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Swift, Jonathan

( Writer)

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Biography Swift, Jonathan
Genus. Family Solicitor. In 1682-88 he studied at Trinity colleges, as Dublin Zap. In the 1689-99 General to seconds and the librarian retired diplomat and a prominent essayist Y. Temple. In 1695 a priest, doctor of theology (1701). In early. 1690-ies. tried to force poetic genres; condensed-parody style found in the prose. First Industrial. S. - pamphlet "The Battle Book" (1697) - cruel ridicule proponents of the ideological and cultural innovation self-assertive bourgeois civilization. Genre Search "Battle Book" was successfully completed in the "Tale of the barrel" (1704), written on behalf of the corrupt hacks, constituting a kind of encyclopedia of the coming madness. Through the words of "author" On. formulates rel., gumanistich., utopian. Claim Bourges. progress and exposes the falsity of their depth. Tale about three brothers (one of the f-ryh represents one branch of Christianity-Catholic, . Anglican or Calvinist church) becomes a pretext for endless parodies departures, . where there means the actual language of the latest expose the ideological distortions.,

. In 1701 C
. gained a place at Vicar Larakore (Ireland) and in London visited on short visits. S. already acquired fame politi. pamphleteer, and the Whigs regarded him as a supporter, but the pamphlet "Considerations of the English churchman" (1708) and "Discourse on the abolition of Christianity" (1709) C. reaffirmed its ideological-political. independence.

In those same years with. made friends with the leaders of pr-va Tories, who wanted to take Britain out of the protracted war of Spanish Succession, and stabilize the situation inside the country. S. actively support and guide the government. policy articles J.. "ECWA-miner" (1710-11), in the pamphlet "The behavior of the Allies" (1711), "Public spirit of the Whigs" (1714) and others. His daily letter-reports in 1710-13 Larakor former pupil Esther Johnson were posthumously published "Diary for Stella". In 1713 received the deanship (abbot) St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin. Living almost without a break in Ireland on the situation of politi. exile, C. involved in the fight for the violated rights of Irish. People (pamphlets, "Proposal for general use of Irish manufacture," 1720; "A Modest Proposal for the children of poor Irish, 1729). In 1723-24 a series of "Letters clothier", reproducing the logic and language of the ordinary man in the street, C. so ably connected wide politi. agitation with a specific event, that English, production in barely averted People. rebellion in Ireland.

Top of creativity S. - "Gulliver's Travels" (1726). Parodying while improving travel literature, C. "opens" Fanta-Stitch. country, satirically commenting on the real prospects and ideals of European social system. His comical, reduces reflection appears little world of Lilliputians, healthy and free mind a verdict latest achievements of history ( "Journey to Brobdingneg") in "Journey to Laputa" ridiculed madness "pure" scientific. progress; failure Bourges. enlighten humanity is demonstrated in "Journey to the country guigngnmov, where the proposed ironic. dilemma: "reasonable" horsepower utopia or monkey living arrangement, similar to social perverted human existence. Book C. - no preaching hopeless pessimism, but a visionary with a review of socio-ideologich. installations Bourges. progress. "Lockout" called it a. V. Lunacharsky. Among the latter Random. S., basically repeating the old themes and motifs are highlighted in pamphlets "Guide to the servants" and "serious and useful project unit shelter for incurable" (1733).

Basic Fixes. Since taking satire. was imple-Stitch. parody: the absurdity and monstrosity brought him as a social norm, as a valid and promising characteristics depicted events. Dramatic. Satire With. captured ideological panorama of early English. Enlightenment.

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Swift, Jonathan, photo, biography
Swift, Jonathan, photo, biography Swift, Jonathan  Writer, photo, biography
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