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BUGS Gregory Said Muratovich

( Actor)

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Biography BUGS Gregory Said Muratovich
photo BUGS Gregory Said Muratovich
Born 17.02.1958, Ivan
Family Bagov back in the late 30's, fleeing the Stalinist repression, moved to Grozny. And twenty years later, here in Grozny, February 17, 1958 was born the next actor Saeed Bagov.

By the movie's parents Said (mother and father Lyudmila G. Murat Shachievich) relations were not. True, Murat Shachievich in his youth dreamed of becoming an artist, but not developed - he became a doctor of technical sciences. Perhaps it is the youthful dreams and referred genetically Said? ...

Twists of fate

At seventeen years old, graduated with honors from the school, Saeed went to Moscow. In the capital, he joined the faculty of directing GITIS, the course AA. Popova. His, as well as such distinguished directors as a. Efros and A. Vasiliev, he believes his teachers.

In 1979, Said Bagov graduated GITIS, then worked briefly at the Moscow Drama Theater - named after Stanislavsky and the Soviet Army. Played by Boris Morozov, Anatoly Vasiliev, and Joseph Raihelgauz.

Years passed. There was a restructuring, then - perestroika period - a time of economic and political crisis in the country. Theaters were without means of livelihood, and many eminent actors stretched abroad. Said, who has Jewish roots, decided to leave for Israel, which have already moved: Mikhail Kozakov, Valentin Nikulin, Leonid Kanevsky, Gregory Lyampe.

Said Bagov believed that in his new country, he can find a place. And at first all evolved well. He settled down in Tel Aviv theater 'Gesher', and then appeared in Russian Enterprise Mikhail Kozakov. However, later work did not become an electrician and had to settle down. Yet their emigration Said no regrets: 'Although the emigration to Israel was for me to leap into the unknown, but it is here that I felt, felt his Jewish roots. Despite the fact that life there was far from simple in the material sense, spiritually, she was very full and rich. "

. Return

. In 1997, Said returned to Russia, and was admitted to the theater Joseph Raihelgauz 'school of contemporary plays'
. Very soon he moved into a number of leading actors of the theater, playing roles in almost all performances: 'Anton Chekhov. Seagull '(Treplev Medvedenko),' Boris Akunin. Gull 'and' Seagull. Classic operetta '(Medvedenko),' No mirrors' (Sonia), 'City' (Sergei Basin), 'Event' (Revshin) and many others.

Here Said Bagov finally was able to do and favorite thing - the directors. On the director's work, he always dreamed of - while still in GITIS, he staged several performances. Now, as a director, he staged 'Bridges and the rainbow', which immediately began the whole of Moscow, and, as you know, spoiled Moscow is difficult to surprise the audience:

. Works on the screen

. Cinema of a very long time did not notice this gifted actor with an extraordinary appearance - gaunt, clean-shaven nalyso with a nervous face acute
. This saw and remember to allocate the total number immediately and irrevocably. Because, sooner or later, he was to appear on the screen. And his time has come.

The first role Said Bagov played in the film 'Kopek' director and. Dykhovichnyi and the series 'major role'. This was followed by new works. Gradually Bagov become very relevant and can say, 'fashionable' movie star. Among his works: Rasul, . business partner in the adventure film Arkhipova, Vladimir Popkov 'faults and their fans', . FSB officer, Major Safari blockbuster Boris Neberidze 'bloody circle', . Boa constrictor in an action movie Dmitry Fyodorov 'furious', . Jura in the movie Dmitry Brusnikina and Andrei Razumovsky 'Game Shinday', . Astakhov a Christmas comedy 'virtual romance' and others.,

. It is worth noting that it could equally well play a variety of roles, be cruel and pathetic, ruthless and naive
. True, . directors, . basis of his appearance, . artist frequently offer negative characters, . Said that do not like: 'Why should be interesting villain? What's in it this interesting? If next to me now proved to be a scoundrel, . I would have felt disgusted, . rather than curiosity ',
. Actor believes that 'connect' to the energy scoundrels and murderers harm. It is for this reason he refused at the time of the role of the regicide Yurovsky.

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BUGS Gregory Said Muratovich, photo, biography
BUGS Gregory Said Muratovich, photo, biography BUGS Gregory Said Muratovich  Actor, photo, biography
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