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Shiryaevo Ludmila

( Professional formation Lyudmila Shiryaeva, as presenter, started with the program 'Segodnyachko-Peter'. For the program needed a young, pretty girl with no speech defects. Seventeen Lyudmila)

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Biography Shiryaevo Ludmila
photo Shiryaevo Ludmila

Ludmila Shiryaeva born in St. Petersburg simple family. Mama - a housewife, and father - the driver and assistant manager at the bank. Parents (By the way, namesake - Valentine and Valentine), long thought to call my daughter. Come to St. Petersburg's grandmother suggested - Lyudmila, saying in their old girls with this name has not yet been. Pope unexpectedly quickly agreed, and only a few years later admitted that he called his first love:

Ludmila went to school not in St. Petersburg, and in Yelets, where her grandmother lived. The girl at the time in there, her parents, who left Germany. She recalls: 'The teachers knew that they would learn from Leningrad Lyudochka Shiryaev, and even competed in a class I determine. First, they put me in the first row, and then transplanted to the Losers, that I have brought up. I also was an excellent student '. Later, my grandmother moved to St. Petersburg and Lyudmila is further studied in the 256-th school on Griboyedov Canal, and then up to the end - in the 2-nd St. Petersburg High School.
. Since his early years on TV

. Somehow, going through old things in the chest, a five-year Ludmila stumbled on an old Japanese microphone
. It was he, and not other things, interested in a girl. Then she played in a long time reporter, asking questions for parents. Then she has no idea what the microphone will play an important role in her life:

On TV Lyudmila Shiryaeva hit accidentally (although each has its own random pattern). Eleven-year-girl, she and her friend came to see what deals with her older sister, - she, being a student of theatrical institute, was held on television practice. The bright-eyed, active little girl noticed. Later, when the trainees began to establish a program of contemporary music 'Striped hit', they remembered to Lyudmila and invited her to. So Luda was presenter.

To say that Ludmila had at that time was determined with the future profession, it would be wrong. In this age your child is difficult to understand his vocation. But the fact that work on TV she liked - a fact. For two years she led a 'Striped hit'. In the rays of glory did not bathe, and not thinking about fame - has been busy working. But the school already, if it is something naughty, missed no opportunity to pinch: 'Our star again afford ...'.

When 'Striped hit' closed, Lyudmila invited to the new project 'The whole circus'. It was then Lyudmila fully realized that there popularity. It just overwhelmed letters: how could she give up rock-tusovka on a circus? Some fans even threatened with death, if not return. But the return has been nowhere - the program forever gone ...
Professional TV presenter

Professional growth Lyudmila Shiryaeva, as presenter, started with the program 'Segodnyachko-Peter'. For the program needed a young, pretty girl with no speech defects. Seventeen Ludmila, passing on general casting, went on all parameters.

Experience in the program Ludmila valued very highly. 'B' Segodnyachko 'working people older than me, so had the opportunity to continually learn, try, learn and not be afraid' knocks', - she recalls.

. At 5-m channel Ludmila worked for many years, was the leading TV programs' Telekurer ',' No time ', '7 nights',' now ', etc.
. Simultaneously in 2003, she graduated from the Department of Sociology University of St. Petersburg. But over time, Ludmila began to feel cramped in the established framework. The monotony of the work leads to stagnation, and this - not in her nature.
Path to the movies

In movies (and more correct to say in the TV series) Ludmila Shiryaeva was periodically removed since 2002. They were small roles in TV series 'Time to Love', 'On the bends' (TV reporter), 'Streets of broken lamps-7' (Rita Sergeeva), 'Mentovskie war-3' (Linda), 'Hour Volkova' (hostage Anastasia Tsvetkova) other. Feeling the need for additional education, she in 2007, she studied acting technique - went to an auditor to attend theater school (her teacher was Mikhail Ilyin). This Ludmila kept saying, as he wants to appear in 'big' movie. And it is her wish, in the end, materialized.

