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Singers Hootenanny

( Swedish folk group)

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Biography Singers Hootenanny
In 1961, when Bjorn and his friend Tony joined the group she was still called 'Mackie's Skiffle Group' later changed its name to 'Partners'.. The Group has established two school friend Hansi Schwarz and Johan Karlberg. The boys were at school parties, participated in music competitions and traveled through Europe on the old 'Volvo' giving in the streets to make some money.

Then the team included Hansi Schwarz (it. Hansi Schwarz), Johan Karlberg (Swede. Johan Karlberg), Hakan Wen (Swede. Hakan Hven), Tony and Bjorn. In September 1963 the musicians performed at the radio city NorrkцІping.

In 1962 the band changed the style of music to folk and at the same time and the name of 'West Bay Singers'. In 1963, the mother Bjorn Aina invited them to participate in a national competition for talent''Plats pц? scen 'conducted by the Swedish Radio. They drew attention Bengt Bernhaga and his partner, Stig Anderson owners of the newly established record company 'Polar Music'. Bengt contact with the musicians and asked to send records to listen to. The result exceeded all expectations. This was exactly what was searched and Bengt Stig Anderson. Stig persuaded the musicians to change their name to 'Hootenanny Singers' and go to the next contest with a song in Swedish. In those years in Sweden, most of the songs in the contest was in English. This strategy proved to be true, 'Hootenanny Singers' won the competition. And the song 'Jag vцєnter vid min mila' single was released first hit Polar Music and the Hootenanny Singers. From 1964 to 1974 'Hootenanny Singers' recorded and released 16 albums and compilations.


The spring of 1964 all the group members have passed the final exams at school. It is time to become professional musicians. This year has brought them success in the form of a hit 'Gabrielle' and by the end of the year they are becoming one of the most famous artists in Sweden. They carried out their first tour with concerts and released 2 albums entitled simply 'Hootenanny Singers'. In 1965 he released the album 'Hootenanny Singer sjunger Evert Taube' dedicated to the Swedish poet, songwriter Evertu Taube. But they once again wants to change the style of music instead of folk and pop music to sing. Especially wanted Bjorn.

Their music is becoming less relevant to the American style 'hootenanny' and more inclined to British folk style and the Beatles. Their second album in the same year,''International''to contain the 2 songs written by Bjorn 'No time' and 'Time to move along'. The album reached the first places in the rankings.

Between 1964 and 1966 the band released several singles abroad in England, Finland, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy. One album was released even in the U.S.. Their albums were not very successful, but their song 'No time' became a hit in South Africa. One of the other songs written by Bjorn 'Baby those are the rules' reached number one in the charts in Sweden and was released abroad. In the Netherlands, they released the disc in the song 'Gabrielle' on one side and on another song 'Jag vцєnter vid min mila'. Released in autumn 1966 album Mц?nga ansikten was the last attempt to work in pop music. On the side of a plate all the songs were in Swedish, but on the side B was recorded songs in English in pop. The song 'Marianne' by A was their second hit in that year.

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    Singers Hootenanny, photo, biography
    Singers Hootenanny, photo, biography Singers Hootenanny  Swedish folk group, photo, biography
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