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Biography ABBA
Ose Agnetha Fltskog (Agnetha ?se Fltskog)

Born April 5, 1950 in Jnkping (Jnkping). Up to five years to behave decently. In five years out of hand, seeing the neighbors piano. Discovering for yourself this amazing tool, disappeared for days at the aforementioned neighbors, exploiting the piano, instead of digging in the sandbox, like all normal children. In the same age made a public statement about the desire to become famous (The objective - to appear on TV) and wrote his first hit with "Tv? sm? troll". When Agnetha 7 years old, my parents bought her a piano.

Agnetha went to school. And even there, she studied. Sometimes. Most of the lessons of literature, Swedish, English, German and, of course, music. The natural sciences have been worse.

When she was 14 years old, from her music teacher refused. But not because Agnetha was complete ineptitude on the contrary, the teacher felt that these things genius child she had to give nothing else can.

. Organizational skills with Agnetha appeared quite early: still in school she formed a band with two friends
. The girls were called "The Cambers" and sang at Christmas and other parties and similar events. Repertoire supplying itself Agneta.

In 15 years, our heroine decided that to learn enough, and left the school, in general, with fairly good results. Around the same year Agneta happened unrequited love (as it usually happens at this age), as a result of which was in its infancy "Jag var s? kr", which later soared to the top of the charts.

. She got a job in a car company, but do not think that at this her singing career is over
. On the contrary! Once Agneta heard that a certain group is looking for a singer to temporarily replace their diseased Soloist. Agnetha went to the audition, and gladly accepted in the community (which he liked so much that it had permanently. About where they Delhi ailing soloist history is silent;))). The children liked her own things, they made arrangements for them and it started: Agnetha became a soloist of the ensemble under the direction Berntra Enghardta (Bernt Enghardt). The only problem was that in a day was 24 hours, of which the dream she came out about two. Therefore, work in an automotive company, she had to leave.

She successfully performed with this group for several years. Once Enghardt sent recordings of the band in Stockholm, the record company Cupol. And - I must! - From Stockholm called Karl-Gerhard Lundqvist (Karl-Gerhard Lundkvist), known as Gerhard Lille (Lille Gerhard), asked Agnetha and said that they would be happy with her record. Agneta first decided that the guy making fun of said "fool you, the boatswain, and a joke you stupid" and hung up. And throw it up until Lille Gerhard did not surrender to such strength of character and asked her to call back to him on such and such a number. After it turned out that it is all quite seriously, Agnetha tried to rebel: invited from the entire group only her, but she thought it was unfair and hurt for friends. However, after a certain number of persuasion on the part of those same friends Agneta contract with the studio yet signed. Some time after that she had performed with the ensemble, but soon she had to leave the band and devote himself to his solo work.

. In 1969, Agnetha went on tour in Germany, where almost married a German producer of his album, but nothing happened;)

. Returning to Sweden, Agnetha was invited to the shooting of TV shows, where the partying Bjorn
. Actually, there they are personally acquainted:
Bjrn Christian Ulvaeus (Bjrn Christian Ulvaeus)

Born April 25, 1945 in Gothenburg. Up to 11 years, he had to be a model and a boy in school, because he did not have a guitar. And the parents gave him a guitar at age 11. Then he and his cousin immediately started to play everything: jazz and folk, and country.

Success in the music he has been very, very decent, but it was still (cm. above), a model boy, and at the insistence of parents bravely went to gnaw granite smart science of jurisprudence.

. As for sin, the university was even more of the same talented young people, as a result of the group formed The West Bay Singers
. Underestimation of his talent the guys have not suffered, therefore, neither more nor less, went to conquer Europe, taking on rent old Volvo. Though their performances are not included in the annals of rock - the history, the boys earned a roof over their heads and bread, sometimes with butter.

. Safely returned to Sweden in autumn 1963 the boys took part in a national show-oriented search for young talents
. They have not won the competition, but there they noticed Stig Anderson (Stig Anderson), a well-known Swedish producer and businessman, who later became manager of ABBA. He quickly took the talented guys on the turnover, renamed them The Hootenanny Singers, and then that success came unexpectedly to him, the songs started to fall in the hit parades, concerts evoked keen interest of the public, etc.

. Bjorn was very difficult to combine studying at the university and musical activities, and Stig popularly explained to him how far will his musical career
. Bjorn believe and to study scored.

