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Interneshenl Dana

( Israeli singer)

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Biography Interneshenl Dana
photo Interneshenl Dana
Yaron Cohen was born into a poor family on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. According to some reports, he got his name in honor of his uncle died in a terrorist attack. Yaron was the youngest child in the family - his sister, Limor (Limor) over it for 4 years, and his brother Nimrod (Nimrod) - 3 years. His father worked as an assistant judge, and his mother was a housewife. From an early age Yaron liked to play with girls as well as toys to use puppets. We can assume that the basis of his transsexualism, he felt already in childhood.

C eight years, he began studying music. With ten - sings in a municipal choir and at fourteen the first time taking part in this musical 'Joseph and the amazing live cover of dreams'. After primary school, he continued training in 'Ironi Alef', where he met with his two brothers (Lior and Schmulick Sa'adia), which in future will begin to work on his backup dancers. Early Yaron bad performance in school, but the internal contradictions, heated puberty, become unbearable for him. His ratings are beginning to fall, and popularity in nightclubs - to grow. At age 16 he began to speak to clubs, changing clothes in bright dresses and women's wigs. To his delight, the parents refer to these 'oddities' of the child with understanding.

In 1988, a night club meets Yaron Ofer Nissim, who organized a revue called Li La Lo (me, her, him) and has difficulty in finding a soloist. So there is a new name - Dan and parody of the song of Whitney Houston's 'My Name Is Not Susan', which soon became very popular. The next song 'Dana International' has been able to break into the American charts - know about it outside of Israel.
. Popularity and a change of sex

. After recording 'Dana International' a Yaron appear not only in popularity, but also money, and in 1993 he makes the most important step in his life - sent to England for an operation to change sex
. Parents, especially my sister Limor, with whom they shared their secrets from childhood, are easy to take this news.

. Yaron changed its name to the male female - 'Sharon', and the world appears, Sharon Cohen, acting under his stage name Dana International
. After the rehabilitation period was the first album 'Danna International', which then becomes gold.

. According to Dana, . on her sex-change operation people must respond, . as a minor detail in her biography, . how to change the color of hair or plastic surgery of the nose: 'First of all, I Singer, . only then are other things - the nature, . Beauty and the past ',
. However, let such a loud fact of his biography can not. It is understood and she herself - in her songs a lot of ambiguity, it is not shy to speak at festivals and parades of sexual minorities.

The next album 'Umpatampa' (1994) reached platinum. In the same 1994-m, it becomes a singer in Israel. Illegal copies of her songs enjoyed great success abroad, especially in Egypt.

. In 1995, the year Dan tries his hand to get to the Eurovision Song Contest, but participation in the Kdam-Eurovision (Israel's pre-contest) brings her only second place
. This is followed by release of the new album 'EPTempa', in which a trans-fused disco and house music.
. The victory at Eurovision

. In November 1997, Dana International is chosen to represent Israel at Eurovision Song Contest-98 with his song 'Diva', written by Zvika Pik
. In May 1998, she took first place in the contest, receiving 172 points. After the victory of Dana International becomes a full-fledged international superstar, constantly followed by an interview on CNN, BBC, Sky News, MTV and many other prestigious channels. Soon released single 'Diva' immediately gets on top of the charts of most countries in Europe, the album sold over more than 400,000 copies worldwide. However, a contract promising new stars with Sony and was not signed because of existing differences.
. After Eurovision

. Followed by a failed European album 'Free', then Dan comes back to Israel, and begins work on new projects. Soon comes the Israeli version of the album 'Free', but after a visit to Japan comes out and its Japanese version.

. In 2005, the Jubilee, the 50-th Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, the song 'Diva' was chosen as one of the 14 best songs of all time of existence of the Eurovision, but it does not even fall into the top five.

. In the summer of 2007 Dana Interneshenl released an album called "Hakol ze Letova", one of the tracks which (Seret Hodi) she performed with well-known Israeli singer Idan Yaniv.
. Interesting facts

. Dana sings in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Italian, Russian languages.

. As a child, then Yaron fell in love with a classmate named Daniel, who soon died in a car crash.

. Philip Kirkorov performed the cover-hit version of 'Diva'.

. According to his passport Dana is still a man named Yaron Cohen.

. In May 2000, Israel released a documentary film 'Lady D', on the Dane Interneshenl.

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Interneshenl Dana, photo, biography
Interneshenl Dana, photo, biography Interneshenl Dana  Israeli singer, photo, biography
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