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Nazarov Gennadiy

( Actor)

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Biography Nazarov Gennadiy
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Childhood and adolescence

Gennady Nazarov was born March 3, 1967 in Moscow. Neither family nor entourage boy Genes Nazarova no relation to art had. And yet he somehow managed to catch 'artistic virus'.

It all started back in grade 1. In those days all students by the order, which is not known who invented, were taken to the theater. And so it went: amateur, poetry, drama club, participate in the production of school plays.

First, Gennady Nazarov graduated from the Faculty of the Moscow theater fake art and technical school. In the theater, 'Contemporary' young artist has successfully participated in the design of the performances 'Murlin Murli' and 'Madame Butterfly' Roman Viktyuk.

But his calling young man saw it in the acting. Successfully graduated from the Drama Department GITIS, the course of the great Mark Zakharov, full of promise, the actor was admitted to the troupe in Malaya Bronnaya. Many large and small roles Nazarov has played in the famous scene, before left her.
Movies. 90 s

With love formed a novel actor and kinomatografom. He debuted in 1994, the role of Ivan Chonkin film 'Soldier Ivan Chonkin' - a military comedy based on the novel by Vladimir Voinovich's director Jiri Mentselva. To film this remarkable novel, full of irony, an extremely complicated. But this seemingly impossible, the director managed. Much credit for this and Gennady Nazarov. From the first frame, it is clear that on the screen exactly the Chonkin how it planned to Voinovich - truthful, sarcastic, and very popular, at first sight ungainly zany, but in actual fact, it is not a fool. The same Chonkin who loves his Soviet homeland, led by Stalin, like Nyurka, performed by actress Zoe Buriak, likes to brew from beet and potatoes, that so wonderfully done in the village of Red.

. No less successful follow-up work and become an actor
. Also in 1994 he played the role of the virtuous lawyer in lyrical comedy Valery Uskov 'THIEF'. City tale about love, loyalty and betrayal, in which a charming Gennady Nazarov withdrew a beautiful Olga Rodina, who played the young Provincial, which had entered into a huge alien city. And in the comedy-splints 'Hen Ryaba' Andrei Konchalovsky actor created a memorable image of a busy Seryoga - the embodiment of people's soul. Here Gennady fortunate to work with the incomparable Ina Chourikova, playing the heroine of the film Asia Kliachina.

It so happened that Gennady Nazarov in the difficult 90-ies rather actively acted in films. At the same time he and the filmmakers were lucky. In 1995, he, for example, had the opportunity to work with George Danelia. In his lyrical comedy 'Heads and Tails' (on the novel by Vladimir Makanina 'At the first breath') actor played Handsome Vadik - girls Lena's husband, the heroine Pauline Kutepova. Precise and very lyrical way of student Koli, created Gennady Nazarov in retro-drama Peter Todorovsky 'What a wonderful game', the tragic history of the life of students early 50, which are solved on a dangerous hoax. The picture though still far short of the best works of the same Todorovsky, but quite interesting in its foresaw.

I remember the actor for the role of Leni in a very funny comedy 'Wilmington and his bodyguard'. Successful images of them were created in a detective thriller 'King of spying for Russia', comedy 'Children Monday', a criminal comedy 'police and thieves'.
Movies. New Age

The new century brought a wave of Russia's cinema serials. 'Fashion in the film determine the most likely people who give him money. As for the vulgarity in the film, then, if we talk about the show, many of them are made on the pitiful books. There is anomie, . but once this issue, . means, . Someone is still 'eat'? Means, . This humor someone happy? Or, . just time is it? Well, . largely, . Some series is now much better in comparison with those, . that were taken 5 years ago ', . - Likes to talk philosophically actor,
. Certainly, this explains the active participation of those most Nazarova cartoons: 'Kamenskaja' and 'Turkish March', 'Detectives' and 'female logic', 'Rig' and 'Russian Amazons'.

Fortunately, his kinoraboty not limited to serials. A very interesting role in the film Gennady Nazarov Andrey Panin 'Gagarin's Grandson'. His hero, Theodore Vnukov, - a lonely artist who suddenly learns about the brother of the Director, for many years living in a children's home. And even more surprising is the news that Gena - black. The brothers have to go hard way before they learn to understand each other:

Gennady Knowledgeable people say that this remarkable man is very easy to communicate, intelligent and modest. This Gennady Nazarov, as an actor, charming and subtle. Unfortunately, due to problems with dialysis (the artificial cleansing of blood from toxins), it can not be removed in some large projects, but it does not bother. Actor simply trying to live and find meaning in something else. "You can not dwell on his troubles! Find the one who is even worse than you, and start to help him. Then your stress and leave '- he says optimistically.

Gennady Nazarov often attends church with his wife Natalia. There they pray and partake. After all, the sacrament gives them strength, patience. Often, again with Natasha actor is in the hospital for the seriously ill: And after seeing how any normal person, he understands that everything in this life quite perezhivaemo. Maybe we just all need to become a little wiser.

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