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Bret Hart

( Wrestler)

Comments for Bret Hart
Biography Bret Hart
He played in such promotions as the WWF (WWE) (from 1987 to 1997. (out of it by the famously scandalous 'Montreal breakup') and HAB (from 1997 to 2000.). Finished the wrestling career in 2000 after severe head injury. In summer 2002, had an accident on his motorcycle, injuring his head once more, resulting in a partially paralyzed, but managed to recover with physical therapy and strength of will. There are currently involved in various projects of the WWE (for example, released his DVD, his character is used as a legend in the games in the series Smackdown vs RAW, participated in a mini talk show WWE - Byte This!).
. Birth and youth

. Bret was born in Calgary in the Canadian province of Alberta
. He became the eighth child of the famous patriarch of wrestling - promoter Stu Hart. Part seven brothers Bret, have become professional wrestler, and the rest one way or another were involved in the wrestling business,. All his four sisters were married to professional wrestler. Two of these men - Davey Boy Smith and Jim Neidhart - internationally recognized stars of professional wrestling. The younger brother of Bret, Owen Hart tragically died before the ring, tearing away from the ropes in 1999.

Hart is widely regarded as the most technically professional wrestler. Once Vince McMahon thought it 'the greatest romancer', because Bret was able to very interesting way to hold their matches.

Brett began his career in a small wrestling organization, owned by his father - Stampede Pro Wrestling. The organization was in his hometown - Calgary. At first my father was his personal manager. Good podnatarev in Stampede Wrestling, Bret Hart, along with several other inmates of his father went to speak to the WWF in 1985.

. At the end of 80th years Hart dug a tunnel to fame, becoming the owner twice WWF title in the team fight
. He spoke with Jim Neidhart in a team called 'The Hart Foundation'. Technically graceful style of Hart intreguyusche contrasted with rough-hewn strength Neidhart. Their villainous duo led Jimmy Hart.

Hart and Neidhart were friends for life and willingly performed together. But after the failure of the joint team match against 'dirty lads' at the annual PPV WrestleMania VII Bret and Jim parted and began to engage in each of their careers. It was for the better. Bret has twice won the title the WWE Intercontinental Championship. The first one he won from Kurt Hennig at PPV Summerslam 1991, and the second at the 'Skipper' Roddy Piper at WrestleMania VIII. Bret Hart participated in the very first in the history of WWF match with the stairs! In this match Bret just defended the Intercontinental precious gold from Shawn Michaels. Bret the first time in my life has lost the title match. It was a match for the Intercontinental title against The Mountie. Before the match commentators said that Bret was sick - he has a fever. And as a result of this ailment, Bret lost the match. In fact, no fever Bret was. It's just that Bret expired contract with the WWF and its urgent need to get rid of the title, as little as possible sullying his reputation.

Soon WWF executives realized that Bret Hart was their only bread, and brought him into their ranks. This time, Brett was forced to give Intercontinental title to his law relative, . Davey to Boy Smith in a classic match at Summerslam 1992 PPV, . and transferred it to the level of world champions, . giving him a chance to step on the very highest place of the hierarchy - to fight for the WWF Championship,
. Thus Bret fought and conquered the WWF Championship from Ric Flair in the arena of the Palace Saskachuan in Saskatoon Canadian province Saskachuan. In Saskatoon, incidentally, Bret's father was born - Stu Hart. In the same year, Bret Rick Flerov made in the first match of 'Iron Man' in the history of WWF. World title Bret had a long time, then lost to Yokozuna at WrestleMania IX. Bret did not fold. He immediately won the King of the Ring Tournament 1993. The following year in the tournament Eliminatsionnye Royal Rumble 1994, he became one of the winners. Traditionally the tournament is only one winner. But this time, it turned out that the winner of two, because Bret Hart and Lax Luger simultaneously flew from the ring. As a result, both winners were candidates for the WWF Championship. And he won all Brett did for PPV WrestleMania X.

It was in that night and began his memorable feud with his younger brother - Owen Hart. At the beginning of 90th years, fighting between the brothers were a rarity, so their feud attracted the attention of many fans. It all started with the fact that Owen became envious Bret. That very night, before Bret won the title, between Owen and Bret took the match in which Owen won. A couple of hours and took the match Bret Yokodzuny, in which Bret won the title. Accordingly, Owen decided that since he was able to defeat Bret, then he himself should become a champion instead of Bret. Since then, the brothers have had many exciting matches technically. In total, their feud lasted three years.

