'. As a matter of private initiative recorded audio tracks telezastavok and advertising jingles.

Author of several songs, including Maria, fool, I'll kill you, boatman. Recorded several remixes of the group 'RUSSIAN DIMENSION': the song La-la-fa, ran the year, Sleep, my little boy. Lebedinskii and 'RUSSIAN DIMENSION' on tour in Germany. After the speech in one program with the Swedish duo YAKI-DA in the concert hall 'October' (in the show, "Music blue pages') toured in Sweden. We are now preparing to leave, new music, album Alexei Lebedinsky.

. Prior to 1996, was better known simply as Alex Lebedinskii, but after sharing with a group of 'Russian size' album 'Come on! " became famous throughout the country as a Professor Lebedinsky
. Ironic cover versions of well-known Russian pop hits (Valery Meladze, Angelika Varum and others), made the dance and remove the banter in the texts, were a great success.

. But in fact, the album emerged quite unexpectedly, . studio, . Alex and myself to 'Come on! " engaged in a very different music - in 1989 he played keyboards in "The Complete Works' ex-members' Secret 'Maxim Leonidova, . but after the departure of the Israel switched to their own creativity.,

. A music editor in the program of the St. Petersburg television 'Adam's apple', Lebedinskii began singing in a genre that is close to the 'Russian chanson'
. Self-recorded and arranged all the music on electronic keyboards in the home studio. In St. Petersburg, but partly in Moscow, Professors known as distillers, working at the intersection of pop and 'Blatnjak'. However, the ability to release their songs on their own disks, it was not until then, until he became famous with 'Come on! ". After the success of the alliance record company once stood in line for Lebedinskii and his songs. He chose 'ZeKo Records' (which later regretted!).

. At the end of the year from all the booths have already rushing hoarsely gruff-hit Lebedinsk Professors 'Boatman', rhythmically and excitedly told a story about a hapless bomber sounds and discotheques
. In spring 1997, and published long-awaited debut album 'Hellou-Bye'. However, all the rest of his songs, stories are told has no hits and pinned 'Boatman', but because each disk are not very impressive. It is no accident after all, and invitations to tour with his repertoire Professor hardly gets - the public thirsts for his collaborative songs with 'Russian size'. And the guys almost nonstop romp Russia the whole of 1997. And programs Alex contrives to execute and their hits from 'Hellou-Bye'.

At the end of 1997 Professor of parting with the old management, but at the same time with the 'Russian size'. He wants to work on own songs. By February 1998 they appeared for six. Among them, obviously funny and intricate hits' where the distance from the metro 'and' Why Gerasim? ". Professor Lebedinskii begins to negotiate the release of the album with 'ZeKo Records', but receives notice that the rights to it, and already, for the past contract, belong to the company. Moreover, the phonogram of the six songs she already has. Alex wants to ban them to publish without a special agreement with the 'ZeKo' in March and extends through the press a letter with pathos called 'All interested persons and companies'. In a letter to a musician, in particular, states: 'All rights to this album belong to me and others are not passed on'.

Meanwhile, the album begins to spread. Professor Lebedinskii sues, which endlessly delayed - until the winter of 1999. Not intending to wait for his decision, Alexei produces disk (with five added songs) already at the company 'Jeff Records'. And among the songs is his version superhits 'Russian size' 'one man dog', the authorship of which ascribe themselves and Lebedinskii, while 'Russian size'. The disc is denoted by Alex and as the author of his new music superhits 'demons Mucho' (a new word - it clearly, but everything else existed long before the intervention of Professor). 'Composing' a musician and a known hit Toto Cutugno, renaming it to the Russian transcription of 'Loshato MI Kantaria'). In any case, the last two tracks - one hundred percent hits, which he gave his ernicheskimi texts and the characteristic rough manner of execution - are the new hits. They come in various pop compilations and enjoy success. Audience welcomes the transfer wizard mockery, irony and rough charm to a dance position drive perfectly bought up. Singing Lebedinsk, while reminding Jericho pipe, very tipsy neighbor from the second floor and the evil demon Mockingbird, very organic and it is perfect for such creativity.

. Soon, another song by Alexei appears in another part of the movie series 'Cops'
. All this confirms that the professor began a new breakthrough to the top of the charts. Himself a musician, even for some time moved to Moscow, where rents an apartment. But on the eve of 1999 returned to his native St. Petersburg and Moscow appears to have only short visits. In 2000, collects all accumulated over the past year and a half songs in the next album, already named by confirming that the professor again kneaded vigorous kokteylchik of the most seemingly incongruous ingredients.

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Alex Lebedinskii (Professor), photo, biography
Alex Lebedinskii (Professor), photo, biography Alex Lebedinskii (Professor)  Singer, photo, biography
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