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Stiles Julia Stiles Julia

( Actress)

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Biography Stiles Julia Stiles Julia
photo Stiles Julia Stiles Julia
Date of Birth: 28/03/1981
Birth Place: New York, USA
Distinguishing features: a rising star Julia Stiles movie screen - one of those about whom say that they themselves have. She never waited for anyone's help - she is always herself included a green light
. Best achievement: Won 'MTV', 2001, for Best Kiss ( 'For me the last dance')
. List of works: The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), Omen (2006), . Journey to Paradise (2005), . Edmond (2005), . The Bourne Supremacy (2004), . The Prince and I (2004), . Mona Lisa Smile (2003), . Carolina (2003), . Stag (2003), . The Bourne Identity (2002), . "On" (2001), . Business Strangers (2001), . Last Dance For Me (2001), . Life behind the scenes (2000), . Hamlet (2000),

. Julia Stiles was born in the most ordinary family
. Julia, or rather, her family has roots in Ireland, which, in fact, not difficult to discern on its second name - O'Hare. Her mother was a potter by profession, his father helped her to sell the products - they were your own business. There is still her and two younger brothers - it is much older than them ...

For an actor playing Julia became interested in early childhood. At 11, she ventured to write a letter to Director of the Manhattan theater, so he took her to participate in its productions. Julia herself is now recognized that this was an act that helped to make only its youth - it was not until the end of a deliberate, but a very brave move. Successfully passing show, it soon appeared on the stage "La Mama" and "Kitchen" in the avant-garde productions, such as "Matthew: School of Life" and "Casket of sandalwood". Of course, performances in the theater have been an invaluable experience for the young actress, but the enormous potential not only allowed her to remain on the theater stage, had to be something more. And in 1996 (age 15) took a big debut in the movie - Julia played a small role in the episodic film "I love and not love you" (I Love You, I Love You Not) and one of the main roles in the television project "60 -s ". The following year, was shown on TV movie "Broken Heart" with its participation. In the same year she won a small role in the movie "The Devil's Own" (Devil's Own), where she played with a great pair of stars - Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford. Participation in this film influenced the fate of actresses - it nevertheless observed. Next she co-starred in 1998 comedy "The Awakening" (Wide Awake), as well as the scandal-detective thriller of 1998 "Sin (evil)" (Wicked) - already in the lead role.

The real "explosion" in the career of young actress becomes 1999. It plays a major role in the teen comedy "10 Things I Hate (to you)" (10 Things I Hate About You). This picture is the absolute hit and one of the best comedies of the year, moving the young star in the category of the most promising and have already declared themselves young actresses in Hollywood.

. In 2000, the year it is released episodically in the role of the film "Life behind the scenes" (State And Maine, . 2000), . which plays a simple waitress, . and then in the failed blockbuster drama "Hamlet" (Hamlet, . 2000), . where she played a very famous actors, . as, . example, . Ethan Hawke ( "Gattaca", . "Training Day"), . Diane Venora ( "Combat", . "Jackal"), . Liev Schreiber ( "Kate & Leopold", . "Scream 2, . 3, . "Sphere") and the inimitable Bill Murray ( "Groundhog Day", . "Space Jam", . "Lost in Translation") ..,
. After that it continues to appear in youth films, including "Just You and I" (Down To You, 2000), melodrama "For me the last dance" (Save The Last Dance, 2001), "O" (Othello, 2001) and Other. Confirmation of the value of her talent is entering the actress magazine "Teen People" in the list of "21 stars under the age of 21 years, as well as receiving awards from MTV, as a promising young actress - Teen Choice Award. The movie "O" becomes the best directorial project at the film festival in Seattle, and "For me the last dance" - the best version on MTV (they removed it ...).

In 2001, a poll the magazine "People" Julia is a list of "50 Most Beautiful People in the World. Currently fees are beginning to be millions of actress. For example, for the film "Bachelor Party" (A Guy Thing), she had to get 4 million. $. Played one of the co-starring in the hit action movie - "The Bourne Identity" (The Bourne Identify) and its sequel - "The Bourne Supremacy" (The Bourne Supremacy), the young star finally confirmed its high class. In the last scenes, . where she co-starred, . ( "Carolina", . "Mona Lisa Smile" (Mona Lisa Smile) and "The Prince and I" (Prince and Me)) Julia received fairly high marks from critics, . finally and bezpovorotno changing the status of "promising" to "very talented" in the words of the most Julia Roberts, . played with her role in "Mona Lisa Smile",
. Yet the potential of Julia discovered a maximum of 50%, which is nice, it lowers the speed, but tries to prove to everyone that she came to the cinema, not only for beautiful eyes.

. Interestingly, his acting skills, it improves not only in the movies - she does not refuse to play in the theater, perhaps feeling there is an atmosphere of his childhood
. In the spring and summer of 2004 she performed on stage "Garrick Theatre" paired with Aaron Eckhart ( "Bloody Thursday", "Possession," "Erin Brockovich", "Earth's core," "Hour Rasplatty"), on postanvke very famous director David Memeta ...

. In 1999, Julia graduated from vocational school in New York, in which students prepare for further work in the arts - literature, acting, painting, etc.
. Since August 2000, she attended Columbia University (Columbia University), which chose my specialty - English Literature, Shakespeare is not a gift because her favorite singing. According to most actresses University, she picked up not just - there has students from different social "layers", . different countries, . who are not afraid to express their thoughts aloud, . passing challenging and proving those facts with which he or disagree, . or do not agree ..,
. Julia, like many of the stars involved in charitable programs. One of them - "Homes for mankind" (Habbitat for Humanity) - held in Costa Rica during a pause filming "For me the last dance" ... Now Julia is involved in the movement in the struggle for democracy "MoveOn" - the summer of 2004 this organization has registered more than 2,000,000 activists ... Her strength of character and assertiveness has repeatedly helped her to overcome any difficulties in life. Many problems added Julia defending his own point of view - the equality of female. Suffer from this, she began while still in the 7th grade of her school - when in a dispute with a classmate heard from him in his accusations of feminism and vanity. It was unclear to her and other problems ... Because of its openness and perseverance, she might lose a lot of fans in the world, but these same qualities, eventually become the main reasons for its fame - that same letter to the director the theater, which Julie calls one of the key moments of her life. In connection with her fans, she said something like: "Yes, . i know, . that many are dissatisfied with my views, . Some do not like my appearance, . but I know, . that my real fans will always go to the premiere of my film and, . primarily, . discuss what, . I played. ",

. Today, Julia is not married
. During the filming of the movie "10 Things I Hate", she met with Joseph Gordon-Lyuittom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who starred with her in this picture. A year later, they parted in peace, promising each other to remain friends (Joseph, by the way, as she entered the University of Colombia!) ... Columbia University Julia found her soul mate, which, in her own words "a really warmed her heart". This is a normal guy, to the shortcomings of which Julia jokingly attributes to the fact that he is a university fraternity. To marry, according to Julia, she has not yet going: "Why change something if everything so perfect? .." The last part of the trilogy - 'The Bourne Ultimatum' - was published in August 2007.

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  • Stiles Julia Stiles Julia

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Stiles Julia Stiles JuliaStiles Julia Stiles JuliaStiles Julia Stiles JuliaStiles Julia Stiles Julia

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Stiles Julia Stiles Julia, photo, biography
Stiles Julia Stiles Julia, photo, biography Stiles Julia Stiles Julia  Actress, photo, biography
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