From the title, Bret escaped only in 1994, losing his Bob Beklandu on PPV Survivor Series. In the course of their wild hostility they have agreed to the match for the dismissal, that is, the loser had to retire from the WWF. This match took place at WrestleMania XI. Hart says that the game he loves the least, because he was a meager. In 1995, Brett worked more with inferior wrestler WWF, such as Hakushi, Jean-Pierre Lafitte, Isaac Yankem and DDS. And only in the following year he managed to win the world title at the Diesel on PPV Survivor Series. Soon, he lost the title to Shawn Michaels in a match Iron Man, which lasted for an hour at WrestleMania XII. Transfer of title Michaels was very controversial. The fact that their match went a temporary border, so it decided to continue and Michaels won a half minutes of extra time. In other wrestling organizations in cases where the matches exceed the time limits, they stopped, but the title remains with the previous owner. This marked the beginning of a fatal injustice of the bloody feud Hart and Michaels. After that Bret received a tempting offer from the HAB, but instead he decided to sign a lifetime contract with the WWF.
Return of The Hart Foundation

In 1996, Bret Hart started a new feud with Steve Austin at Survivor Series PPV. Austin was the most scandalous wrestler, who turned the show from the WWF family sport in sport and entertainment. Austin was a vociferous anti-hero who smoked right on the ring, drinking a beer after each game, spit on all the rules and practices, and open Hamil Hart, mocking his pink tights and a conservative behavior. While Bret Hart and defeated Austin at Survivor Series, the fans made such that no WWF, neither Bret Hart could not have foreseen. They began to laugh at Bret and maintain crude uncouth Austin! In pursuit of the following titles Hart had to go through Austin, Vader and the Undertaker in a Four-Way match at In Your House PPV in February 1997. But this time because of Austin Bret lost the title the very next day Sid Vicious on RO. Management decided that the fans are no longer interested in the charter, so the title is not worth it to keep:

Unfairly hurt Bret Hart forced to squeeze themselves on 100%. At WrestleMania 13, he sank to the level of Austin. Some consider them to match the best in the history of WrestleMania. It was a match, according to the rules of which the opponent can be defeated only through pain. Bret won forcing him to surrender to Austin, but even after the match, he continued to scoff at his bloody body insensitive. These actions provoked a final coup in the minds of fans - Austin has become a positive character, and Bret - negative. It was Bret Hart's favorite match with Steve Austin. This was the last appearance of Bret at WrestleMania: The Great 'hero Bret Hart' was killed on the match. But, according to Austin, on the game was born a great star of professional wrestling - 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin (SCSA).

. Then Bret Hart realized that his own organization - the WWF, he made popular, which he wore on his shoulders all his life, his native offspring - vyraslo and betrayed by
. Then Bret started to look for solace in the HAB. There he joined the popular movement of the New World Order (nWo Black & White) and stayed there for several weeks. Then at Bret idea how to win back the hearts of fans. Then he announced throughout the Americas, that it restores the good old command Hart Foundation. The team he entered, his brother Owen, Jim Neidhart, Davey Boy Smith and Brian Pillman - star set. All they had once trained together with his father in Canada. Then the evil Americans Foundation has announced a national Canadian group. It became the main enemy of the U.S. team and the favorite team in Canada. I really came to fame Bret. On PPV Summerslam 1997 for the fifth time he became the champion of the world, due to the fact that the special referee for that match - Shawn Michaels 'accidentally' cut down his opponent, The Undertaker steel chair. Advantage of this, Hart easily defeated him and won the title.

