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Leonid Parfenov

( Anchorman)

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Biography Leonid Parfenov
photo Leonid Parfenov
G. Leonid Parfenov was born January 26, 1960 in g. Cherepovets, in the family of an engineer-metallurgist. In 1983 he graduated from the journalism faculty of Leningrad State University (LSU) of. A. A. Zhdanov.

After university, Leonid published in Ogonyok, "Pravda," Soviet Culture ". Since 1983, L. Parfenov worked as a correspondent in the newspaper "Vologda Komsomolets", then Vologda TV. In 1985, working on the Vologda TV, held a televised interview with the disgraced while music critic Artemy Troitsky.

In 1986, Leonid helped organize a rock festival in Cherepovets. Since 1986, Parfenov works Special Correspondent youth edition of CT, a correspondent of "The World and youth.

. In 1987, Leonid Parfenov, together with Andrew Razbash created trehseriyny documentary "Children of the XX Congress of the" generation of the sixties.

. In 1988 he came to the "Copyright television."

. In 1991, Leonid Parfenov released on "ATV" the first version of "The other day" - then this is a weekly issue of "non-political news.

. In 1992, Parfenov took a series of programs "Portrait of a background.

. Since November 1993, Leonid Parfenov went to work in the state broadcasting company "NTV"
. In 1997 he became a member of the board of directors and genprodyuserom NTV channel (in this post worked up to 99 th).

In 1997, Parfenov launched a major project Namedni: 1961-1991. Our era, in which he made his debut in the role of historian. "Our Era" was a kind of encyclopedia of the era of the Soviet years. The first output of the program broadcast took place March 1, 1997. Then, "Our Era" periodically appeared on TV until April 1997, followed by a long break. Exit the program on the air was renewed in December 1997.

. In January 2001, Parfenov has become the leading section "Un Certain Regard" Yevgeny Kiselyov's program "Itogi" (NTV).

. April 3, 2001 at a general meeting of shareholders of JSC "TV Company" NTV ", convened by the Gazprom-Media, Leonid Parfenov was elected to the Board of Directors of JSC" TV Company "NTV"
. However, the same day Parfenov refused to participate in the meetings of the management body.

April 6, 2001 in an open letter to the head of television Yevgeny Kiselyov L. Parfenov announced his retirement from television.

April 16, 2001 Leonid Parfenov joined the editorial board of the TV company "NTV". Since 2001, L. Parfenov - Board member of TC NTV.

In the updated channel Parfenov, in addition to "The other day, managed a daily evening program" The country and the world. "

February 6, 2003 Leonid Parfenov said that the program "The other day," more will come out. And in June 2004, L. Parfenov was fired from NTV television.

The dismissal of Leonid Parfenov connected to the plot of "Marry Zelimkhan" prohibited to be shown on the European part of Russia. The plot - an interview with the widow of Mr. Yandarbiyev Malik, who went on the air, despite the express prohibition of leadership. As a result, the program "The other day," ceased to exist, but a leader and presenter of "The other day," dismissed from the channel.

. Immediately thereafter, 5 June 2004, Leonid Parfenov, who was dismissed from NTV channel, was nominated for the Leipzig Media Prize for 2004.

. The main event of the year for the Parfenov, in his opinion, was the achievement of the program "The other day," the level, after which it was closed.

. In early December 2004, Leonid Parfenov, the offer of the company "Axel Springer Russia", publishes the weekly "Russian Newsweek", to become editor in chief.

. According to the most Parfenova, the new appointment did not preclude cooperation with television.

. L
. Parfenov - by the idea and co-writer of the first and second "songs, especially" (ORT). Member of the Academy of Television of Russia, laureate of the Union of Journalists and TEFI-2000 (special prize of the Academy). Leonid Parfenov - by TV films "17 Moments of Spring. 25 years later "and" Meeting Place. 20 years later, "released on NTV in the series of" New History "as well as cycles of" Namedni. 1961-1991 "," The other day. 1991 - 2000 ", TV movies" The whole Zhvanetskiy "," Life of Solzhenitsyn, "The Age of Nabokov's" Live Pushkin, Russia Empire. "

Married. Wife - Elena Chekalova - columnist for Moscow News. Two children - son John and daughter Masha.

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Leonid Parfenov, photo, biography
Leonid Parfenov, photo, biography Leonid Parfenov  Anchorman, photo, biography
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