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Chris Norman

( Musician)

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Biography Chris Norman
photo Chris Norman
Christopher Norman was born in a family of actors 25 October 1950.

The history of "Smokie" began in 1967. in a small English town of Bradford, where one of the schools studied are two inseparable friend - Christopher Ward Norman and Alan Sillson that in whatever has been decided to be a rock star. The guys have had no special musical training, and the first concert of their activity was limited to appearances at school parties and cheap pubs, and the repertoire consisted of 80% of the hits "Beatles" and other kings of rock scene. However, over time, and appeared in the repertoire of his songs, and in 1968, changing name to "Kindness" ( "Kindness").

In 1973, Mr.. in a small London cafe guys met with famous producers and songwriters Nicky staid and Michael Chapman (two Che), who suggested that "unfavorable" name "Kindness" replaced by succinct and trenchant "Smokie". CD "Changing all the time", . written taking into account the performance specification of "Smokey", . hit the charts, . and the song "Don't play your rock'n'roll to me" led the charts in many European countries (especially in Germany, . where the band immediately gained cult status),
. Began a rapid ascent of "Smokie" on top of musical Olympus.

The next record is even more strengthened the position of the group in Europe and allowed "Smokie" to break into the U.S. music market. Charts headed next hits "Smokie" - "Wild wild angels" and the legendary "Wat can I do". Musicians tours a lot and experimenting with sound and stage show, but the dependence on the requirements of the record companies are increasingly depressing music, practically devoid (by virtue of the hard conditions of the contract) the right to self-expression.

. Between producers and musicians the looming conflict, and after the album "The Montreux Album" (1978) Norman and the company broke off relations with the two Che "and producing their own records
. However, now the permanent leader Chris Norman, whose voice was a particular hallmark of increasingly starts talking about his resignation to pursue a solo career. Concerts "Smokie" go with the sold out, and yet after a grand concert in Frankfurt in 1986, when, apparently, the team was at the zenith of fame, Chris Norman announced his retirement.

. Success of the same solo works by Norman started with a song Stumblin In, performed with Suzy Quatro
. Then a joint with Dieter Bohlen Midnight Lady. It lasted for six weeks at number 1 in the German national charts. And Bohlen allowed to get in the U.S. charts.

So far, Chris Norman remains one of the most popular figures in the rock world: every year he gives more than a hundred concerts. Despite the phenomenal career, the question "Your happiest day of my life," Chris responds: "When I married Linda". Linda Norman - permanent wife of famous musician - gave him five children, so Chris is a global top five musicians with many fathers.

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  • Tóth Hedvig for Chris Norman
  • Kedves Chris! Nagyon szép életed van,sok lélek-emelő élményed volt,sok rajongód.Sokat dolgoztál a sikerekért!Kár,hogy az ember nem lehet mindig fiatal! Örülök,hogy a családod nem bomlott szét! Nagyon szeretem a FOR YOU dalodat! Rengeteg érzés jön elő a lelkemből.amikor hallgatom! Gratulálok! ISTEN nagyon szeret Téged ! Továbbra is legyél jókedvű ! És EGÉSZSÉGES ! Szia ! Hedvig / Hungary /
  • paul c for Chris Norman
  • nice singing stumbling in is a great song
  • cheryl horgan for Chris Norman
  • Hi chris when are going to tour Australia again. Some reports says y have 5 children others say 6, are they all to Linda, much blessing to you both , how about a biography that would be great, cheers cheryl
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    Chris Norman, photo, biography
    Chris Norman, photo, biography Chris Norman  Musician, photo, biography
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