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Araceli Gonzalez

( Actress)

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Biography Araceli Gonzalez
photo Araceli Gonzalez
A chilly morning of June 19, 1967 in Buenos Aires was born Araceli Edith Gonzalez.
The first years of her life she spent in the house in Villa Lugano, in the two years she entered the garden. Meanwhile, the mother Araceli raise her brother Adrian. In school, Sagrada Familia, she experienced the first joy of a live audience, during a dance contest in the theater El Globo. In 1974, Aracely survived the attack that she remembered all his life, his mother and father separated. Mother and children moved to Haedo.

After primary school, his family moved to the Ramos Mejц-a where she continues to receive education in college Eucarnistico de Haedo. In fifteen years Ary aunt introduced her to designer Daniel Desio, so she became a model. In fact, in 1985 she became the advertising face of the company Spite, and thanks to an article in the journal "Seven days" everyone would know her as the girl came down from heaven ", at the time she spent time with her friends in the disco Crash and ForExport. By 1986, she participated in many promotional companies, Adidas, Christian Dior. In 1987, she fell in love with Ruben Torrente which encourages her to lead a program Onda verde (Green Wave). In 1988, 19 February, they Zhenya, and Aug. 19 is born the first daughter Florencia. In the same year she went to Spain to advertise different products for all of Europe. Returning to Argentina, she became the most well known girl with short hair, she on the covers of all magazines.

With his brother, it creates a company producing clothing by Aracoeli jeans.
In 1990, participating in the advertising firm jeans By Deep, she attracts the attention of Canal 13 and she was offered the role in the series La Banda del Golden Rocket (With Golden Rocket) (1991).
In 1991, Ara divorce from her husband and fighting in court for his daughter. Meanwhile, she starts a romance with Adrian Suar. In 1994, she appeared on the series Nano in place with Gustavo Bermudasom. For this role, it receives its first award. On the crest of success she Bermudasom removed in the series Sheik (Sheik) (1995), but the series was not a success. Exchanging partner Osvaldo Laport, she appeared on the series Elultimo verano (Last Summer) (1996). After playing in theatrical Y las serenas cantan: (And sirens sing:) (1997), together with Rodolfo Bedonia. After the success in the theater, she appeared on the series Carola Cassini (1997) Agency Pol Ka. October 18, 1997 she married an old friend Adrian Suar. Later, her second child was born - Thomas.

In mid-January 1999 Araceli in films Alma Mia (My soul) (1999), together with Pablo Echarri. The film is waiting for a huge success: 800000 visitors. This is the first Argentine film vypushenny on DVD. After shooting Araceli took up his advertising company and raising a son. In 1999, together with Julian Weich (Julian Vayh), it is an entertainment program Ford Boyard, which was withdrawn in France. It captured 14 of the Program. In 2000, she refused to participate in the program for the shootings in his new project Primicias.

TV Shows:
"La banda del Golden Rocket"
"Nano" 1991
"Sheik" in 1994
"El ultimo verano" 1995
"Carola Casini" 1997
"Primicias" 2000

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Araceli Gonzalez, photo, biography
Araceli Gonzalez, photo, biography Araceli Gonzalez  Actress, photo, biography
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