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Grishaeva Nona V.

( Honored Artist of Russia)

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Biography Grishaeva Nona V.
photo Grishaeva Nona V.
Nonna Grishaeva can be proud of their ancestors. After her praprababushka prapradedushka and sang in the famous La Scala. And another great-grandfather - a professor of Novorossiysk University of Kazan - corresponded with the very Nemirovich-Danchenko.

Nonna's childhood passed in his native Odessa. She studied at the ballet school, tried his hand at the theater, and dreamed of in the future become a real actress. For ten years she played her first leading role in the Odessa theater operetta.

The girl grew up a child's home, and this is what prevented her from immediately after school to become an actress. Nona went to conquer Moscow, and almost arrived, but at the last moment intervened mother, who was afraid to leave the seventeen-year-old daughter in a strange, unfamiliar city.

Back in Odessa, Nona enrolled in music school. In the winter holidays, she, along with other students, making New Year's musical fairy tale 'The Princess and the Pea', again poisoned in Moscow. The tour received great success on the stage of DC Rusakov (later - Roman Theater Viktyuka). 53 performances! Of course it was not easy, but in those days earned good money. But the main thing - it is the experience gained, Nonna so proud that his baptism of fire!

Trip to Moscow once again woke up in a girl huge desire to become an actress. And Nona finally persuaded her mother to let her go to the capital.
Student years

Following summer Nonna Grishaeva arrived in Moscow and has filed documents in the Shchukin School. Her future teacher Valentina Nikolaenko abiturientku remembered that comes in the last year and missed her immediately to the third round. Successfully passing it, Nonna Grishaeva was enrolled for a course VV. Ivanov.

Student years Nonna passed in a rather difficult time for the country. Top 90 - tanks near the White House, the products on the cards ... She recalls: 'My mother sent from Odessa, food parcels, which I could not stretch out, because all at once eaten, and then had a long time to starve. We lived in a college dormitory in the same room with Masha Aronova. Once such a funny story happened. Since the refrigerator we had, we hung out products in nets for windows. Once I hung out the window lard, which I once again sent mother. The next day, take out the grid, and I notice, . that she became suspicious of light, . watch and understand - all devoured fat tits! Masha both laughed at me - very kind, I had a tragicomic! The other hand, . These were the most beautiful years of my life! Students often do not appreciate this time, . all think: 'I wish it to work - in the theater, . in film: 'They do not understand, . that only in the school have the opportunity to play a, . what you want, . when a self passages you choose the product and the role, . the dream,
. More in life that will not happen '.

In the third year Nonna Grishaeva started working in the popular comic transfer Igor Ugolnikova 'Both-On'. Here it is called, 'stuffed arm', and in consequence it is often suggested that it is comedic roles.
90 s. Work and personal life

In 1994 she graduated from Nonna Grishaeva Theater School. BV Shchukin. And on the third day after graduation has been magnificent wedding - Nona married actor and musician Anton Derova. Young actress whirled into the maelstrom of family and creative life. Work in Theater. Eug. Vakhtangov, shooting a movie, pregnancy. And all this while. Yes, Nonna, being six months pregnant, was shot simultaneously in three films: 'The place on earth', 'Comtesse de Monsoreau' and 'first strike'!

. Directed by Arthur Aristakisyan because of pregnancy, the actress even changed the script of his painting 'place on earth'
. The shooting occurred in this colony of hippies and homeless people, where there was an odor, and it was terrible dirt. Nonne of course it becomes ill. And though the plot of her character was supposed to stay there, the director made sure that she left this place.

In the series Vladimir Popkov 'Comtesse de Monsoro' Nonna Grishaeva played the heroine of the charming maid, Gertrude. Played a bright, emotionally, and hardly anyone in the audience noticed that the actress was in an interesting position.

By the way, her pregnancy Grishaeva carefully concealed from the director militants 'first strike', the famous Jackie Chan. This picture he was shooting at Yalta, and Nonna played it quite a prominent role - the girl of his main enemy. When Jackie Chan learned about it, I was extremely impressed. 'You are very professional actress!' - He exclaimed.

But in the theater business in Nonna Grishaeva were not so brilliant. No, the work lacked. There were Zelima in 'Turandot', . and Evelyn in the play 'I'll never know, . Cute ', . and comedienne in 'tricks Scapa', . and Shahrezada in 'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves', . and Rosaura in the play "Life is a Dream ', . and Bloch in 'Levsha', . and many other roles,
. That's the one cherished for a long time was not.

Nonne Grishaeva had to wait almost ten years. And - Denise in musical 'Mademoiselle Nitouche'. This role seemed to have just been created for the actress. 'Thanks to my teacher and director of the play, Vladimir Ivanov for something that gave me the opportunity to be realized! - Recognized Nonna Grishaeva. - But now I just bathe in this role and I hope that we have with the audience the pleasure of mutual '.