But fans of this were not happy. Bret further down in their eyes when dishonestly received the title. Bret tired of enduring, as WWF wagging his career and always went out after a scandalous match. The match was so scandalous that the fans have nicknamed him the Montreal Molding and Double Cross. In 1997 Surivivor Series Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels had to fight for the WWF Championship in Montreal. Bret was going to terminate the contract with the WWF, but not before he had to lose the title and lose it with dignity. When Vince McMahon said that the match for the title will be in Canada, Bret upset. It's a shame to lose the title at home. In addition, the script, the title was supposed to go to Michaels. Bret Michaels, and even in personal life to tolerate each other could not. Then Bret Hart and Vince McMahon together amounted to a scenario game. In a scenario Michaels was supposed to make Bret capture Sniper. Then Bret had to get out of the seizure. This capture is a signal for the teams degenerates X and The Hart Foundation. At the signal, both teams went into the ring and arranged on a ring landfill. The judge shall disqualify himself and the team Grounds Bret Hart and awards the title to Shawn Michaels. The plan was perfect. Bret disentitle without spoiling its reputation. The only long before the match Bret began to feel that McMahon and the WWF will betray him, that Michaels luck would not weaken the grip and win the title, humiliating Bret in his native country. Before the match Bret even made Judge - Earl Hebner swore their children's lives that does not provernet against any adventure and does not award winning Michaels. Intuition Bret did not disappoint. He gave Michaels grab yourself a sniper, . Michaels and even weakened the grip for, . Bret was able to wiggle, . but as soon as Brett tried to wriggle out, . Michaels grabbed it even harder, . Hebner and shouted taymkiperu give the gong, . though Hart surrendered, . in fact he did not give,
. Then Bret realized that he was cheated. Earl Hebner has awarded the title of Michaels. Immediately Hebner literally jumped out and ran away from the ring on the street, where he was a special car was waiting. Since then, Canadians hate Shawn Michaels, especially in Montreal. Immediately after this betrayal Vince McMahon came to the locker room and began to tell Brett about the reasons for his action, for which he received Fingal. Many will recall that at the end of the evening McMahon eye view of the enormous purple Fingal.

After such a terrible betrayal Hart told the whole world that the lives of his leg no longer set foot in the arena of WWF. He has not even appeared on a two-hour RO devoted to the death of his brother Owen. Hart even refused to be put on the WWE Hall of Fame. Although, in an interview on his DVD in 2005, Bret admits that he regretted that he was not in the WWF that night when the crash Owen.

In recent years, the WWE sent timid hints at apology Bret Hart. Many believe the storyline Chris Benoit kind of apology to Bret. In 2004, the triangular match between Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, and the player in Canada, Chris Benoit Shawn Michaels captured in the seizure Sharpshooter, and Earl Hebner rang the gong!

. Immediately after the Survivor Series Bret left the WWF in other large organizations - HAB
. There he was immediately inserted into the most important match between Sting and Hogan at Starrcade 1997 program. When the head of the management of HAB was Eric Bischoff, Bret was immediately promoted to ierarhichnskoy stairs as if in a sign of regret about what happened in Montreal, all tried hard to appease Bret, putting it in all the main events of HAB. But Bret in early 1998 decided to throw his heroic image, Sting, and gave Hogan and joined the movement of the IEE.

In grouping Hart no longer played the main roles, the world's gold, he preferred the less prestigious title of Champion of the U.S.. His entire Bret won 4 times.

Bret preferred to remain in the shadows until he came to the HAB former head writer WWF - Vince Russo. In 1999, Russo freed Championship HAB and a sign of apology for his betrayal gave Bret the title through his match with Chris Benoit on PPV Mayhem. Thus, Brett became the holder of two titles HAB - the title of the United States and the world title in the heavyweight division.

Later, Bret Hart entered into a new version of the HBO group, which includes Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Harris Brothers. In 1999 at the PPV StarrCade Hart defended his title against Goldberg HAB. During the match Hart's really hit in the head, thus he was so serious concussion, he had to leave forever, professional wrestling.

. An interesting fact is that Bret Hart had never lost the title HAB
. He had just confiscated due to resignation. As it happened, and WWF, and HAB he left the champion.
Life After Wrestling

In June 2002, Brett got into an accident on a motorcycle. According to newspaper reporting, Brett hit a curb, flew over the handlebars and the motorcycle hit his back on the ground. Following the accident, Hart's partially paralyzed, but this was corrected long months of physiotherapy. Bret fully regained control over the body and now finds himself completely healthy.

. At the beginning of the new millennium relationships by Bret Hart and Vince McMahon began to improve: the image of Hart's often used in video games - WWE Day of Reckoning, WWE WrestleMania 21, WWE SmackDown! vs
. RAW and WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006. Bret Hart on his site even admitted that he would not mind to fight the wrestler WWE - Kurt Angle, and even said that watching the same league match Chris Benoit at WrestleMania XX.