June 5, 1966 at the intersection of two roads met buses, one of whom was carrying The Hootenanny Singers, another - Hep Stars: So Bjorn met Benny. Bjorn invited the Hep Stars hang out after the concert, and then, as you can guess, Bjorn and Benny were friends.

It should be noted that once Bjorn heard on the radio song Agnetha and zatorchal by her voice. He was wondering whether it is similar to his voice, and soon he was getting a chance to find out: they were filming a TV show on. Bjorn decided that directly Agneta much better than one of her voice, but because Agnetha too long appreciated the talents of Bjorn and longed to meet him:
. Anni-Frid Sinni Lingstad (Anni-Frid Synni Lyngstad)

. Born November 15, 1945 in Narvik
. Yes, yes - it is in Norway. Mother Frieda fell in love with a German officer, who then merged on the orders of superiors, and not having time to rejoice the news that he is going to be born daughter.

Mother Freda died when the child was 2 years. On news of the pope still not received (they received only in 1977). So the challenge of educating future stars took the grandmother. The children of German officers in Narvik did not complain, so that my grandmother wisely judged that they would be better to move to a more peaceful and neutral Sweden, that they actually did.

. My grandmother sewed and sang songs in the evening by the fireplace, and Freda went to school, listened to his grandmother's songs and dragging them
. In addition, once she suddenly realized that singing songs - even steeper than they listen. I burst into show business.

She hit it at age 13. But these little girls in show business is not allowed, so she lied to everyone that she is 16 (but look at your passport or at least ask him to show mad at anybody missed). At first she liked the light pop songs, and then pulled on a more serious blues lyrics (this happens with age).

. Frida sang with a jazz band for some time, and then decided that the robust design would zaimet his own group
. So she did, without false modesty, calling this group Anni-Frid Four. A guitarist for the group, she married. Just in case. I acquired two children. Then she lit up on television with his hit single "En Ledig Dag". And then she and her husband's views on the purpose of Frida radically separated: her husband wanted to put her home with their children, Frieda and wanted to find a worthy application of his talent. She understood perfectly that this is best to seek an application in Stockholm. Its just successfully invited record company EMI.

. Since then, her career began to develop very well, only there for kids Frida missed very much, as some time she had to live without them - but what can you do, someone is easy?

. In 1969, at a party with the second factor Frida Benny remarked.
. Eran Brur Benny Andersson (Gran Bror Benny Andersson)

. Born December 16, 1946 in a suburb of Stockholm.

. The family was very musical, so no time to be born Benny, as he immediately gave accordion
. My father and grandfather were very fond of folklore, and this love (through genes) passed on Benny.

When Benny was 10 years old, my parents decided that he was already fully grown in order to give him a piano, which they did. Benny immediately began to peel on the piano wild improvisation. But he was improvising, without using premudrstvovaniyami musical notation (TK. he did not teach), and limited school music teachers did not allow them to appreciate his talent.

In 15 years, Benny left school and found work as a traveling salesman. In the evenings, he played in a club in the neighborhood of his home. In this club he met his first love - Christina Grenval (Christina Grnvall). They had two children - Peter (Peter Grnvall, 1963) and Helen (1965). However long the love they have failed, in 1966 they separated (never married).

In 1964, Benny joined the band Hep Stars. While the existence of groups in Sweden already knew, and even called the Swedish Beatles "(under which they diligently mowing), but popularity was not a fountain. In 1965, the Hep Stars were invited to speak on television with their song "Cadillac", where they have their obscenely - destructive behavior aroused wild enthusiasm of the public. Then onaya audience remember them and the group in Sweden has become terribly popular.

. In 1966, Benny wrote his first hit - Sunny Girl.

. Within the group there are often problems, which the group members decide all sorts of different ways, including fistfights
. While everyone else at the time resolve these problems were shouting, arguing and so on, Benny went quietly in the corner and there is a loud drumming on the piano.

. In the summer of 1966 he met Bjorn, who at the time turilsya with The Hootenanny Singers, and their friendship was born, on the basis of which emerged: cooperation
. Benny on the subject even spoke: "I have no brother, but like my brother Bjorn. Nothing will make us change our friendship. "

. In 1969, at a party with Benny the second time was seen Freda.

