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Ulveys Bjorn

( Musician)

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Biography Ulveys Bjorn
Ulveys Bjorn (Bjorn Ulvaeus) was born on 25 April 1945., In Gothenburg (Sweden), where his father owned a shipyard in the north of the city. "He went bankrupt when I was six," - says musician. - "I took it was a paper factory in Vastervik, a small coastal town of three hundred kilometers south of Stockholm. My uncle invited my father work, and we moved to Vastervik ". Bjorn's interest in music arose as many others, when the radio began to turn the songs of Elvis Presley and other rock and roll such as Little Richardovskoy "Tutti-Frutti".

. Together with his cousin Joan Ulfsaterom, who was a year older, Bjorn started playing Skiffle
. Parents held the interest of the boy, buying him a guitar at dvenadtsatiletie. Together with Joan Bjorn organized Skiffle-Group. Their idols were members of the British band Viper Skiffle Group.

"We do not really understand what they sing and we just" rented "the words purely phonetically, and then tried to portray something like. My cousin plays the trumpet, and I'm on the banjo, so that we could well be considered a jazz band. "

In life, however, Bjorn was not going to make music. My parents wanted me to become a civil engineer, and I have had appropriate plans ". Even when Bjorn was a member of folk band Hootenanny Singers (first name - Westbay Singers), . open in 1963, the owner of the studio recording Stig Andersson (Stig Andersson) and his partner, . producer Bernnhagom Bengt (Bengt Bernhag), . seemed, . that is nothing more than a hobby,
. "I traveled to Sweden with concerts, but thought it would last at best two years". The Group mainly worked in the genre of folklore, but sometimes doing something in the genre of pop music. For example, in 1966, was written became quite popular in Sweden, Bjorn song "Baby Those Are The Rules". When the group's success was ponemnogo to be reversed, Bjorn seriously thinking to learn from a lawyer, but fateful meeting changed everything.

And the Hep Stars and the Hootenanny Singers became popular in Sweden in 1965, the. Both groups were in the open summer concert venues across the country - it was then generally accepted, so that their meeting was inevitable. One bus, which drove the musicians, were on the same road in the same time ...

"We said:" Hah, this is Hep Stars! ", And they are:" Hah, same Hootenannys! "; Bus stopped and we got out to greet him," - says Bjorn. Group decided to meet in a bar in the evening after the presentations. "They came in Vastervik after midnight, and we have a party" - continues to Bjorn. For the first time they had the opportunity to spread Benny a couple of words.

"We rattled the guitar is something of the old songs Kingstone Trio", - remembers Benny - "Some of us are invited to compose something together. Soon we were back in his city ". Benny brought to a Hammond-organ and power in his parents' house Bjorn. "The noise was such that my father came down to us and said:" I beg your pardon. Of course I like what you are doing, but better to go and do it somewhere else ". Then handed us the keys to his office at the paper mill and went "- BjцІrn laughs. By the morning of the first song was born Andersson / Ulveysa.

There was disagreement on the question of which of the groups should write "Isn't Easy To Say?". "This thing fits Hep Stars, and my group was closer to folklore, this is beginning to infuriate me, because I wanted to work in mainstream pop music like The Beatles, - says Bjorn. Soon, his desire to exercise: a group of Hep Stars collapsed, and Hootenanny Singers, made up of one summer came and Benny, gradually came to the same.

. But even before that, both groups ceased to exist, Benny and Bjorn met two women who were to henceforth play a very important role in all of their subsequent lives.

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Ulveys Bjorn, photo, biography
Ulveys Bjorn, photo, biography Ulveys Bjorn  Musician, photo, biography
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