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Alexei Panin

( when in the past year, 26-year-old actor Alexei Panin received from the President of the State Prize, many, remembering that at one time it was expelled from GITIS, just shrugged. Added fuel to the)

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Biography Alexei Panin
- If we are to be completely candid, sissy, I was never. And in the seven schools actually attended, but drove me only two. The first time it happened because of: Lenin. I was asked to wipe the dust from his portrait. And I'm on the goodness of his heart, without any vandalism and malicious intent, Lenin rubbed with a wet rag. After this portrait flowed. And since I have been up to this criticism of the behavior, the school asked me to. The second time kicked out of the physics on which I received constant deuce. The teacher suggested: either to transfer to another school, or stay for the second year.

As for the other schools, then I changed them because of the crossing - one of the grandparents to other. More seriously engaged in water polo and for a time studied at the sports school.

- Why, after school you have chosen is not a career?

- I do after school, no career did not choose. Wanted to live in his pleasure. It was early 90's, and all the guys in our yard dream become bandits. So the events described in the film 'Brigade', I know from personal experience. My mother, an intelligent man, the whole life working in publishing editor, was horrified by my 'attempt' to become 'authority'. She could not understand how you can spend days to hang out on the street and knows what deal. Thank God, I could not do something silly.

- In this case, it is unclear what led you to GITIS?

- You will not believe it, but I myself do not know. Just read in a newspaper announcement of the recruitment to the studio Spesivtseva. In the evening, and learned the poem a fragment of prose. In the morning sat in the subway and rode to the exam. Joined the first time. Besides that there is no traction in acting had not experienced. Although my mother dreamed that I was an artist.

She was friends with the late Anatoly Romashina. And when I was only eight months, she said to him: 'Alex will certainly be a People's Artist'.

- And why you then from GITIS excluded? Or is it true?

- True. I do not even rule out once. First, a freshman. I was then offered to shoot the episode in the film 'The Romanovs - Crowned Family'. I knew that my first year shooting is not encouraged, so cunning, and took sick leave. But it did not help, and I was still expelled. After some time I recovered, but a second-year history to repeat itself - for the sake of another episode in the picture I missed part of the examination. I was again ruled out: In principle, I made a stupid acts. Not one normal sane person could change studies in GITIS to film an episode. I did. Institute as a result not finished, but do not regret it. I understand that if there had not done so, you know, as if everything in my life went on. I do not have a classmate who has achieved in terms of film career would have been more than I. In my asset dozens of paintings.

- Probably, when you congratulated the president, remembered the teachers who have withheld?

- Of course, remembered. Incidentally, an interesting detail. In giving the award, we were sitting with the actor theater 'Lenkom' Sergey Frolov. He also studied at GITIS, but not finished it. It seems not passed the exam on fencing and therefore lost his diploma. We sat elbow nudged each other and smiled.

In fact, I now propose to return to GITIS and get a diploma. But I do not want to.

- And your enemies put you in the guilt that the system of Stanislavsky you have not mastered.

- I'm glad that my game does not fit into any system. To go over roles very spontaneously. I'll tell you a story about the late Paul Luspekaeve, brilliant actor, who played in "White Sun of the Desert '. Luspekaev sitting at home, chewing sunflower seeds, with one eye looking in the script. At this point, to visit him came a famous actor and asked: 'Pash, but as you are working on a role? Put themselves in the alleged circumstances or trying to understand the nature of the character? " And he said: "Ponty all. Words have to learn '.

On this principle I have come to the roles. Go out on the ground, and there is a bear.

- You received the State Award for the film 'Star', which played a scout of the Great Patriotic War.

- I read a lot about the war. Therefore, 'Star' for me is not just painting, which brought recognition, but first and foremost a tribute to his country and its veterans. I am a human being offended that the Americans, when they played the anthem, stand up and sing. Their homes are on the national flags. And in our country, many just do not know their own history. Some adolescents find it difficult to tell in what year the Great Patriotic War.

- It's true that shooting in the 'Star' almost cost you your life?

- There was a case on the set, after which I could not stay disabled. The fact is that the 'Mosfilm' weapons of old, the war years. His every time must be checked as. But it happens that a drunken studio gunsmiths not before. Therefore, one machine in my hands broke into two parts. Fortunately, this happened after I was released from it all. If this happened during the shooting, slide the machine would have jumped at me at a speed of charge. In such cases, people simply are without hands.

- You agree to play in the movie just for the sake of money?

- Yes. Unfortunately, 80 percent of what I play, is done only for the money. And only 20 - for the sake of high art. I would really like to have a home a certain reserve currency and to appear in one film a year, to approach this selective. But, unfortunately, I can not afford it. Very much in my life I'm doing just for money, because I love good things, expensive cars, good food. And then, so many friends around, who would like to help, and so many women with whom I would like to have dinner, which, unfortunately, I am not able to cut their appetites.

- So you're amorous man?

- Yes, but, alas, are often disappointed. Sometimes you see beautiful woman. Discovering. Like everything in it - the charm, sexuality, mind. You walk on bye, then you find her in the same bed, but after two or three days, you understand that this is not your man.

. - You are capable of romantic courtship, extravagant behavior?

. - One time my girlfriend left for St. Petersburg, but I really wanted to see her
. I decided to go fly. It was designed so that I will stay in the city half an hour, give flowers and on another flight to come back to Moscow.

- Girl appreciated your action?

- The funny thing is that I should not have flown to St. Petersburg. It turns out that she has already managed to return. And at that time was in Moscow.

- Is it true that you were married?

- My marriage lasted two years. I think that during this time emotionally, we have experienced as much as others for thirty years. Why split? Does anyone know the answer to the question: 'Where love leaves? "

- You are a gambler?

- Very rarely in a casino, and if I play, at the paltry sum. I can always find the strength to stop in time. For women it is less. Here's my brakes denied.

- In a life with you seriously? Do you need to follow you cared?

- Oh, no. Many cases with their own hands. Change in the crane pad - for me nonsense. I know how to cook well. It is easier to cook dinner yourself than to ask about this woman. So in that sense I am a man neizbalovanny.

- The dream in their hearts?

- Like any normal person I dream of the family, children. And how 'crazy' - I want to somehow in May to gather with friends on Tverskaya Street in the Moscow Art Theater. Order two carriages with horses. In one plant the Roma, and in another - friends. Wear a tuxedo, shoes without socks. Grab a few boxes of champagne. And so Makar ride on Tverskaya. In fact, I am a romantic at heart, though seem to someone cynical.

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Alexei Panin, photo, biography
Alexei Panin, photo, biography Alexei Panin  when in the past year, 26-year-old actor Alexei Panin received from the President of the State Prize, many, remembering that at one time it was expelled from GITIS, just shrugged. Added fuel to the, photo, biography
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