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Diana Spencer, Princess Diana

( Princess Diana)

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Biography Diana Spencer, Princess Diana
photo Diana Spencer, Princess Diana
Destiny Diana Spencer

Diana Frances Spencer was born July 1, 1961 in the royal possession Sendrigem in Norfolk. It was the third daughter of Viscount and Viscountess future Oltorp. Diana's father, Edward John Spencer, served at the court of King George VI. Her mother, Frances Ruth, was the daughter of Lady Fermoy, maid of honor of the Queen Mother.

Early childhood years spent in Diana Sendrigeme, where he also received primary education at home. Her first teacher was the governess, Gertrude Allen, who has taught his mother Diana. Early Childhood Diana was filled with happiness, she grew up good and sweet girl.

But in the age of six years, Diana had to face the sad side of life: her parents divorced. Later, they formalized their divorce officially, and Viscount sued in their favor custody of children. Diana internally torn between the mother and father. Subsequently, the memories of those luckless days long will reopen the soul of the girl Education Diana continued in Silfilde at a private school near Kings Lini, then in the preparatory school Ridlsuort Hall.

. In twelve years it is taken in a privileged school for girls in West Hill, Sevenoaks, Kent
. Soon Diana was a general favorite with both teachers and classmates. Although not shown much diligence to the wisdoms of science, but adored the sports games and dances. But most importantly - had already surrounding the girl began to notice a deep and rare in our times the capacity for empathy, compassion.

"Lady Diana," she began in 1975 when her father took the hereditary title of Count. During this period the family moved to the old ancestral castle Oltorp House in Nottregtonshirre.

. In the winter of 1977, shortly before leaving for training in Switzerland, sixteen Lady Diana first met Prince Charles when he arrives in Oltorp hunting
. At that time, impeccably mannered, intelligent girl, Charles seemed only a "very funny".

Once in Switzerland, Diana soon bored at home and returned to England ahead of. Together with three friends, she rented an apartment in the heart of London and began working as an assistant teacher in kindergarten "Young England" in Pimiliko.

In autumn 1980 the first rumor of her romance with the Prince of Wales. It all started with the fact that reporter.spetsializiruschiysya on coverage of private life of the royal family, Prince Charles has photographed walking on the banks of the River Dee in Balmorale in the company of a young shy girl. The attention of the world press immediately turned to this unknown person, you soon all will be called only as "shy Di". Diana suddenly felt that plunges into a kind of new life, which was previously completely unknown to her. Henceforth, it was worth it just to leave the apartment, as the round started snapping multiple cameras. And even for a small red car, wherever she went, always followed papparatsi.

One reporter managed to persuade Diana to withdraw on a sunny lawn near kindergarten. The next day appeared in the press shots, tons of it turned out that the wily photographer filmed so that the sunlight pierced the thin material of her dress, why Diana's legs were very visible. Of course, the girl was confused and upset. However, Prince Charles assured her that the photos turned out great. "I, in general, know that you have beautiful legs, - he said to Diana - but never expected that they would be so spectacular ..."

. Although now it everywhere persecuted journalists, the young Diana was with them always friendly and took insistent attention to his person with a sweet smile
. But despite the endless hail of questions, she never issued a single detail the relationship between her and the Prince of Wales. However, soon the whole world learned that these relationships have become a real love.

In February 1981, the couple met for a romantic candlelight dinner in Buckingham Palace. After dinner, Charles finally asked the girl the most important question, and Diana gave him the most important response ...

Soon all the rumors and speculation came to an end. February 24 was officially announced the engagement of Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer. The wedding was scheduled for July 29 and was to be held in St. Paul. All UK was excited about the news: it boosted the morale of the nation during a rather gloomy economic downturn. Apparently, the time for the wedding has been chosen very handy ...

. At a meeting with the press at Buckingham Palace, the bride proudly showed excellent ring, a gift from her engagement at the Prince - a stunning sapphire surrounded by fourteen diamonds
. Then Diana moved from his apartment in Clarence House, home of the Queen Mother. And preparations began for the upcoming wedding.
. Marriage Age

. Early on the morning of 28 July 1981 about 600 thousand people had lined the streets of London to welcome the wedding procession along its route from Buckingham Palace and Clarence House to St. Paul's Cathedral
. The marriage ceremony was extraordinary and, moreover, not only the British triumph: for her, watched no less than 750 million viewers worldwide.

