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JOYCE, James

( Writer)

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Biography JOYCE, James
This, to the famous French philosopher Michel Foucault devoted the whole study of a single phrase from his novel. This, finally, that he Borges said of him: "He left us two very large and (must admit), unreadable novel (and it is still quite delicately stated).

. He left a little more: a collection of short stories "Dubliners", the novel "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, the novel" Ulysses ", and the most ambitious and mysterious his brainchild - the novel" Finnegans Wake "
. Translated into Russian all but "wake". This novel is written in 30 languages (other than the core - English). And not easy, but using neologisms in these languages, which he himself invented Joyce. I must say, Joyce's neologisms - a special phenomenon Language-creativity. For example, in Russian, Joyce invented the word - "yogobogomut". Roman, saturated sophisticated semantic structures and puzzles, is notable for the fact that by the end of writing itself, Joyce have forgotten half of them.

. We can only wish good luck to those who really do read Joyce met ...


His personality

James Joyce was born in Dublin in a family of state tax employee suffering from alcoholism and therefore expelled from the service
. Therefore, his son, James, removed from the prestigious Jesuit school, and a gifted child two years to teach himself how he could. At age 17 he entered Dublin University College, as the Jesuit school. During college, Joyce, however, broke with the Jesuits - it did not suit the strict requirement of celibacy for Catholic priests.

. June 16, 1904 Joyce fell in love with Dublin-maid Nora Barnakl, and it is this day begins the action of his novel Ulysses
. Joyce married as a clerk with a pencil behind his ear, or a priest in the nightgown would not, therefore, has to live with Nora civil marriage. In the same year they left Ireland and settled in the Italian city of Trieste, and then moved to Paris, and thence to Zurich. Livelihood Joyce mined, agreeing on almost any job, and gratefully accepting cash gifts from admirers of his talent. They married only in 1931, at the insistence of his daughter Lucia.

In 1907, when Joyce published a collection of poems, Chamber Music ", he had a first attack of the disease, which subsequently led to almost total blindness. Joyce endured 25 operations on the eyes - and, finally, was enough to earn writing.

. Kudos to Joyce came after the publication in 1922 of the famous novel "Ulysses" - a novel of modern life, with a plot based on the Odyssey by Homer
. But in December 1920, the novel was banned for obscenity in the United States and Britain, though shy, lanky and bespectacled Joyce had never allowed himself to any questionable remarks in the presence of the other sex.

. Latest published works in vivo Joyce became the novel "Wake of Fineganu" (1939) - one of the critics called this novel "the quintessential stream of consciousness"

. Beginning of the Second World War caught Joyce in Paris
. When the Nazis invaded France, he and his family fled to Switzerland, where he soon died.


Sexual life

In his student years, Joyce often superintending in Dublin the red light district, where at age 14 lost their virginity
. But after 20 years with a prostitute he started saying that now would be to mate with a soul. Friend, elected them, Nora Barnakl was all his life the closest a woman. Joyce saw himself as a poor child in need of guardianship, Nora, and once wrote to her: "I would have liked it if my flesh was under your authority. I would like to see you spanked me, or even flogged. But not playing, but the truth, and the bare flesh. I want you to be strict, strict, expensive, and had a large stately chest and broad full hips. I would like to be engraved you, Nora, my love.

Cachectic, with a tiny chest, Nora successfully entered into the role of mistress and mistress, James called Jim simpleton, and friends spoke of him as a weak-willed, feeble creature. When Joyce's work has brought him worldwide fame, Nora, not hesitating, everyone has expressed contempt for his work. Despite the fact that Ulysses became famous for his psychological insight into the mind and soul of a woman, Nora claimed that Joyce does not know absolutely nothing about women. Despite this, Nora had always been faithful to the writer, although he, according to her confession, more than once expressed a desire to send her to bed with another man, to have something to write.

In his letters to Nora, Joyce does not skimp on words. In 1909, . for when he was away from Ireland, . he wrote to her lively letters of affection to her soiled underwear: "small things give me the greatest erection - dissolute movement of your tongue, . small brown stain on your white clothes? ",
. Receiving no answer, Joyce wrote to Nora: "You're offended, my dear, for what I wrote about your underwear?" This is all nonsense, I know in my heart you are flawless. "

I must say that the contents of the underwear drawer Nora haunted Peru Joyce. It was clear fetishists, bowed before woolen underwear, and even wore a pair of panties in his pocket puppet. After drinking, he sometimes pulled those panties to the fingers and stamped them on the table in the cafe, to bewilderment and confusion of observers.

The writer spent much time in cafes and bars, chatting with writers and artists. It is felt that Joyce was less interested in exchanging ideas with intelligent interlocutors than in the rejection of close encounter with Nora, and drinking until intoxicated was the most effective means of birth control.

. When Joyce worked as a teacher of English in Paris, he fell in love with one of his pupils, Amalia Popper, a daughter of a wealthy businessman-Jew
. It was unrequited love affair, which upset the father of Amelia, Joyce advised him not to use his fame in relations with girls. With this novel to Joyce awakened passion for women pronounced Semitic type appearance.

In early 1919, Joyce found the ideal of the inhabitant of Zurich, Martha Flyayshman. He told friends, and under what circumstances met with Martha: She was in a small but well-lit room drew on the ropes for linen. That same evening they lay together in bed, where Joyce studied the coldest and warmest part of the female body.

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JOYCE, James, photo, biography
JOYCE, James, photo, biography JOYCE, James  Writer, photo, biography
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