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( Swedish singer)

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Biography Carola
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Famous Swedish singer Carola (Carola Maria Haggkvist) was born on 08.09.1966 in Stockholm. It first appeared on television in 1977, when he won in the children's talent show. From 1979 to 1982, Karol studied in the musical academy of Adolf Fredrik (Adolf Fredrik) in Stockholm. In 1982 it opened a "Bert Karlsson, president of the record company Mariann Records, and invited her to participate in Melodifestivalen, the Swedish qualifying round of the contest" Eurovision ", but she refused. But a year later Carola agreed to speak at Melodifestivalen with the song "Framling". Since February 26, 1983 was born a new star: Carola won the Swedish qualifying round of the contest "Eurovision" with the song "Framling", received the maximum score of each member of the jury, which had never happened in the history of the competition. Then in April she went to Munich (Germany) on festival "Eurovision" and took the third place there. The song "Framling" in the end was? 5 in Sweden and was also released in Britain, Germany and Denmark; another single "Hunger" (1983) has been in Sweden? 3. Debut album Karol "Framling" was sold in quantities of over 1 million. copies, and for him the singer was awarded its first major awards Golden Ampex Reel Award. This record is kept up to date: "Framling" for more than 20 years of age in Sweden is the most well-selling album!

The first round Karol was one of the most successful. In 23 Swedish cities from 26, she set new records for ticket sales at their concerts, all her concerts attended by over 220 thousand visitors. Several issued by it from 1983 to 1984 album also had good sales. Album "Steg for steg" (1984) was recorded with the participation of well-known Swedish composers and producers Anders Glenmark (group "Gemini"). The single "Julefrig med Carola" (1984) has been in Sweden? 8. Since 1985, Carola began working with the brothers Gibb of the Australian band "Bee Gees". A year later they released the double-platinum album "Runaway" (1986), which was sold in the amount of 230 thousand copies in Sweden; single "The runaway" has been in Sweden? 3. After this album, Carola at the time went from pop music and made a missionary tour with Swedish pianist Per-Erik Hallin, releasing a live album, "Carola & Per-Erik Hallin i Rattviks Kyrka" (1987).

. In 1990, Carola again participated in the Swedish selection round "Eurovision" with the song "Mitt i ett aventyr", but took second place, in the Swedish charts, this song was? 5
. The next year it was waiting for a big success: Carola won not only Melodifestivalen, . but also at the international competition "Eurovision" in Rome (Italy) with the song "Fangad av en stormvind"! 23 thousand tickets were sold to only one of its first concert in Gothenburg, . which inaugurated its next round, . and the total number sold in 1991, tickets were not less, . than the well-known international stars such as "U2", . "Rolling Stones" or Bruce Springsteen,
. In late 1991, Carola has released a new Christmas album "Jul". In 1992 she became the first Scandinavian pop stars, who went to China and released there the records. The following year, 10 years after his first victory, Carola has released an album a revelation "My Tribute" (1993), which was released in Scandinavia, and even 12 countries. For this album Carola was awarded the title "Gospel Artist of Year" in Holland. Then came a new, more rock album "Personligt", - the first album where Karol was a songwriter.

In 1995, Carola made her debut on stage in the musical "The Sound Of Music" in Stockholm, playing the title role of Mary. Later, for this role, she was awarded the prize Guldmasken Award for best actress, who played her. In 1998, she recorded the album "Blott en dag", in which the psalms were written by Lina Sandell. In 1999, Karol went to Bethlehem and they recorded a Christmas album "Jul i Betlehem", who took in the year in the first place in sales. This album is found in Sweden, a rabid popularity that is still under every Christmas he again and again is in the Swedish charts. Then, in 2001 Carola-record of children's songs "Sov pa min arm".

Finally, in 2001 the album "My Show" Karol is back to pop music. Carola was a sponsor of most songs of this album, it worked with such composers as Burt Bacharach and the brothers Gibb. The single "I Belive In Love" (2002) became a major hit on the Swedish dance floors. Then Carola performs the song "Saknar" a duet with Anders Glenmark, which was included in his album "Alla dessa bilder" (2002). But Karol does not leave the stage and in the same year, successfully debuted in the musical "Les Miserables".

. In 2003, the singer has celebrated 20 years of his career double-platinum compilation "Guld platina och passion - Det basta med Carola", . made a new summer tour, . released a concert DVD-ROM "Jubileumsshowen" and a 4-CD-disk collections "Guld platina och passion - Det mesta med Carola",
. The new song "Nar loven faller" ( "Autumn Leaves") became a major hit in the Swedish charts. This song was originally written for another Melodifestivalen, but was disqualified. In 2005 Carola again participate in Melodifestivalen with the single "Genom allt", which although not included in the prize ten, but became a major radio hit in Sweden. Huge collection of gold and platinum discs Karol reflects her talent and hard work. What would she not run - pop songs, hymns, folk songs and arias from musicals - she is always at altitude.

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Carola, photo, biography
Carola, photo, biography Carola  Swedish singer, photo, biography
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