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Zhandar Kirill V.

( Actor)

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Biography Zhandar Kirill V.
Born 29/03/1983
Start career

After leaving school in 2000, Cyril Zhandarov planned to become a lawyer, but: he changed his mind and filed documents in the St. Petersburg Academy of Dramatic Art (SPbGATI). The young man studied at the course a remarkable actor Sergei Parshin and simultaneously playing in the school theater at the Moss. The audience could see him in roles scallywag, Pigvy and the Lion in the play "Midsummer Night's Dream 'and the role Muhoyarova in the play' Truth is good, but happiness - is better '.

At the same time the debut of a young actor on the silver screen. In 2002, he starred in a cameo in the film of Nicholas I, Natalya Bondarchuk, 'One love my soul', a year later Dmitri Svetozarov invited Cyril to the role of the cowardly handsome picture of Sam in 'Three Colors of Love'.


In 2004, after graduating from the Academy, Cyril Zhandarov went 'conquer' Moscow. The young actor was admitted to the Roman Theater Viktyuka, where he was entrusted to play Yeshua in the outstanding performance of Bulgakov's novel 'The Master and Margarita'. Furthermore Cyril Zhandarov was busy in the performances of 'let's get sex' (Black and White angels) and 'Otherworldly garden' (extras).

In Moscow, Kirill also has worked in the newspaper and even get a degree in Restaurant Business Manager (but for this specialty he was not able to work). Then in 2006 he returned to the northern capital, and became an actor famous BDT. On its stage in productions of plays Cyril 'fancy' in A. Ostrovsky and 'The Night Before Christmas' by Gogol.

. Movies

. In 2006, Cyril Zhandarov successfully starred in the comedy mini-series Ukrainian director Anne Gres 'Milkmaid of Hatsapetovki' (the main role - Dima) and crime comedy Mary Makhan'ko 'rogues' (role - Serega)
. The young actor noticed there were new proposals.

The following year Anna Gres again invited Cyril to the main role in his new picture "Hope as a sign of life '. In this psychological drama, the tale of love, men and women, Cyril starred with Anastasiya Panina (daughter of the famous 'mushroom' from the television show 'Cops').

. One of the recent work of the actor - the role of Max in the popular TV series 'All the same, I love'.
. Filmography:

. 2002 A love of my soul
. 2003 Three Colors of Love
. 2005 Stag, or great sex in a small town
. 2006 Milkmaid of Hatsapetovki
. 2006 Rogues
. 2006 And still I love the 2007 Challenge 3
. 1-second film "The level of death
2007 Cactus and Elena
2007 Hope as a sign of life
2007 Night Visitors
2008 All the Kings can
2008 And yet I love - series

Photos of Zhandar Kirill V.
  • Zhandar Kirill V.
  • Zhandar Kirill V.
  • Zhandar Kirill V.
  • Zhandar Kirill V.
  • Zhandar Kirill V.

Photos of Zhandar Kirill V.
Zhandar Kirill V.Zhandar Kirill V.Zhandar Kirill V.Zhandar Kirill V.

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  • Ira for Zhandar Kirill V.
  • Cyril beautiful you, . You are doing just fine roli.Zhal you are very far from me, you told me a long time and I really like the childhood dream of becoming an actress, . I finish 11klass and want to go to "Schukinskaya" School, . if you read my comment meet my number is 89637860253.,
  • Anonymous for Zhandar Kirill V.
  • No You are super star. Kirill ti luchshiy.
  • Elena for Zhandar Kirill V.
  • Cyril! You very well the role of Andrew M in the movie "Hope as a consequence ...". This man's character, not the idealisation of the most significant feature that so excites the weaker sex. Incidentally, the costume and length of hair you are going and few such photos. Thanks Anne Gres for wonderful filmy.Tolko pity that the "Milkmaid ..- 2" you do not withdraw. We are waiting on the screen
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    Zhandar Kirill V., photo, biography
    Zhandar Kirill V., photo, biography Zhandar Kirill V.  Actor, photo, biography
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