A Clarence House in the meantime have made the final touches on hair and makeup lady Diana. Then she put on her wedding dress from Emmanuel! Fairyland garment created from forty-four yards (more than forty meters!) Silk, ivory, was decorated with thousands of pearls and gold sparkles. In accordance with good omen, the last stitches on the dress were made only when Diana was already dressed in this gorgeous dress. Person Lady Diana chastely covered the snow-white veil, and her head adorned with a tiara shines through, heirlooms kind Spencer. In order to avoid any accidents have been made two exact copies of this dress (!), But, fortunately, none of them are not needed.

At ten o'clock in the morning wedding procession moved on sunlit streets. The first drove a carriage with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and members of the royal family. Next came the groom. At Prince Charles was an officer dress uniform, rode with him his brother and best man, "Prince Andrew. Twenty-five minutes after the start of a solemn procession of Lady Diana and her father sat in the wonderful "glass coach". Enthusiastic cheers and greetings of the crowd accompanied them to the Cathedral of St. Paul. Without a few minutes to eleven the bride was brought to St. Paul's Cathedral. Diane gently out of the carriage, and finally, her stunning dress was revealed to the world. His seven-loop held three bridesmaids. Diana and her proud, but somewhat embarrassed by his father slowly marched to the altar, where the expected narrowing of its Prince Charles.

Wedding ceremony held Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie. Answers groom and bride - "I agree", and "I agree", reinforced by speakers, heard far outside the cathedral.

. In an open landau newlyweds went back to Buckingham Palace, and the sea around them swayed the British flags raised in greeting thousands of people.

. At the palace, everything was ready for the traditional photography to remember, which was led by the famous photographer - Lord Patrick Lichfield, a cousin of the Queen
. He made wonderful photos soon went around the world.

Accompanied by members of the royal family a happy couple appeared on the balcony. As soon as they retreat into the house as they returned the enthusiastic cries of people. When the couple appeared on the balcony for the fourth time, the crowd began to chant: "Kiss her!.. Kiss her! ".." Subsequently, Archbishop Runcie said about this exciting moments: "It is from these events and created a fairy tale."

The afternoon, after the wedding breakfast, Charles and Diana left Buckingham Palace in the direction of Waterloo. Of course, as required by tradition, "pal" the groom and his brother, Prince Andrew had to "spoil" landau. They really dotted circles with his humorous inscription inside: "Hurray, got married!" At Waterloo the couple sat in the royal train, heading for the Brondlands, Hampshire, where he was to begin their honeymoon.
. Honeymoon on the Royal and the new role of Diana

. On the morning of August 1, 1981 the happy couple left the estate Brodlande Airport Eastleigh
. From there, on board the Royal Air Force, who piloted the Prince Charles, they flew to Gibraltar.

It seemed the entire population of this tiny British territory on the Iberian Peninsula came to greet Charles and Diana. Their was driven in an open car up to the harbor where they boarded the luxury of the royal yacht Britannia. The route ran through the picturesque yacht greek island, and then the anchor was cast in Port Siad, where the newlyweds officially welcomed the then President Sadat of Egypt. After a short cruise on the Red Sea, Charles and Diana flew from Hurghada in Lossiemouth in Scotland, and from there got to Balmoral, where they awaited the royal family.

. A few days later a happy young couple posing for the cameras at the bank of the River Dee - just a few steps from the same place where last summer they were first able to track down the reporter.

. The first official visit of Prince Charles and his young wife in the country has started to cover their possessions - Wales
. In three days the prince and princess had eighteen meetings! The first day of their itinerary includes Kernarfon Castle, where Prince Charles, twelve years ago, was formally given the title of Prince of Wales. On the third day of the trip to Wales, Diana was awarded the title "Freedom of the City of Cardiff". In gratitude for her after she uttered her first public speech, part of which was on uelskom dialect. Diana said she felt pride in the fact that the princess is such a wonderful country. Later, Diana confessed that the fear and embarrassment she had felt before this visit and his first public appearance, but that this trip was a real triumph of Diana and served as the springboard of its kind in the future.
. Diana becomes a mother

. During his visit to Wales in October 1981, Prince and Princess visited the maternity ward "Linipiya Hospital" in the Rhonda Valley
. One of the mums asked Diana if she is not going to be a mother too. The answer to this question was only an enigmatic smile "shy Di".