. In mid-2005, WWE announced the launch of the trilogy DVD, titled - 'Screwed: The Bret Hart Story' ( 'A victim of treachery: History of Bret Hart')
. In the trilogy detailing the same ill-fated match in Montreal. When Brett was asked to take part in the project, 3 August 2005 he arrived in the WWE, and met with Vince McMahon. At the meeting Bret agreed to participate in recording DVD, but instead insisted on the right to edit story. Bret made a few amendments, which resulted in the end of his career in the WWF was not presented in such a terrible light. He also renamed the title of the trilogy in Bret Hart: The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be ( 'Bret Hart: The best that was, best there is, it would be best'). Seven hours he recorded an interview exclusively for DVD, in which Bret tells us about his favorite game with his brother Owen, the first match against Ricky Steamboat, and many of his early records from the Stampede Wrestling. The match with Hart WrestleMania XII against Shawn Michaels, too, should be included in the list, but its a little cut and showed only its fragments. The trilogy was released on November 15, 2005.

November 16, 2005 Brett attended the talk-show WWE Byte This! He noted that this was his first appearance in the WWE after November 9, 1997. This edition of Byte This! broke all records in the rating program. WWE Bret several times hinted at his return to the WWE show. One time they even symbolically let his old accompanying music, but Bret continues to assure everyone that is interested to return to television shows company. Although, at the end of the program, it is about this perspective, said: 'I do not know. This is something worth thinking about. "

At the autograph in New York in November 2005, Hart was a wrestler with the WWE - Jerry 'the King' Lawler, Carlito and Kurt Angle (above rival dreams). There, Hart has publicly stated that the judge has forgiven Earl Hebner (who, incidentally, was fired from the WWE in July 2005 for illegal sale of branded products without a license from the WWE), for his part in betraying montrealskom. Shawn Michaels once said that Bret never return to the ring WWE. Brett confirmed that Michaels was right
. Titles and Awards

. * PWI

. * 1992 Match of the Year against the British Bulldogs (Title Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at the Summer roll, August 29, 1992)

. * 1993 Year Fyud against Jerry 'the King' Lawler

. * 1994 most inspiring Wrestler of the Year

. * 1994 Year Fyud against Owen Hart

. Year * 1996 Match against Shawn Michaels (Match "Iron Man" for the WWF Championship at WrestleMania XII, March 31, 1996)

. * 1997 The Return of the Year

. * 1997 The most hated wrestler of the Year

. * 1997 Match of the Year against Steve Austin (Match of pain at WrestleMania 13, March 23, 1997)

. * 2003 Stanley Weston Award

. * PWI puts it under? 21 in the list of 500 best WWE 1991

. * PWI puts it under? 5 in the list of 500 best WWE 1992

. * PWI puts it under? 1 in the list of 500 best WWE 1993

. * PWI puts it under? 1 in the list of 500 best WWE 1994

. * PWI puts it under? 4 in the list of 500 best WWE 1995

. * PWI puts it under? 16 in the list of 500 best WWE 1996

. * PWI puts it under? 20 in the list of 500 best WWE 1997

. * PWI puts it under? 40 in the list of 500 best WWE 1998

. * PWI puts it under? 56 in the list of 500 best WWE 1999

. * PWI puts it under? 4 in the list of 500 best in WWE history in 2003

. * PWI puts his team with Jim Neidhart 'The Hart Foundation' under? 37 in the list of 500 best teams in history in 2003

. * WWF

. * 5-time WWF Champion

. * 2-time WWF Intercontinental Champion

. * 2-time World Champion Team - with Jim Neidhart

. * Winner of Battle Royal 1994; with Lex Luger

. * Winner of the King of the Ring 1991

. * Winner of the King of the Ring 1993

. * 1993 WWF Superstar

. * The second Triple Crown Championship

. * Member of the WWE Hall of Fame, introduced in 2006

. * HAB

. * 2-time Champion HAB Heavyweight

. * 4-times U.S. Champion Heavyweight

. * Team Championship in HAB - with Goldberg

. * WON

. * 1993 Year Fyud against Jerry 'the King' Lawler

. Year * 1997 Fyud with Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, British Bulldog and Brian Pillmanom against Steve Austin

. * 1997 Match of the Year against Steve Austin (Match of pain at WrestleMania 13, March 23, 1997)

. * 5 star match against Owen Hart (in a Cell Match at Summer roll, August 29, 1994)

. * 5 star match against Steve Austin (match of pain at WrestleMania 13, March 23, 1997)

. * Member of the Hall of Fame WON, introduced in 1996

. * Stampede Wrestling

. * 6-fold Champion of the North American Heavyweight Championship

. * 5-fold An international Team Champion - with Keith Hart (4 times) and Leo Burco (1 time)

. * 3-fold Champion of the British Commonwealth middleweight champion

. * OCE

. * Caribbean Team Champion - with Keith Hart

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