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Stig Anderson

( Poet)

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Biography Stig Anderson
Stig's mother worked at many jobs, was a seamstress, parihmahershey, owned a kiosk. Father, he had never seen. In 13 years, Stig left school and went to work in a grocery store peddler. He also worked in a local soccer team players Chinyayev boots, his mother washed his clothes, and kept near the stadium in which a small stall selling lemonade during football matches.

. Podnakopili little money, he bought a guitar and soon was playing in a local orchestra
. At age 16 began writing songs in his life composed of more than 3000. In 1948 he enrolled in the School of Music. In 1951, the call goes to the army and after demobilization is studying for a teacher and in 1957 received a diploma. Working teacher of chemistry and mathematics at school, he did not stop writing songs and few of them become hits. His first success was a song written by his own hand you still love me Klas-Goran? (Are You In Love With Me, Klaus Goran?) Performed by Swedish singer Lill-Babs (Barbra Swanson) in 1960.
. Path to Success

. In 1960, Anderson and his constant kompanenom founded the music publishing Sweden Music, later Polar Music (1963), and in 1989 Polar Music Prize Award
. In late 1960 he was head of the company which could reveal their talent Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, who were the authors of most songs, and members of the group ABBA. They began working together after Anderson was manager in the group Hootenanny Singers. Later in 1972 he became manager of Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha in 1976 Faltskog. Although Agneta until 1975 under a contract to work more with CUPOL / CBS Records.

In the early formative years of the group Abba Stig was co-author of many songs. In the 60's - 70's, the company POLAR MUSIC published a great number of Swedish artists, but the most successful in Sweden and all over the world has been a vocal-instrumental group ABBA.

Stig was one of the central figures in the group ABBA. He was involved in all financial matters, and manages an investment fund, which managed all of the income group members.

. By the mid-80's case the company went not so successful due to poor management of financial assets, low-quality investment, high taxes and increasing loan rates
. Teamwork 3 out of 4 members of the group with the Stig was completed after it was discovered that the Stig took away a percentage of profits for many years in the amount of 4,5 million euros. The lawsuit against him was filed in U.S. District Court in Stockholm in June 1990 from the company's Agnetha Faltskog Agnetha Fцєltskog Produktion AB, Benny Andersson's company Mono Music AB and a German company which protects the rights Bjorn Ulvaeus. Frida in 1982 withdrew their capital abroad. As a result of the trial a settlement was reached in July 1991.

In 1989, Stig established music award Polar Music Prize. The following year, shortly before he was seized for payment of royalties from ABBA members of the group, he sold his record company Polar Music company PolyGram, with all rights to the ABBA brand for an undisclosed amount. Previously, he sold the rights to release ABBA album to other companies as a way to get more income. In 1998, PolyGram was sold to the company Universal Music, which is now one of the 4 most major record labels in the world. These companies currently have the right of all ABBA records.

. Stig's daughter Marie Ledin which is the wife of a famous Swedish singer and songwriter Tomas Ledin has established a new successful record labels in the mid 80s 'Record Station' (bought in the mid-90's Germany by BMG)
. In 1996, Mary founded the music publishing Anderson Records. The first album released under the name of the publishing house was Djupa andetag. The first 12 years of Frida's solo record, one member of the famous Swedish quartet. In 2006, Marie changed the form of a publishing house with the music to the book.

Stig was married to Gudrun Anderson and also had 2 sons, Anders and Lase

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Stig Anderson, photo, biography
Stig Anderson, photo, biography Stig Anderson  Poet, photo, biography
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