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DJ Sunny

( DJ)

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Biography DJ Sunny
photo DJ Sunny
Date of Birth:
. 27/01/1981

. Work Experience:
. 4 years

. Music Style:
. Techno, Electro, House, Tech house, Minimal, Electro-Tech, Electro-House

. City (country):
. Kiev (Ukraine)

. DJ Sunny - eccentric personality in the club industry
. Popular radio broadcaster best dance radio stations in Ukraine - 'Kiss FM', striking a club DJ, a catalyst solar mood - Sunny is multifaceted in its creative implementation.
. Energy, ambition and restless artistic nature allow Alexander to take an active part in the original projects and large-scale Event

. 'Kiss FM 6 Years' ICC - DJ Sunny played before an audience of many thousands of clubbers at the same site in house genius of Roger Sanchez.

. The now legendary 'Yes * 4a After party' - Kazantip 08
Participation DJ Sunny in aftepatiynom motion dance floor 'Kiss FM Yes * 4D' open 'second wind' Great Kazantip people to continue an active club movement. Autoparty Snoochi Boochi Records (headed by R-Tem), 'Curler' (with headlining a party DJ Beauty & Xenia Beliayeva), shows in the Send Records - passed with a resounding success and rightly brought DJ Sunny glory 'Masters Sunrise rhythms'.

. 'Dance-marathon - 100 hours Non-stop' at the festival Kazantip 07
. Marathon entered the Ukrainian Book of Records as 'the longest unbroken party in a non-stop'
. Participated in the marathon recognized masters club scene: Kon *, Doorkeeper, Brat, Slava Uncle, Mays and many others.

Mega rave 'MaYOOvka' in the park Shcherbakov (Donetsk) in honor of the opening of Kiss FM in Donetsk, Kramatorsk, Mariupol. Open air show attracted more than 20 thousand clubbers. Three DJs on the scene: Ian Carey, DJ Sender, DJ Sunny.

'Miss Bikini Kiss FM' demonstration of beauty in the club atmosphere of Beach Club. Fashion-mood created Rey-Na & Sunny.

'ElectroSUNDAY Tecktonik Championship' - participation in the project in several manifestations: freak-MC and freak-DJ.

'Kiss All Stars Party' - quite spectacular perfomens resident Summer radio KissFM. Participated in the project Binokl, Ivan Ionov, Rey-Na, Ruby, Artem Neba, Tagir, Tokio, Romantic, ML.-Key, Jalsomino and others.
. 'Dance for kids' - a series of charity parties to help 'street children'.
. Participated in the project DJ Fonar, Rey-Na, Ruby, Mawrick, Jalsomino.

. 'Sun Set Chill Art' - a symbiosis of DJ work, perfomensa drummers and fire show
The party was successfully held in Kiev (party-bar Status) and Sevastopol (aqua-park 'Moon beach' Zurbagan)
For DJ Place: Artem Neba, Dopio, Guarana

. About the level of popularity and demand DJ Sunny presents his tight touring schedule, as well as participate in the popular TV project: 'The real program' (Tonis), 'Guten Morgen', 'Shake'nemo, baby' (M1), Star-info (Star TV).

. Geography speeches DJ Sunny day by day and at present covers the best night clubs in Kiev and regions of the country:

. Kiev - 'Forsage', 'Saxon', 'Prime', 'Egypt', 'Tuse', party-bar 'Status', 'King of project'.
. Berdyansk - 'Rio'.
. Brovary - 'Positiv'.
. Donetsk - 'Chicago'.
. Zaporozhye - 'Sova club', 'Leo Max'
Lugansk - 'IceB'.
Mariupol '-' Yialos'.
Sevastopol - 'Business Club Premier', 'Papilon'.
Simferopol - '86 '.
Ternopil '-' Alligator '.
Cherkasy - 'Millennium 2000'.
Kharkov - 'party-bar DOM', 'Resto-club UKRAINA', 'Bodies', 'Meredian'.
Kherson - 'Calypso'.
Zaporizhia - 'Storm'.

DJ Sunny author and presenter of the popular radio miksshou 'Sunrise Party' in the air Kiss FM.
Sunrise Party - mix show woven from invigorating rhythms and melodies of solar. House - Aesthetics, Electro - audacity, Minimal - restraint, Techno - expressiveness - the synthesis of the best dance of energies every Thursday at 01.00 for connoisseurs of gourmet club rhythms.

. In addition - DJ Sunny with Anna Dark is the leading weekly chart
. Kiss Parad Top 40, which introduces listeners to the most fashionable and topical music; informed about the news of show business in the program 'Fresh News'.

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DJ Sunny, photo, biography
DJ Sunny, photo, biography DJ Sunny  DJ, photo, biography
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