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Carmen Electra

( Actress)

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Biography Carmen Electra
photo Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra (Carmen Electra) was born April 20, 1972 in Tsinntsinati (Ohio, USA). Real name - Tara Patrick. His stage name chosen after the singer Prince in 1991, told her that she looks like Carmen. And really the name she found herself - on behalf of the Greek goddess.

In nine years, Carmen studied at the School of the Arts. There she learned to sing and dance. In fifteen years, Carmen has performed in Los Angeles, and 19 signed a contract with Paisley Park Records. However, despite the fact that behind it was Prince, who promotiroval her album in Rolling Stone and the program on MTV, the project ended in failure. By 1993, the history of Electra was on a typical scenario, the star that goes out, almost crimson. After a year of it already forgotten everything. But it was not there!

In 1995, Carmen again manifested itself, appearing in the show Niklodeona 'All That'. In March 1996 she posed nude for Playboy, as well as participated in the video shooting Playboy Cheerleaders. And in October the same year, Carmen chosen to replace Jenny McCarthy on the show MTV called 'Singled Out'. And after that she managed to get to the part in the 'Coast Guard' instead of Pamela Anderson.

His first step to fame Tara Patrick (so called her parents) did by winning a dance competition. Five-year girl better than spinning a Rod Stewart song "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" ( "How do you think I seksapilen?"). It seems that this song was for her fateful.

In fourth grade, Tara dreamed of Broadway. But over the years of study she was so tired of musicals that after graduation ball decided to go to Mecca of show business - Los Angeles. Pretty soon, "Young Provincial" of the early focus in the jungles of show business and began to sing in a rap group.

Once in the club, where she performed Tara, came the Prince. Pop star spotted her and asked: "I like how you look, but you know how to sing?" What a question! In general, place a backing vocalist Prince she got easily. A good start! Prince actually became a "godfather" Carmen - in fact it was he who invented it this sonorous pseudonym. Carmen passion and mystique of the Greek heroine Electra more consistent with nature, a young singer and dancer, impulsive, and definitely knows what she wants. Soon the Prince invited her to record an independent album: a sin disappear at the appearance of such secondary roles. Pop Idol even wrote a song for her "Carmen on the top.

Friendship with the Prince of pop scene immediately attracted the attention of Carmen. Her name was immediately hit in the column secular news. And what else is needed after recording the first disk? Until now, it asked about the nature of their relationship. I hear the same naive reply: "Yes, Prince was my producer. Yes, of course, we are close friends. No, it was never my lover ". However, the external data Carmen can not possibly make the audience believe in her sincerity.

When in 1996, Carmen offered to shoot for the magazine "Playboy", she agreed not to immediately. Prior to that, she allowed herself a small fotootkroveniya, but never filmed naked. After the release of the magazine with the pictures of her whole life has changed: Carmen began to learn on the streets, posters with her image sold out instantly, her photo appeared on the covers of magazines of America and Europe.

. In November the same year she was offered a try himself as the leading late-night talk show on MTV
. Carmen agreed instantly. Rating program with the advent of new leadership immediately increased

. In January 1997, followed by yet another tempting offer: the participation in the shooting of the series "Beach (Baywatch)"
. Its heroine - a young dancer who came to Los Angeles in search of happiness. History does not like? After months of doubt, Carmen Electra has signed a five-year contract for the shooting.

. Since Carmen is always something going on: she refuses lucrative contract, . then in your own birthday party splits into smithereens car and gets off a few bruises, . it appears at a dinner party in a dress, . more like a lungi,
. But the biggest scandal erupted last fall, when the actress announced her wedding (already held). This is still not tired of Hollywood gossip. Her chosen name is Dennis Rodman. Recall? 37-year-old basketball player from the NBA, star of the secular parties, who played in the movie "Colony" extravagant Assistant Van Damme, he has in each episode changed his hair color.

. Carmen and Dennis appeared together since last spring, in July last year, opened the restaurant "Planet Hollywood" in Montreal, but there were no signs even engagement
. Suddenly on November 14 they went to Las Vegas and played the wedding. But even the female half of Hollywood shed tears (after all, even Madonna was once infatuated Dennis), . and men - gnash their teeth (and for what such services Rodman acquired in his wife's beauty Carmen?), . not yet subsided discussion of unusual wedding dress (almost a form of policing the bridegroom and a dark trouser suit the bride), . as the couple have already announced a divorce! According to the lawyers of the parties, . decision was mutual and unanimous,
. The most extravagant couple of America is not the marriage lasted only ten days! Rodman asserts that "Wedding"-a spontaneous drunken prank. And in general, can the celebrity, beyond which stretches a trail of rumors and attacks, both for Rodman and Electra, seriously family life?

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Carmen Electra, photo, biography
Carmen Electra, photo, biography Carmen Electra  Actress, photo, biography
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