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ISAEV Dmitri

( Actor)

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Biography ISAEV Dmitri
photo ISAEV Dmitri
Born 23.01.1973, Leningrad
Dmitry Isaev was born in St. Petersburg (then still Leningrad) in a family of actors. His parents worked in the famous BDT. School, where he studied Dmitri, in his words was 'good': 'marble plaque with the names of medal winners had finished the whole auditorium'. Class to the sixth Dmitry also did well, but then hunt for teaching the boy missing. 'In fact, I'm tired - he admits. - It was Sov time, and for teachers was important to you was the first, and my parents were always on tour ... '

From an early age Dmitry started to play music. The boy chose the violin. 'I can not say that I liked it - admits Dmitry - it was very hard. In childhood, want to relax, walk, talk with the same dunce, as you yourself, and when you prohibit it, and abruptly - at this point you begin, of course, to rebel '. In addition, Dmitri Young had a conflict with a teacher, with whom he studied at the College of Music of Rimsky-Korsakov.

In those same years, Dmitri carried away in sports, which received considerable attention in his school. It is with pleasure involved in athletics - running for short and long. But by the seventh grade to combine sport with music lessons became hard. I had to make a choice. He was in favor of art.

By the time his attitude to music has changed. And it happened because of his familiarity with the theater 'Shelter Komedianta'. Dmitri says: 'There were guys playing jazz, and I changed its direction to the more classic jazz, more free'.

Institute. First marriage

Despite the serious hobby music, at the end of the school was not going to become Dmitry musician. And even more so he did not think to become an actor: 'experience with the actors was, and this life is not particularly attracted me'. His future Dmitry, strangely enough, I saw in medicine. However, the surgeon he had no chance to become:

Dmitry Isaev says: 'At some point, Olga Volkova, formerly from Petersburg, Moscow is now an actress, I was literally' picked up by the collar 'and said: everything must go to theater school, went. I am not able to withstand the pressure of her '.

In the first year the boy was waiting for a failure. After one year in the theater 'Shelter comedians', Dmitri tried again and the second factor came in the course L.G.I.T.M.i By Vladimir Petrov.

Dmitry Isaev recalls: 'Learn to me like: We found a common language, our outlook on life, the theater coincided. I can not say that learning was easy, but it was not a particularly difficult. Perhaps only a freshman, was already more like something easier. In any case, perhaps there is a period when you do something, and you are very difficult, suddenly, at some point you realize that you went to another level. You know what you can do it, you can do in ten, twenty times more, you can do it all my life. And you have some other way you work '.

At the 4 year institution Dmitri married his classmate. They had two daughters, twins, Sonia and Pauline. The first experience of family life were unsuccessful and after three years by mutual consent they separated. Nevertheless, ex-wife and now have friendly relations.


After graduating in 1996, institute, Dmitry Isaev briefly worked in the theater 'Shelter comedians', then in the Theater. Komissarzhevskaya.

Dmitry Isaev says: 'One of the first performances after graduation was the play' She challenged 'later - vaudeville, musical performances, once even playing in the Conservatory. With one of my former teachers of the institute, which is half a lifetime engaged in the operetta and an excellent command of the genre, Sergei Kolesnikov, we played shows, which was the music - the songs, arranged gypsy, modern, salon romances. We played at the shows, worked in one of the St.Petersburg Museum, which later I even kept some of the exhibition, and this too was interesting '.

In the theater, 'Shelter comedian' Dmitri Isayev were played roles: Zhadov ( 'Money-place'), Doni ( 'These Free Butterflies'), Pitus ( 'Laughter Achelata'), a young scientist Jorgen Tesman ( 'Hedda Gabler').

Among other works the actor may be noted the roles played by them in the entreprise Mironov: Marius ( 'Les Miserables'), and the farmer ( 'Oblomov'). And the role of the theater Komissarjevskaya: Mezhuyev ( 'Chichikov'), Louis Lamar ( 'French tricks').

Film works

As Dmitri says, for the first time in the movie he starred in childhood. In one of the French films, he played a little Mozart. There he use its ability to play the violin.

Upon graduation, Dmitry very long time filming. He was not invited to the movies, and he especially did not try to catch the eye directors. First, he wanted to hit the bottle experience, and secondly, the theater once more attracted the young actor. Over time, as acknowledged by Dmitri himself, his tastes have changed.

His film debut was the main role in the film directed by Kirill Kapitsa 'Mrs. victory'. In this picture the actor has invited his former classmate Tatiana Kolganova. Dmitry played a budding swimmer glory, who can not win the competition, although the training has shown good results.

From this period Isaev was very fortunate to combine work in the theater (mostly in the various entreprise) and work in the cinema. Also in 2002, he again starred Kirill Kapitsa, playing a major role in the film 'knot'. The film tells about the life of the fishing crews. Isaev also plays the role of the biologist Eugene - a principled person, called members of the team - Paganel

. This was followed by small, . and sometimes does bit parts: Cesarevich in the film 'Chronicle of Love', . football in the series 'Mongoose' (series 'Yellow Card'), . gigolo in the TV series 'Gangster Petersburg' (series 'journalist') and the detective in the series 'Streets of broken lamps -5' (series 'Disinfection'),

Most popular actor brought the role of the Crown Prince Alexander in the series' Poor Nastya ". Dmitry Isaev recognizes that this role was very difficult to prepare: "I did not know what a" soap "and what kind of genre. No material, because this period is quite dark in the life of Alexander II, from sixteen to thirty-five years is nothing. People who prepared this draft, the Americans and we have tried to look for, but that might help, found a little '.

. Among recent works actor - violinist Eugene Abramov in the series' Dear Masha Berezina 'and gentleman, the son of a wealthy industrialist Peter Volkov in the series The Sins of the fathers'.

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  • Eleftheria for ISAEV Dmitri
  • Hello from Greece! I saw recently "poor Nastya" and the role of Alexander ΙΙ became one of my favorites. I looked for other films and I can say with confidence that you are wonderful, your feelings are reflected in your face and especially your eyes. It is a pity that Ι am so far away and I will not have the chance to see you acting closely. I wish everything you do, to makes you feel better and complete. With appreciation and love from Athens
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    ISAEV Dmitri, photo, biography
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