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SWE Natalya

( Actress)

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Natasha, in the series 'pursuit of an angel' your heroine had to fight a lot, and it happened without the involvement of stunt. Are you sure this cool?

- Life is forced to become supermenshey. For this role, I persisted and a half months in karate with a personal trainer, as Egor Beroev studied aikido. Prior to that, because I had only lyrical roles, but here - the first negative. I always wondered, what made my character to be a killer. But the answer never received. Why, for example, the man has a wife and child, and he at the same time - sex maniac? No response. Well, there are people with a psychological shift. In the mythical series 'seconds before:' I played a real witch. A recently completed work in 12-episode TV movie 'Morozov'.

You can easily agree on the location in serials?

- Absolutely. What's the difference - a full meter or series, the main thing - to do their work with dignity, not moonlight. I never blame the artists, who starred in advertising or series. Money in fact need to earn.
Flying like a bird

In antrepriznom play 'Romeo and Juliet,' you go out on stage completely naked. As you was given this role?

- OK. This summer I jumped with a parachute, so I have nothing terribly. A minute floated in a free fall.

Next to me was falling with a camera operator on the head. So I decided to overcome my fear of heights. Jim-jams were on the plane, then cool, you're flying like a bird:

You have a lot of joint work with the director Kirill Serebrennikov. How did your collaboration?

- He saw me still in my second year Shchukin School and invited series "Rostov-papa '. It was destiny, my lucky lottery ticket.

. As you work with Oleg Menshikov in the play Serebrennikova 'demon'?

. - Oleg - a wonderful partner, never gave the feeling that he - a mega-star, did not require some special treatment.

. Could it fall in love in a man?

. - I'm in that period was in love and lived with another man.

. How do you refer to what is becoming more and more men with different sexual orientation?

. - Perhaps the blame for this woman? Their rudeness, inattention, excessive ambition
. I have, incidentally, is one gay at a difficult moment, he is always beside me, very close to me man. Its orientation, he does not hide, and that's OK, terrible, when they trying to fool the girls head.
Othello and Desdemona

You were such a beautiful pair with Dmitri Dyuzheva, why split?

- Do not want to stir up the past, it was - and it was. It was a great page in my life, but I managed to flip it and move on. And now I have - not less beautiful period. We are playing with Dima in some productions, right now rehearsing Shakespeare. He - Othello, I - Desdemona. We separated three years ago, insults at each other does not hold, normally communicate. We're professional people.

. They wrote that in the period of your life together you've been waiting child:

. - What are you? This press came up, we Dima was terribly surprised, since lived a very secluded, gave no interviews, the story spinning independently of us
. What can you do: After the release of the movie 'The Island' began to write all that Dima goes to a convent. He, poor man, did not know where to shove the phone. All infinitely phoned and asked if this is true?

And yet you have difficult in this performance. After all, Othello and Desdemona - such love, passion, jealousy so on his part! Not afraid to fall in love again Dima?

- It's just a job. I have now - a wonderful novel, and I do not want in your life to change.

Do you have own apartment?

- No, not yet take off. Of course, I want his corner, but did not get. Maybe with time the theater will help with housing, but I am a very short time in the state of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. I have a very decent salary in the theater, but I do not know how to save money, but spend it well. I love to give gifts, I have the same father and mother, and brother. Not so long ago gave his brother a motorcycle. Machines I, too, no, I travel by taxi and by subway.

What is the most romantic gift you have received from men?

- Loving Heart. And I would really like to see my favorite came to Sevastopol and asked for my hand in my father. This has not yet been. I grew up in an atmosphere of love, the parents have been married 30 years, and my father still talks about my mother 'That's my little girl is! " I am looking for a similar feeling.

. Can marry an artist?

. - Of course, I'm still in love with the actor, but his name will not mention, because our relationship is not all clear, there are many problems.

. Relatives in Sevastopol you proud?

. - Very
. I did not want to go to Moscow and become an actress, a mother and grandmother insisted. In the 'pike' I came very easily. And then cried that I would stay in Moscow, which I did not like. As a child I dreamed of being an archaeologist.

You do not kompleksuete about age?

- I do not feel his 28 years, I hope to 'tridtsatniku' I will have a family and child.

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SWE Natalya, photo, biography
SWE Natalya, photo, biography SWE Natalya  Actress, photo, biography
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