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Rafael Joaquin Phoenix

( Actor)

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Biography Rafael Joaquin Phoenix
photo Rafael Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Rafael Phoenix was born on October 28, 1974 in Puerto Rico. He comes from a family of creative people. And they, as we know, not without some oddities. Joaquin's father, John, was riding as a car when he saw a voting on the sidelines of a girl. He stopped and decided to lift its. The girl was the former secretary from Manhattan Arlene Danetts, which gathered veshchichki and quit his job, went to travel across America in search of boring life. Young and the freedom-loving people find each other and decided to go all across the United States together.

By believing in the ideals of the hippies, the couple took the name in honor of the mythological Phoenix bird and soon they had a first-born. They called it River ( "river"). Later, on the light appeared Rainbow ( "Rainbow"), or the Rhine. Later, two more daughters were born. One of them called Libertad Mariposa, which translates as "free butterfly". Another daughter was the name of Summer (Summer). And when semeika was in Puerto Rico, Arlene gave birth Joaquin. In four years, Joaquin decided to change his name to be like his brothers and sisters. He chose the name Leaf ( "Leaf"), Phoenix, under which, and played in his first film.

Family Joaquin traveled a lot in Central and South America. Itinerant lifestyle led to that of all the children only River rate to grade normal school. Others get "home education". Nevertheless, John and Arlene brought up by a galaxy of young and talented actors. When their younger daze was six years old, parents settled in Los Angeles. Joaquin's mother has worked as a secretary at NBC, and his father realized his talents in landscaping. All children in the family since the early years, aspired to become an actor. Parents have found their agent, who agreed to look for work for children on television.

. The most famous and oldest, River Phoenix, in 16 years, starred in the films "Stand next to me" and "The Mosquito Coast," Rainbow debut in "family relations", and Liberty and Summer took off in the television series "Secrets of Kate"
. In ten years it was the turn of Joaquin. Cameo in the TV series "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" (1982), "Murder, She Wrote" (1984) and "falling man" (1984) well prepared him to debut on the big screen. He starred in the films "Space Camp", then - in the film "Russian", which played a Russian sailor who, after shipwreck found on the American coast a few teenagers. For "Russian" followed by "Parents" (1989) - reel of film, where Joaquin played with his brother Rivero. The movie also starred Keanu Reeves. Film career, Joaquin Phoenix and later was closely associated with television.

Thank overtaken Joaquin in 1990, when he was a candidate for a Young Artist Award as Best Young Actor for his role in the films "Parenthood" (1989). However reward passed. The young actor for a long time remained in the shadow of his older brother, an actor whose career has been quite successful. But at 23, River tragically killed - he died from a drug overdose. Joaquin grieved at the death of his brother, and then decided to leave Hollywood. "After the death of his brother - remembers Joaquin - my life turned upside down. It took me a while to come back to normal. "

During the next two years, Joaquin lives with his father in Mexico. His acting career was interrupted. However, in 1995, Phoenix reappears on movie screens. He regains his real name and plays a role in the film "To die in the name of" directed by Gus Van Sant. The partners of Phoenix in the film are Nicole Kidman, Matt Dillon, Casey Affleck. Joaquin plays a naive young boy, who, tempted by the charms of an ambitious TV stars, kills at her request, her own husband. "In this film he is a genius! - Admired friend Joaquin Casey Affleck". The role, played masterfully Joaquin, gets good reviews from critics.

After a brilliant return of the criticism and the audience expected him brilliant new roles. But instead, followed by a very inconspicuous role in the film "Izobpetaya Abbott" (1997). The only thing that acquired Phoenix while working on the tape - this is your favorite - Liv Tyler. "This is my first love! - Told somehow Tyler. - I never knew what a feeling ". That feeling was mutual, because something like this and says the Phoenix: "I knew what was going for something special from the day we met with Liv!" However, in November 1998 they parted.

But in the film career was not so bad. In 1997, Joaquin hydrothermal plays in Oliver Stone's "Turn" in the constellation with Claire Danes, Nick Nolte, Jennifer Lopez, Jon Voight and Liv Tyler. Then Phoenix plays a guy who was sentenced to death for possession of drugs, in the film "Return to Paradise" (1998). In this picture next to him shone Vince Vaughn and Anne Heche. Joaquцґn again had the opportunity to withdraw from Vaughan in action movie "Targets" (1998). The next portrait in the gallery of heroes of Phoenix - sells sex shop, tattooed raisers Max California criminal drama from Joel Schumacher's "Eight millimeter". In the painting "Yards" (2000) Joaquin has lost yet another man - a railway worker Willie Gutierrez.

. After a series of remarkable pictures of the actor literally showered awards and nominations: in 2000 - Nomination for Golden Slate in the category "Best male role" for his role in the movie "Return to Paradise", in the same year - Award San Diego Film Critics Society Awards in the nomination "The most fruitful actor for his film" Yards. ",

. Picture that made Joaquin Phoenix recognized Hollywood star, became the "Gladiator"
. This cash register tape with Russell Crowe in the title role brought world-famous Phoenix. Actor demonstrated his great talent, realizing on-screen image of the Emperor Commodus. Critics unanimously sang his praises, awarding one award after another. He was recognized as "Best Supporting Actor". The image of the handsome emperor brought Joaquin and several honorary nominations, often determine the fate of an actor - at the Oscars, Golden Globe, and others.

. Inconstant seduced Hollywood fortune, Joaquin Phoenix does not rest on its laurels
. His latest work - "The pen of the Marquis de Sade" (2000), . where Phoenix has embodied the image of the priest's black comedy "Buffalo Soldiers" (2001) directed by Gregor Jordan, . tells the story of the criminal subculture of young American soldiers in West Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall, "Signs" (2002), . "It's all about love" (2002), . which opened new facets of the actor's gift, Joaquin.,

. The only problem, torment, until recently, Joaquin, was the fact that except for pictures "Pero Marquis de Sade, he played in the main losers and bad guys
. After "To die in the name of" he said: "This role is both my best and my worst!" Will I ever get out of the way? " After immersion in criminal dope film Joaquin Jordan believes that he got. And not just to escape the eternal stigma, and went "from rags to riches". His lucky star has been and remains the role of the villain Commodus. And in the role of guardian angel-supported ring, hangs in pealnoy life on a chain, adorned with "impepatopskuyu" neck. "I found him far from his hammock when vacationing in Central America. I do not want him to lose ". Well, superstition - superstition, but the talisman until that helps.

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Rafael Joaquin Phoenix, photo, biography
Rafael Joaquin Phoenix, photo, biography Rafael Joaquin Phoenix  Actor, photo, biography
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