. While with Agnetha Bjorn live like all normal people, and of their mass behavior (note the behavior, not an endowment!) Is not particularly distinguished, Frida and Benny were trying to decide what is important is to have the apartment - a piano or a bed
. Sleep on the piano Frida refused categorically, so it was decided to settle in a flat bed. But we must not forget that Benny was a musician to the bone, so the problem with the tool was vital. And Benny found a solution: he began to fester in the body of the church (where he worked for his friend) and the piano of his friends.

In 1971 Agnetha with Bjorn went and got married (they long chose the church). By that time, Benny has become an ace in playing the organ, so he gladly performed at the wedding of his works to friends. Silent marriage did not work, tk. there were nearly 3000 friends, fans and reporters (I must say that all our heroes have been as famous th) and horse-drawn carriage to the bride and groom. The idea of the whole was beautiful, but not without incident: one of these horses ottoptala leg Agneta. But they both have to pretend that nothing happened.

1972 was marked by the fact that our friends at last figured together in a group. Initially on the plates simply write their full names, but their manager thought that it was a few pretty long, as the name of the group, and left on the full names of only the first letters. So get the word Abba (with the same name canned food has nothing to do).

The following year, the guys found themselves well prepared for the conquest of Eurovision Song Contest, to which, and went with the song "Ring Ring". At Frida with this competition were old scores: it is in 1969 it did not hit with the song "Harlig Ar Var Jord". Qualifying round they went, but Eurovision is not yet committed.

But they will not calm down. And in 1974 again went to conquer the Eurovision, this time with the song "Waterloo". And subdued, as everyone knows.

Having a group of world renown, they released 8 albums and a bunch of compilations and singles. Moreover, with Bjorn Agnetha got two kids (in 1973 and 1977, Linda and Christian, respectively). A Fried with Benny plant did not have children, because, in the words attributed to Frieda, four of them already available in the room was quite enough. But do something was still necessary, they were married in 1978.

Strong commitment to the facts required to note the sad fact that our beautiful couples parted (with Bjorn Agnetha and Frida in 1978 with Benny in 1981). Because of this sad fact, we have more about it will not mention (later they were caught in the marriage network again, forgetting that a good thing in marriage is not called)

. In 1982, our friends have decided to work a little bit yourself, that is, separately
. Thus, with Frida Agnetha went in all directions (to act in films and making records), and Bjorn and Benny took up and Tim Rice musical "Chess".

The founders of the group were musicians, singers and songwriters Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson. Bjrn Kristian Ulvaeus (p. April 25, 1945, Gothenburg) still in school formed his first group WEST BAY SINGERS. They played on acoustic guitars and singing American folk in the street party, . where they observed impresario Stig 'Stikkan' Anderson, . who moved the team to the capital Stockholm, . renamed HOOTENANNY SINGERS and offered a contract with his new company Polar Records,
. Gran Bror Benny Andersson (p. December 16, 1946, Stockholm) in 1964 obtained a position at the piano HEP STARS, the local heroes of rock 'n' roll that made for two years, fifteen visits to the charts, including composed Andersson Swedish hit number one Sunny Girl.

. Bjorn and Benny first met at a party in Vastervik spring of 1966, which decided that they should write songs together
. However, their alliance did not take place until in 1969 the group disbanded not HEP STARS. At a concert in Malm, Benny met the singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad-Fredriksson (p. 15 November 1945, Narvik, Norway). With thirteen years she sang with various groups and even performed at song festivals in Japan, and Venezuela. At the same time Bjorn heard on the radio, singing his own song I Was So In Love Agneta Falskog and decided to invite a group. Agnetha (p. 5 April 1950, Jonkoping) has worked professionally on stage with fifteen years and two years later signed a solo contract with CBS-Sweden (the beginning of the 70-ies of its discography has four albums on the local firm Cupol).

. For the first time all four had gathered to record a program in Stockholm, and began to sing along with the November 1970
. In 1971, Benny and Bjorn from Polar signed a new contract - already as authors and producers - and began to write their own material, in which both girls attended as a backing vocalist. Polar issued their Lycka album with songs in Swedish and a single, People Need Love, released in the U.S. on Playboy Records. In July 1971, Bjorn and Agnetha got married. Benny and Freed followed suit only in October 1978, when the group was at the peak of popularity.