. And just a few days after this conversation, Buckingham Palace officially declared the, . that the princess is waiting for first-born Charles had taken his wife to the hospital of St. Mary in Padingtoneyu and July 21, 1982 at half past four in the morning light appeared at the Prince William of Wales, . future king,
. The next day, when the closest member of the royal family visited maternal and neonatal, Diana surprised by all that has decided to leave the hospital. Still a bit pale but glowing maternal happiness, Diana with her husband appeared before reporters, holding the hands of the little prince.

The child was baptized on 4 August and gave him the name of Arthur Philip Louis. Liturgy in the Music Hall of Buckingham Palace, the Archbishop of Canterbury himself has. During the subsequent photographing baby William has demonstrated the full power of their lungs and vocal cords.

Diana literally blossomed in her motherhood. Not wanting to part with her son, even for a short time, the Princess insisted that she and Charles took with them a little William on a trip to Australia and New Zealand in March 1983. On that trip, Diana once again able to see how great was the people's trust to her. In Australia and New Zealand, people just adored her. Prince Charles began to realize that willy-nilly is in the background and even tried to gently joke about the situation. But wherever he appeared, the pair repeated the same thing: Diana has always been "the highlight of the program."

In February 1984, Buckingham Palace officially declared the that the prince and princess expecting their second child. The boy, who was born Sept. 15, 1984, named Henry Charles Albert David. In the future it will be known as Prince Harry. The second time, Diana was leaving the maternity ward full of happiness and again with the little prince in his arms. Sentimentality journalists, even called it then "the ideal of motherhood."

. Realizing the inevitability of the annoying press attention, which will test the young princes in the future, Charles and Diana decided to protect them from this, as far as possible
. That parents succeed. Despite the fact that William and Harry are accustomed to order and royal protocol, instilling a feeling of "members of the royal family", when the boys were shown in public, it behaved quite freely and naturally. This should be attributed to the soft-power of Diana. She herself grew up in single-parent family and, of course, doing its utmost to protect their boys, surround them with love and understanding.

From the beginning, she tried to have her children lived as simple as possible, normal life. When we were talking about primary education in sons, Diana opposed to William and Harry were educated in the closed world of the royal house and they began to attend pre-school classes and regular school. On vacation Diana allowed her boys to wear jeans, athletic pants and shirts. They ate hamburgers and popcorn, went to the cinema and attractions, where princes were in general turn to their peers. Later, she introduced William and Harry with their work in the field of charity and going to meetings with patients in hospitals or homeless, often took the children with him.

. The positive impact of Diana, as expressed in its quest for the sons of a normal childhood, and knowledge zhieni, gave them a great positive momentum for the future
. Now William was nineteen, and Harry - Seventeen. At the funeral of Diana's two boys behaved with quiet dignity of men. Their late mother, no doubt, would be proud of them, in that sad day, among many other mourning, many remember the wreath, leaning against the coffin. It was a card with one word: "Mama."
The mission of the Princess

During his appearances in public, Diana, when it was possible, ostanavlialas to talk with people and hear their. She could not speak freely with representatives of different social strata, political parties, religious movements. With unerring instinct she always noticed the very people who most needed her attention. Diana has used this gift, as well as the increasing importance as a figure of world scale, in its charitable activities. It is this aspect of her life gradually became her true calling.

. Diana personally involved in the transfer of donations to the Fund for AIDS Relief, the Royal Mardsen Fund, the mission of leprosy, a children's hospital "Great Ormonnd Street Hospital", "Sentropoynt, English National Ballet.

. Her last mission was the work of ridding the world of landmines
. Diana has traveled many countries, from Angola to Bosnia, to witness the most horrific consequences of these terrible weapons.

. In his eulogy at the funeral of Diana by her brother, . Earl Spencer, . praised her charity work: "Without your God-given compassion, we may be blind and deaf to AIDS, . the suffering of homeless, . to the isolation of leprosy patients, . to unpredictable explosions of mines. ",

. Diana truly was the People's Princess, and because people loved her.
. Tragic death

. In the early 90-ies among the most famous couples in the world grew a blank wall of incomprehension
. In 1992, the tension in their relationship reached its climax, Diana began to suffer from depression and bouts of bulimia (morbid hunger). Soon after Prime Minister John Major announced the decision of the Prince and Princess of Wales to leave and lead separate lives. On divorce, it did not then walked, but next year we held the first of the sensational interview that shook Britain - Prince Charles was then recognized as the leading Jonathan Dimbleby that he had been unfaithful to Diana.

