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Snatkina Anna A.

( Actress)

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Biography Snatkina Anna A.
photo Snatkina Anna A.
Full name: Snatkina Anna A.
Date of Birth: July 13, 1983.
Place of Birth: r. Moscow, Russia.
Height: 167 cm.
Weight: 51 kg.
Age: 24
Sign zadiaka: Cancer
Education: VGIK, Acting Department.
Filmography: "Doomed to be a star", "Yesenin", "Moscow Saga", "Land," "I'm not coming back", "Unexpected Joy", "Snow Maiden for adults", "Tatyana's Day", "Pushkin. Last Duel "and others.
Languages: Russian (native), English, French - in the learning process.
Hobbies: travel, fitness, shooting, vocals.
Favorite food: Shrimp.
Home pet: guinea pig.
Favorite poets: Pushkin, Yesenin Zabolotskii.
Favorite actress: Ludmila Gurchenko, Inna Churikova, Victoria Tolstoganova.
Favorite movie: "Gone with the Wind
Creativity: Pishit poems and songs, sings sama.V series 'I'm not coming back' sound like a few songs in her performance. And the first song she wrote at 16 years, dedicating it to his first love.
Her motto: "The key to success - work and belief in yourself".

Biography of Anna Snatkina
Young athlete

Anna Snatkina was born in Moscow in a family of aircraft manufacturers. Mom and Dad Ani graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute, as once her grandfather and grandmother. Pope is one of the chief designers of the aircraft 'Buran', and my mother now teaches in the same MAI.

In four years my parents sent Anya in section gymnastics, then she moved to a section of sports aerobics. In total, sport was given 13 years. Over the years, Anna Snatkina has achieved good results - she holds the first adult level in gymnastics.

Parents were confident that her daughter after school he entered the gym at the Institute for coach (she by this time was already a document confirming the right to conduct aerobics classes). However, Anna has decided otherwise:

Implementation of the Children's dreams

Passion for gymnastics did not stop Anna Snatkina think about other professions. The dream of becoming an actress first appeared, the girl still in the 2 nd grade, when she saw the film "The Bodyguard" with Whitney Houston. As recognized by Anna, then the picture has made an enormous impression on her. And finally connect his life with the actor's craft, Anna decided in Grade 8. Parents choose the daughter shocked, but they did not interfere.

Anna says: 'I began intensively to prepare for entrance to university theater. I sat in the library and read who the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, what is the system of Stanislavsky, studied the history of the theater: "In grade 10 she enrolled in courses at Schukinskaya school, then courses in VGIK.

After school, in 2001, Anna Snatkina documents filed several universities: MAT, GITIS and VGIK. Luck smiled at her in the Moscow Art Theater and VGIK. She chose the latter, because, in her confession, her film is closer than the theater.

VGIK. Film debut

As you know, for a student stipend is not particularly razzhiveshsya, here and accounted Anne Snatkina first time to seek ways to supplement their modest budget. First a fee (300 rubles), she was posing for the covers of Ladies' novels. She also had the opportunity to trade on the 'Gorbushka' tapes. Fortunately, soon the situation changed.

Unlike many theater universities, VGIK students are not forbidden to act in films. One of the teachers, outstanding actor Vitaly Solomin had even noticed that currently is available only on the set. So Anna Snatkina already in my second year was invited to the Firs Gradova role in TV series 'Moscow Saga'. Work on the television series lasted almost three years. Simultaneously, in 2003 she starred as Nina Stasovoy in the popular TV series 'plot'.

Stars Series

The broad appeal of Anna Snatkina came in 2005. Then the screens went several TV series, where she played leading roles. The greatest success came in the TV series 'Doomed to be a star', where the actress played Zhenya Azarin. In order to have approved it, Anna had to take a hard casting - for this role claimed about 200 girls. Anna recognizes that very much wanted to play this particular role, although the creators of the series had doubts about this. For example, it tried for the role of Natasha. However, Anna stood firmly on his, - only Zhenya! As a result, the actress adopted, and soon, this role has glorified it in the whole country.

Also in 2005, Anna Snatkina starred in serials: 'Call' (Katya), 'Airport' (Masha Snegiryov), 'soldier' (Victoria Warsaw), 'I'm not coming back' (twin sister, Katya and Masha).

The role of Masha in the series 'I will not return' Anna believes one of the most difficult of those that she had occasion to play. In the story her character suffers from a severe form of epilepsy. To give realistic heroine Anna specifically on duty at the hospital, watching the patients of this disease.

Shooting, shooting, shooting: Anna both had to be removed in several serials! Two days in the capital, then the plane to Rostov. In seven ended in shooting, . and at nine she was already a plane, . and yet still needed for traffic jams to get to the airport! Anna Snatkina recalls, . that Masha, . her younger sister, . seeing her monstrous load, . even changed my mind to enter the theater: 'I'm not an idiot, . work all day! ", . and eventually entered into a police college,

With many actors, who starred with her in the series, Anna Snatkina formed warm, friendly relations. But Sergei Bezrukov even contributed to the fact that Anna took the small role of Princess Tatiana's sensational series 'Yesenin', where he played a major role.

Natalia Goncharova

Anna Snatkina not afraid to label a soap actress. 'Participation in the series - some experience. If the series is a kind of development role, you can make something of his character, and if it is still good at it, I think there is nothing to be ashamed of '- she says. Moreover, in her luggage is the role and the 'big' movie. One of these - Natalia Goncharova in the film directed by Natalya Bondarchuk 'duel and the death of Pushkin'.

It so happened that about Natalia Goncharova Anna Snatkina knew a lot. As already mentioned, my mother Anne worked in the MAI, as the institute belonged Goncharovs mansion in the village Yaropolets. Together with her mother, Anna went there several times under permits from early childhood absorbing the air of Russian History. Later, she read a lot of books about this amazing woman, was in many museums and dreamed that someday play Natalia Goncharova.

Her dream came true, when Anna was in my third year GITIS. A young actress was invited by actor's agency, where she then had a record. According to Natalia Bondarchuk, Anna is very similar to Goncharova. However, for this role, the actress had still some fine-tune your appearance - to grow hair, lose weight at 10 kilograms and tighten the waist.

Initially this project was planned as a series. But then Natalia pondering to rent a great movie, full-length film on the film. Work on the painting was delayed for several years and was completed in 2006.

Currently, Anna Snatkina widely demanded an actress, she has great creative plans. As for personal life, she does not like to spread.

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  • Anya Hi, my name is Oksana, I from the Perm region (s.Yukseevo - nomadic). You just п?п·п?п·п?п•пі! Good girl! I am very happy for you, Anya! "Dare!" You get everything perfect! Good luck to you all! Utroksana @ yandex . ru
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    Snatkina Anna A., photo, biography
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