. In February 1973, the quartet song Ring Ring, rejected by the Commission Eurovision song contest, was written in Swedish, German, Spanish and English languages and topped the charts in Sweden, Austria, Holland, Belgium and South Africa
. On the cover of the first (at the insistence of Stikkana Anderson) was an acronym ABBA. In 1973 came the first album Ring Ring. April 6, 1974 song ABBA Waterloo with an absolute preponderance (20:1) won the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton. Waterloo marked the beginning of an unprecedented sequence of eighteen consecutive hits in the British Top Ten, . Eight of them reached the summit: Mamma Mia (1976), . Fernando (1976), . Dancing Queen (1976), . Knowing Me, . Knowing You (1977), . The Name Of The Game (1977), . Take A Chance On Me (1978), . The Winner Takes It All (1980), . Super Trouper (1980),
. The upper line charts also occupied eight albums, starting with the Greatest Hits. Honors Quartet Ocean were much more modest: only Dancing Queen in April 1977 a week remained at the top of the list. Three albums were in the United States 'gold' and the only ABBA - The Album (1977) became the 'platinum'.

In June 1976 ABBA appeared before the King of Sweden on the eve of the royal wedding. In February 1977 they went on their first British tour (for two concerts at the Royal Albert Hall (11 thousand seats) received 3.5 million applications). Significant part of this year's group held a world tour, the final part of which (in Australia) was shot for the movie 'ABBA'. January 8, 1980 the quartet took part in the charity UNICEF in New York and gave the organization, all proceeds from the single Chiquitita. In September 1979 a concert in Edmonton (Canada) ABBA opened its first American tour.

Although Andersson and Ulvaeus themselves recorded instrumental accompaniment, the records of the group attended by many local musicians. The core group comprised guitarist Ian escort Shaffer, bassist Rutger Gunarsson and drummer Al Bryunkert. If you do not touch the melodic side (as Benny and Bjorn, . certainly, . one of the most productive melodist after Lennon and McCartney), . ABBA music is hardly constituted something unique: vocal arrangements are not entirely dissimilar from the manner of pop group 60-ies (RONETTES, . CRYSLALS and, . especially, . MAMAS & PAPAS), . sound in general was like Phil Spector with his 'wall of sound', . and the texts on the verge of obvious platitudes and naive romanticism.,

. From the winter of 1981-82 activity markedly slowed down
. In December 1982 came last recorded together a single ABBA Under Attack (? 26 in Britain), although their last hit was Thank You For The Music (? 33).

Agnetha in late 1982 has continued its series of albums, disc Wrap Your Arms Around Me. In Britain hit was The Heat Is On (? 35), and in the U.S. Can't Shake Loose (? 29). In 1985 they released another album, Eyes Of A Woman. Fried, his first solo album which Somethings Go On was released in August 1982, in 1984 released an album called Shine, then long vanished from the scene, and only in 1996 was published in Swedish label Anderson Records (and in their native language) album by Deep Breath.

. The activity of male half of the quartet abruptly extinguished: they write songs (but never released anything), is engaged in producing for Polar, and worked with librettist Tim Rice (Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, and t
. etc.) over the musical Chess (of Chess Championship), who in 1984 went to RCA, and in 1986 it was first staged in London.

New growth in the popularity of ABBA, as well as all music since disco boom began in 1992. Polydor reissued all the hits of the group on two CD-ROMs, . as well as solo albums Agnetha and Freed; ERASURE made a mini-album of cover versions modernized ABBA-esque, . and the Australian team made a short BJORN AGAIN, . but a resounding success with true to life and well-recognized sound of ABBA.,
. Discography


. Ring Ring (1973)

. Waterloo (1974)

. ABBA (1975)

. Arrival (1976)

. The Album (1977)

. Voulez-Vous (1979)

. Super Trouper (1980)

. Visitors (1981)

. ABBA Singles Ten Years (2CD) (1982) (compilation)

. Thank You For The Music (1983) (compilation)

. ABBA Live! (1986)

. Pa Svenska (1994)

. ABBA Gold (1994) (compilation)

. ABBA Oro (1995) (compilation)

. ABBA Mas Oro (1996) (compilation)

. ABBA More Gold (1995) (compilation)

. Thank You For The Music (4CD set) (1996) (compilation)

. ABBA Forever Gold (1996) (compilation)

. Love Stories (1998) (compilation)

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ABBA, photo, biography
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