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Viktor Zubkov

( First Deputy Prime Minister Russia, ex-Prime Minister)

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Biography Viktor Zubkov
photo Viktor Zubkov
Runner-birth, education. Born in the village of Arbat Kushvinskogo district of Sverdlovsk region. In 1965 he graduated from the Economics Faculty of the Leningrad Agricultural Institute. Ph.D. in Economics.

Career. In 1958-1960. (before entering high school) V. Zubkov - a mechanic Monchegorskogo repair and mechanical plant mine "Nittis-Kumuzhe" combine "Severonickel (Monchegorsk Murmansk region).

From February 1967 to August 1985. (after military service) worked in the farms of the Leningrad Region at the department manager, deputy director, director, general director of state farms "May Day" (Priozersky District).

. From August 1985 to December 1991
. - Work in responsible positions in government and Party organs of the Leningrad Region: President Priozersky Mayor, . first secretary of the Priozersky Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of the Leningrad Region, . head of the department of agriculture and food industry and agricultural department of the regional party committee, . First Deputy Chairman Lenoblispolkoma.,

. Since January 1992 to November 1993
. V. Zubkov - Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations mayor of St. Petersburg (in the committee chaired by Vladimir Putin, who later became president of Russia).

. From November 1993 to July 1999, the - Deputy Director - Head of the State Tax Inspection in St. Petersburg.

. From July 1999 to November 2001
. - Deputy Minister of Russia on Taxes and Levies - Head Office of RF Ministry of Taxes and Levies (St. Petersburg).

From November 2001 to March 2004-go - First Deputy Minister of Finance, i.o. Chairman of the RF Committee for Financial Monitoring.

In March 2004, becoming the first head of the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring. September 14, 2007 President Vladimir Putin appointed Viktor Zubkov Prime Minister of Russia.

Resigned May 7, 2008 On the day of inauguration of new President Dmitry Medvedev.

On May 12, 2008 - First Deputy Prime Minister. Putin.

The views and assessment. Appointment of the head of Russia Viktor Zubkov of the Government threw most observers puzzled. In an informal race "successor to Putin, gave the palm to the two first deputy prime minister - D. Medvedev and Sergei Ivanov. Zubkov same name in the list of candidates under discussion did not appear at all.

After a sensational staffing solutions Presidential views of politicians and experts are divided. Someone once wrote a new head of government level "technical". Someone suggested that Zubkov and will thus successor, who will replace Putin at the presidential office. So, . Head of consulting corporation Novokom Aleksey Trubetskoy considered, . that person Zubkov for election promotion the most fertile in comparison with the other successors, . because he "speaks to people in plain language", . but as the head of "strict, . but fair ",
. His management style once described as harsh and unflattering to criticize subordinates.

Whatever it was, Zubkov could be considered representative of the "St. Petersburg" team captain and the person that was Putin. Almost two years of work in committee mayor of St. Petersburg under the authority of GDP has not gone unnoticed. By the way, through the same committee, under the control of Putin ran working career and the first deputy prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, and Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller.

. According to Russia's Profil magazine, three years ago, Zubkov was one of the few who was among those invited to the birthday of the President, and even participated in the ceremony, blowing the candles on the cake
. As noted NEWSru.com, . last spring in the media flashed information about, . that in 2007, Mr Zubkov will leave the post of head of Financial Monitoring in connection with the achievement of the maximum age for civil service and, . perhaps, . a place in the Federation Council,
. In fact, in the career of politics there was a qualitative leap upward

. At the October meeting with Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, . addressing the issue dvuhmilliardnogo Ukrainian gas debt, . Zubkov did not fail to utter the standard phrase about, . that the expansion of cooperation with Kiev in all areas - priority for Russia,
. But it could not resist the maxim: "If the Ukrainian side is ready to strengthen the integration of communication, we need not only assured, but only one action.

. Life has shown that Putin's successor was a younger player St. Petersburg team Dmitry Medvedev
. Putin himself from the main Kremlin office moved to a chair Zubkov at Government House. And, as confirmed forecasts Russian media, ex-president of Russia to send the retired former head of Russia's government does not intend to.

. At the last meeting of the government on May 6, summing up the seven months of work, Zubkov generally rated them positively, but noted that the task remained incomplete stabilization of food prices
. The Prime Minister also noted that the Cabinet has paid attention to the development in Russia, small and medium business. It reminded me of that great place in the government took the preparation Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Regalia. The title of "Honored Economist of the RF. "Badge of Honor" (1975), Labor Red Banner (1981), "For merits before Fatherland" IV degree (2000). Has gratitude of the President of Russia for achievements in creating a system for countering the laundering of proceeds of crime.

Family. The politician is married and has one daughter. In-law Viktor Zubkov - Anatoly Serdyukov, in February 2007 is the first post of Minister of Defense. Until then, led by the Ministry of Taxes and Duties.

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Viktor Zubkov, photo, biography
Viktor Zubkov, photo, biography Viktor Zubkov  First Deputy Prime Minister Russia, ex-Prime Minister, photo, biography
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