. In December 1994, Diana announced that it intends to focus on his personal life, and therefore drastically reduces their official functions
. In one of his appeals to his compatriots, she said: "I hope that you will understand me and give a breathing space in which I so needed in recent years. Your kindness and compassion to help me survive the most difficult periods in my life, your care and love has always facilitated my way. And so I thank you with all my heart, "Despite the fact that the number of public events and performances are now reduced, Diana has continued with the same energy to engage in charity.

. In November 1995, Diana has appeared in the popular TV program "Panorama", giving a stunning TV interview of its leading Martin Beshiru
. British literally "stuck" to their television screens, when Diana with pain in his heart he explained his view on the most sensational story of this decade. Speaking of marriage, she called it "a fairy tale that everyone wanted to see in front of him," I am very fond of her husband, wanted to share everything with him and thought we were with him - one team ". Then, . hinting at the relationship of Prince Charles with Camilla Parker-Bowles, . Diana said: "But we are in this marriage there were three, . so there was not enough room, "Martin Beshir Asked about her plans for the future Diana replied:" I would like to become ambassador, to represent our country to the world, I think, . British people need someone from public figures, . WMD could give their sympathies, I would like to become the queen of hearts, . but I can not imagine myself the queen of this country. ",

. These words, especially in light of the earlier Prince Charles made a confession, already it was impossible to ignore
. Soon Queen Elizabeth encouraged spouses to divorce. Divorce was formalized in the following summer. For Diana kept the title Princess of Wales, but now she was not "Her Royal Highness". Despite this, the interest in Diana did not pick up, on the contrary, the public showed more attention to the proud Lady Di.

. Reporters continued to seek to penetrate the privacy of Princess, . especially after the summer of 1997 has made public her romantic relationship with Dodi Al-Fayed, . sorokaodnoletnim son of the Arab millionaire Mohammed Al-Fayed, . the owner of luxury hotels,
. The fact that Dodi was also divorced and had a reputation as a secular tape, the more intensified the interest in him from the press. Diana and Dodi had known for several years, but only became close in 1997. In July, they spent the holidays in St Tropez with Diana's sons - Princes William and Harry. The boys got along well with the benevolent master of the house. Later, Diana and Dodi met in London and then went on a cruise in the Mediterranean aboard a luxury yacht Dzhonikal ". By the end of August "Dzhonikal" went to Portofino in Italy, then sailed to Sardinia. August 30, Saturday, a loving couple went to Paris. The next day, Diana was to fly to London to meet with his sons in the last day of their summer vacation.

On Saturday evening, Diana and Dodi decided to have dinner in the hotel restaurant, Ritz, owned by Dodi. In order not to attract the attention of other visitors, they secluded themselves in a private room, where, as later reported, exchanged gifts: Diana gave Dodi cufflinks, and he her - a diamond ring. In the first hour of the night they gathered to go to Dodi's apartment on the Champs-Elysees. Wanting to avoid a meeting with papparatsi, crowding at the main entrance, they left the hotel through the service exit. There they sat in a Mercedes S-280, accompanied by a bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones and driver Henri Paul. Details of what happened a few minutes later, still not clear, but the awful truth is that three of the four killed in accident in an underground tunnel under the square Delalma. Princess Diana was not easily able to extract from the crumpled car, after which she was immediately sent to the hospital "Petey Salptrrier". Doctors fight for her life was fruitless.
Farewell to Diana

It seemed that it was a bad dream, but unfortunately, it was the truth ... On Sunday evening, Prince Charles, along with Diana's sisters, who accompanied the body of Diana in Paris at the military airfield Nortolt in west London.

. By that time mourning crowds of people already carrying flowers and wreaths to the gates of Buckingham Palace and Kensigtonskogo
. For several days, these signs of grief, gathered in large numbers, form a kind of memorial, scented with bitter. In St. James's Palace, where Diana's body lay, was billed on the five books of condolence for the people queued up to express their feelings of sorrow. For several days the number of such books has grown to forty-three.