Producer of Channel 5 has learned that director Robert Crombie had unsuccessfully looking for an actress who know English, the main role in the erotic melodrama 'Sappho'. Recommended Ludmilla. Then there was the successful casting and confirmation of the role of Helena Orlova. Taking three months leave on television, Lyudmila Shiryaeva went to the shooting.

Painting 'Sappho' raises complex issues of lesbian love. Lyudmila Shiryaeva says: 'Before giving consent, I specifically refined, how far stretch of imagination of authors in this direction. It is no secret that many filmmakers are eager to start actresses in the frame to strip. Whether it be from an artistic point of view or not. But all that I was told, does not go beyond reasonable limits'. Also, the script pictures like my mother Lyudmila, who blessed his daughter for the role.

In the picture a few erotic scenes. In one, the heroine makes love with Lyudmila Sappho (her role turned 19-year-old American actress Avalon Berry). Ludmila Shiryaeva recalls: 'In one scene, we Sappho, naked, lying on the beach at sunset. I am not ashamed. Chill up to plus 15, and we had to lay in the icy stones. In the breaks between takes wore fur. Partners - 19-year-old American Avalon - beautiful, it is not disgusting to kiss. Lesbian experience I had, but I was wondering whether I want a girl. Excitations did not raise. Well, nothing: the life and so diverse. "

To play some of the episodes, Lyudmila had to acquire new skills. So she, for example, for the filming took a full course of diver. As a result, viewers saw a beautiful scene where Helena and Sappho dive to a depth of six meters and beautiful there somersault. But for all this beauty was a really dangerous stunt.

Actually, thinking about work on the painting, Lyudmila Shiryaeva notes the incredible elation. It was then that she finally realized how interesting for her profession is an actress.
'Route' M8 '

Filming in the movie 'Sappho' changed the lives of Ludmila. Back in 2008, St. Petersburg, she realized that the TV does not want to work more. Lyudmila moved to Moscow, where she soon received a proposal to withdraw in the adventure film directed by Alexander Grabar 'route' M-8 '.

. The heroine is a young Ludmila Shiryaeva secular journalist Lena, worked as a reporter in a glossy publication
. Stupid, so not very happy with its 'usual fate of' girl does not like to rest on their laurels. Dreaming of a great journalistic career, including high-profile revelations, it is ready, as it seems at all to achieve their goal. But at one point, she realizes that in addition to information events and wildly twisted plots are just human relations, and that sometimes in order to maintain these relationships is to abandon any career:
. Moscow

. After moving to Moscow, Lyudmila still not left the television, as suggested earlier
. Channel 'TV-Center "invited her to become a leading program' New Vremechko '. Cautioning that it is - an actress, and that she may have new projects, Lyudmila agreed.

Talking about the work on the Moscow television, Lyudmila Shiryaeva notes that it is very comfortable, she seemed to hit home. And the program is very interesting and useful. But Peter is still very bored. And how else, because there were her childhood and adolescence, there were her parents. 'He who was born in this city, it is very difficult to lose it' - she says. That is why, at the first opportunity, she immediately goes to his hometown.

Despite the work in film and television, the actress remains free time. It is dedicated to sports (this is her childhood taught uncle). And Lyudmila loves going to the movies, escape to nature, photography. In terms of friendship, it is - an open man. With people who she likes, she tries to maintain relations. As for the beloved person, the love she has not met. However, it is too early, because in her childhood fortuneteller have foretold that she will marry in 30 years. Remains long.

2002 Time to Love - Series

2004 At the bends - series

2006 Cops. Streets of broken lamps-7 - Series

. 2006 Mentovskie war-3 - serial

. 2006 Sea Devils - series

. 2007 Hour Volkova - series

. 2008 Do not think about white monkeys

. 2008 Canes - 2 - TV series

. Sappho 2008 (Russia-Ukraine)

. 2008 Hour Volkova-2 - serial

. 2008 Route M8

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Shiryaevo Ludmila, photo, biography
Shiryaevo Ludmila, photo, biography Shiryaevo Ludmila  Professional formation Lyudmila Shiryaeva, as presenter, started with the program 'Segodnyachko-Peter'. For the program needed a young, pretty girl with no speech defects. Seventeen Lyudmila, photo, biography
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