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Kateryna Yushchenko

( First Lady)

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Biography Kateryna Yushchenko
photo Kateryna Yushchenko
emya. Born in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Ukrainian immigrants. Her father, Michael Chumachenko, was born in 1917 in the village of Zaitsivka in the Kharkiv region in a large peasant family. He was one of the few in his family who survived the famine of 1932-33. M. Chumachenko studied electrical engineering in Lisichansk Lugansk. He served in the Red Army, fought in WWII, was captured and taken in 1942 on forced labor in Germany.

The First Lady's mother, Sofia Chumachenko, was born in 1927 in the village Litke Kiev region. At age 14, was hijacked in slavery to Nazi Germany. Catherine's parents met and married. In 1945 they had a daughter, sister Lydia E. Yushchenko. In the same year, M. Chumachenko seriously ill with tuberculosis and had treated eight years in a tuberculosis sanatorium.

In 1956 at the invitation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Chicago Chumachenko family immigrated to the U.S.. Prior to his retirement in 1984, M. Chumachenko worked as an electrician in Chicago. In 1987, he moved his family to Florida. He died in 1998 and is buried in Kiev.

Catherine met with Viktor Yushchenko in Kiev in 1993. Married in January of 1998. They have three children: Sophia, Christina and Taras.

Education. In 1982, E. Yushchenko graduated with an honors degree in diplomatic relations at Georgetown University, received a Bachelor of International Economics. In 1985, she graduated from the Ukrainian Summer Program at Harvard University. In 1986, the University of Chicago received a master's degree in Business Administration, specializing in international finance and management of public non-profit projects.

Career. Went to work as early as 15 years. To earn money for college, got a job as a waitress. Studying at university, worked as office assistant and nanny.

In 1983-1984. The First Lady was the director of the Ukrainian National Information Service. In 1984, completed a two-month internship in management at the U.S. Customs Service. While studying at the University of Chicago, worked part-time editor of the publications of the Center for the Study of Ethics and Public Policy in Washington and did an internship in the Illinois Department of Commerce.

In 1986-1988. worked as Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs. From April 1988 to January 1989. She was deputy chairman of the Office of Public Liaison at the White House. In 1989, worked in the Secretariat of the Treasury Department, and then, until May of 1991, Economist at the Joint Committee of Congress on the economy.

In 1991-93. was co-founder and vice president of the Foundation "Ukraine - United States, as well as director of the Institute Pilip Orlik. In 1993, started working in the company "KPMG Peat Marwick / Barents Group" as a consultant for Bank of educational programs and manager of the Ukrainian Division of the company. Left her job in August 2000 before the birth of her second child.

Voluntary Work. Family education and religiosity were placed to Yushchenko E. activism. While studying at school and university she was a participant in many community organizations: Children with Down syndrome has helped in sports, . a guide to historical museum, . with like-minded advocate for the release of the Soviet prisons Ukrainian dissidents,
. Actively involved in charitable events organized by the church, was a member of many organizations Ukrainian diaspora, for example, the Union of Ukrainian youth.

In 1993-1996. The First Lady was an active member of the Charity Group, which operated as part of International Women's Club of Kyiv. In 1995, co-sponsored the Ukrainian Branch of the organization "Friends of the Children", which seeks to improve the lives of orphans. It is an honorary member of the Union of Ukrainian women.

. In his public speeches Ye often stresses: "When you see people, . in need, . the first reaction should not be "Why the state does nothing to solve this problem?", . but rather "What can I do, . to help? ".,

. Attraction Ukraine
. The First Lady has always been interested in Ukrainian history, culture and politics. As a youth, attended Ukrainian, went to the Ukrainian churches, youth groups, and studied folk dance. Actively supported the Ukrainian human rights movement.

. After graduation, worked as director of the Ukrainian National Information Service, . the Washington bureau of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, . which informed the U.S. government, . American media and nongovernmental organizations about Ukraine,
. While working in the U.S. State Department helped to write the reports on human rights abuses in the Soviet Union, drew up lists of Ukrainian prisoners of conscience. Conducted research on the infringement of religious freedom in the USSR.

While working in the White House organized events for East European communities living in the U.S.. In 1991 The First Lady co-founded the Foundation "Ukraine - United States," translated laws and other documentation for the Ukrainian parliament and government, and organized study tours. In 1991 he moved to Ukraine, and in 2005 received the Ukrainian citizenship.

Current activities. As First Lady of Ukraine and the head of the supervisory board of the International Charitable Fund "Ukraine 3000" The First Lady is active in charitable, historical, and cultural activities. One of her priorities was to attract public attention to the difficult social issues: state of medical services and children's education, homelessness, and community integration of people with special needs. Purpose led her ICF "Ukraine 3000" - the revival of Ukrainian traditions of philanthropy and social responsibility.

. The fund, established in 2001, are known in Ukraine in culture, education, literature, art and sports
. Prior to the inauguration in January 2005, Acting Chairman of the Supervisory Board performed ICF Yushchenko. Then it was replaced by wife. Major Projects Fund "Ukraine 3000" - "From Hospital to Hospital", the construction of the Children's Hospital of the Future (September 2006-the first collected more than 250 mln.), The program "The Joy of Childhood - Free Movements".

. In addition, the fund supports projects that work with education, folklore, archeology, museums, music, book publishing and film
. Continue to create collection of evidence of genocide against the Ukrainian people during Holodomor of 1932-33. Involves Ukrainian society and nongovernmental organizations to the debate about the development strategy of Ukraine, in particular on education and the environment.

Interests. The First Lady likes to read and is proud of its library, which she started collecting in childhood. In addition, she, like a spouse, a passionate collector of samples of Ukrainian art and crafts (especially painting images of mother and child). He is fond of architecture and interior design. Likes to cook using recipes from various cuisines of the world.

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Kateryna Yushchenko, photo, biography
Kateryna Yushchenko, photo, biography Kateryna Yushchenko  First Lady, photo, biography
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