Members of the royal family remained in Balmorale until Thursday. They tried to come to terms with the tragedy and comfort the young princes. Night before the funeral of three of Prince Charles, William and Harry, finally appeared in front of Kensington Palace. In the evening Her Majesty the Queen addressed the nation on live TV. She spoke about the grief of the royal family, which lost Diana, calling her "an exceptional and gifted human being". "She is in good and bad times never lost his optimism and his smile and never tired inspire other people with his warmth and kindness."

. On Friday evening, at sunset, Diana's coffin was transported from the Saint-James's Palace to Kensington Palace, where the next day was to begin the funeral procession.

. By the morning of Sept. 6 over a million people lined up along the route of the funeral procession - from Kensington Palace to Vestmnisterskogo Abbey, where every minute funeral marked a sad and solemn bell stroke
. In Bekingemskoi palace of the Queen and other members of the royal family stood with his head in silence, when the coffin of Diana flew past them at the ceremonial gun carriage Cannon. In St. James's Palace for the cannon gun carriage stood Prince William and Prince Harry. Beside them were Prince Charles, Prince Philip and Earl Spencer. At the same time to the motorcade joined 500 representatives of those organizations that Diana has provided charitable assistance.

. When the Queen left for Westminster Abbey, the Royal Standard over Buckingham Palace replaced the British flag at half-mast half-mast
. This unprecedented symbolic gesture was greatly appreciated by all who watched the funeral.

Funeral liturgy, which was conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, was extremely touching. Sisters Diana and Prime Minister Tony Blair, pronounced the funeral oration. Elton John performed his famous song "Candle in the Wind", . but now it began with these words: "Farewell, . Rose of England, . may you be forever bloom in our hearts, "then sounded about Diana's brother Earl Spencer, . who called Diana "the ideal of compassion, . debt and beauty ",
. "She produced a very special people, the good, magic effects, and for this she did not need a royal title," - said the count. He recalled the happy days of their childhood, spoke of the last meeting with my sister about what a fragile and vulnerable it seemed to him then. "I am proud that I have the right to call himself her brother. At no one looked like, complex, extraordinary and irreplaceable Diana, whose beauty - vutrennyaya and external - will forever remain in our memory ". Diana went to her final journey to the patrimony Oltorp House. There, she was buried on a small island in the middle of a calm lake.
Stars sing her name

In the days following the funeral, the British were still trying to come to terms with the idea of resignation of Diana, Princess of Wales. Many people now ask themselves why they are so deeply touched by her untimely death. Perhaps in part a response can be found in its wide popularity. After all, despite the, . that most of us have not met her in real life, . Diana nevertheless become for many a good friend, . entering the house with the TV screens, . from the pages of newspapers and magazines, . Diana's life was a constant topic of conversation and everyone has their minds about her.,

. Sometimes, her actions seemed very strange and even frivolous, sometimes, by contrast, were very deep and serious
. But most importantly - Diana has always been humanity! The strength of her personal charisma was such that we felt like we really familiar with her. We will always remember that creative energy, which she so generously gave the world, all the good that she could make in their short lives.

. Its mere presence among the members of the British royal family has opened up new prospects of the monarchic institution authorities
. As Queen Elizabeth said in her address to the nation during the funeral of Diana, "I am firmly convinced that out of her life lessons to be drawn, as well as from the extraordinary and moving reaction of people to her death."

. Future King of England, Prince William like his deceased mother as two drops of water
. It is difficult to overestimate the profound and positive impact on the character of Diana's that young man. Most likely he will inherit a soft, careful and humane philosophy of life of Diana.

Before the funeral was set up memorial fund for Diana, Princess of Wales. People began to make their donations to go there almost immediately and over time the Fund will undoubtedly be one of the most effective institutions of this kind. Memorial Fund will continue the noble work, which the princess was engaged in life.

. Later it became known that before the death of Diana, Prime Minister Tony Blair seriously considered the possibility that Diana will become an official Goodwill Ambassador for the UK
. Now we wonder what kind of incredible success would have expected it in this role. Yes, it was like said her brother, neither of whom did not like, complex, extraordinary and irreplaceable.

Very high in the heavens, the stars are singing her name: "Diana".

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Diana Spencer, Princess Diana, photo, biography
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