But how about an actress speak her colleagues. A. Anufrieva: 'The creative individuality Nonna Grishaeva - vivid expression of youth style Vakhtangov Theater. Actor, above all, mastered the traditions of the old drama school and at the same time, it is open-circuited in relation to contemporary culture, to its rhythms, all of its lines and expressions. This actor perfectly fit into the picture a new world with its cult of entertainment, commerce and technology public relations, commercials and fashion shows, soap operas, Entreprise and fashion castings'.
. 'Marriage? Never '

. In marriage with Anton Derovym at Nonna Grishaeva daughter, Nastya
. Anton and they lived for seven years and then divorced.

The second was a civil union. Nonna was chosen of businessman. The start was very beautiful: he saw the actress in the theater, then a trip to Venice, luxury roses in a gift: But the story always ends. When people are completely different - it is difficult to exist together. That's what this says about itself Nonna Grashaeva: 'Despite the existence of eight televisions in the house, he managed to watch only the news. For all the years of our life together I was not able to get him to see at least one feature film. And how to live together if there is no common interests? It was certainly not the only reason for divorce, but also quite weighty: '

Three years later, they parted, and Nonna zareklas: 'Marriage? Never! " But can forswear. In 2006, she fell in love with actor Alexander Nesterov. He made her an unusual request - to get married in Prague. 'When Sasha made me an offer and said that we would get married in Prague, I almost burst into tears - told Nona. - In a sign of engagement, he gave me a beautiful ring, on which was engraved: 'From Nesterova with love! "

The wedding ceremony took place in the old city hall in the center, the Old Town, the area of the Czech capital. It was attended by only the couple and their friends, the actress Lyubov Tikhomirova with a friend, Igor. And after the ceremony, staged a walk around the city in an old carriage.

In 2007, the family Grishaeva-Nesterova appeared the long-awaited baby. The eldest daughter Nastya get along well with her stepfather. What can still dream woman?
And again - Film and pregnancy

Privacy actress successfully combines the work in theater and cinema. In 2004-2006, Nonna Grishaeva appeared in several films and serials: 'Bachelors',' My Fair Nanny ',' Hope spent the last ',' Lily of the valley silver ',' Luba, children and the plant ',' Utes. Song in the life-long '(role - the second wife Antonina Utjosov Revels),' Who's the Boss? " ',' Aziris Noon '. With great warmth actress speaks about his work in the series' Luba, . children and the plant ', . where she co-starred with Tatiana Dogileva: 'Of course, . we are tired, . After all, were taken on a daily basis in a very active mode, . but the team we have selected a totally wonderful! We are so warm and good to each other were! ",

. And then came time for 'Election Day'
. It is worth noting that by the time Nona Grishaeva for several years with great success playing in the performances of the quartet and ':' Radio Day ',' Election Day ',' Faster than the rabbits'. It was the success of these projects and encouraged the idea of creating a full-length films.

In the comedy 'Election Day' Nona again, as ten years ago, was shot pregnant. Until the 7 th of the month! But the audience here is hardly noticed. She recalls: 'We were just shooting for a perfect setting! It was chartered vessel on which the shooting took place, and I have on this ship had a cabin. So, when I was not in the frame, could just relax - to lie in the cabin and watch TV. We had a gorgeous meal in a restaurant. In general, we sailed across the Moscow River by boat and along the way were filming. Magic! " The actress has created a funny image of the dolled up the radio, preoccupied with their relationship with many favorite men.

Parallel with the 'election day' were filming 'Club 69' and 'Carnival Night. 50 years later '. In the 'Club 69' Nonna Grishaeva played the eccentric woman, predator, which suggests that it all is permitted. Actress herself does not like these women, because and 'bounced back' to his heroine on a full. And in the 'Carnival Night', a remake of the famous comedy Ryazanovskaya, Nonna starred as a pregnant secretary Tomato (Yuri Galtsev). In this case specifically for Grishaeva sewed clothes for pregnant women, and even jokes all the authors have written specifically on the topic of pregnancy.

. After the 'Happy Radio' in 2008 on the screens out next comedy 'Election Day', also set on the popular spectacle 'Quartet AND'
. The painting took off almost all the same actors: Nonna Grishaeva, Leonid Baratz, Rostislav Hait, Maxim Vitogran, Alexander Demidov, Kamil Larin and others.
. Filmography:

. 1992 Risk without contract

. 1996 First Strike (USA)

. 1997 Countess de Monsoro - series

. 2001 Place on Earth

. 2002 The secret power

. 2004 Bachelors - series

. 2004 My Fair Nanny - TV series

. Hope 2004 goes final - series

. 2004 Capital souvenir

. 2005 Lily of the Valley silver - serial

. 2005 Luba, children and the plant - series

. 2006 Utesov
. In life-long Song - Series

2006 Day Money

2006 Aziris Nunn

2006 Who's the Boss? - TV series

2007 Club 69

2007 Election Day

2008 Radio Day

Photos of Grishaeva Nona V.
  • Grishaeva Nona V.

Photos of Grishaeva Nona V.
Grishaeva Nona V.

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