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Element Basic

( With Basic Element)

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Biography Element Basic
photo Element Basic
Telenius, Peter (Peter Thelenius) as well as keyboardist Basic Element until 1995 Cesar Zamin (Cesar Zamini), both originally from Malmo (Sweden). Once, two friends had the idea of Basic Element to go to Holland, there to try to earn a little money. But guys are not crawled out of the skin - their attempt failed, t. to. they were unable to find the area of application. Therefore, after some time they still returned to their homeland - in Malmo. But our brave boys did not give up and soon Peter in the head a brilliant idea - why do not they do the music? And precisely some progressive style or direction. Since Caesar had already had experience playing keyboard instruments - the direction of musical activity was chosen almost immediately. It was in 1992. It was a time when he appeared Rhythm Is A Dancer Group Snap (unofficially recognized first Eurodance composition), and Ice MC c Real McCoy-eat gathered momentum. It was then to Piteru and the thought occurred that it would be nice to do something sort of energetic with a strong rhythm, a male rap and female vocals, t. e. actually a mixture of Hip-Hop and Techno, but that does not look primitive and simple. Hence the inherent group from album to album energy power ... So, rap, Peter took over, the sound fell on the shoulders of Caesar, left to find a girl with a good vocal abilities. The search continued for long. Fortune turned to the guys face and after some time they met Zetmu Prenbo (Zetma Prenbo). The meeting took place in one of the offices for hire, where Peter had come to settle some business. So there was a merger of three talents together, which was called Basic Element. It should also be taken into account and that no small importance, but little-known fact that the group at the start consisted of two singers - one, of course, was Zetma, and the other ... Strangely enough, but on it there is virtually no information (it is not even among listed on the cover of the first album of the project participants). However, certain that the first two singles were released it with its participation. This mysterious participant actually possible to see on the covers of most singles. Most likely in the group unanimously agreed that there is no need for a second vocalist, t. to. voice power Zetmy quite enough to achieve the desired sound tracks. It would be great to say a few words about the origin of the name of the group. The very phrase Basic Element has a very cool prehistory. And it was so - the group have had difficulties in finding a suitable name for the project, and somehow, when once again discussed the topic, Caesar gape and accidentally burned his hand on the heater (the Swedish word sounds like Element). After this incident, it was unanimously decided that the best option would be to use the name of the team that memorable speech in combination with other, simple-sounding. Hence - Basic Element. Further developments took place in a fairy tale - the group released the single for the single, clip for clip, album of Basic Injection with the participation of a talented novice producer Stephen Anderson (Stefan Andersson). Group was invited to many parties and hangouts. Basic Element became one of the most welcome guests at various festivals Dance -. But at the very beginning of 1995, the main women's party group - vocalist Zetma Prenbo pregnant and could no longer participate in the project. We had something to quickly solve. But here fate is not turned away from Peter and Caesar. The new vocalist was soon found! She became Sonnet Sparel (Saunet Sparell). The guys met her in a video-audio salons, where she tried his hand at karaoke. Guys Sonnet so much that they decided a long time do not hesitate to offer her singer for the group. And things got no worse than before - again, singles, videos, concerts and a brand new album, The Ultimate Ride, which is also produced by our old friend Stefan Andersson. However, over time, this whole "concert" mode to be fed Caesar, . differences between boys began in late 1995, he left the band, . to do business (by the way, . as told Peter - Caesar now own company in Malmo (Sweden)),
. There was a situation that always occurs in dozens of other groups, when one or more of the parties simply want to test their strength on its own. It is for this reason, some time after leaving the Basic Element Caesar signed a contract with a German record companies to continue his now solo career. But things did not go and he decided that the best solution in this situation will leave show business forever, and devote myself for urgent. After the departure of Peter Caesar, along with Sonnet continued work to promote quality dance music to the masses. In 1996, out singles Shame and super dance Rule Your World. The same year saw the light of the album Star Tracks, which caused a flurry of emotions, t. to. this was an experimental album that combines both these styles like Eurodance, Disco and Drum'n'base. As they say - a mixture of blood:). However, the energy of the tracks were still at the highest level. Again an important role in creating this album, played all the same Stephen Anderson. Incidentally, it was precisely his merit in the fact that Star Tracks turned so variegated in terms of stylistics. And suddenly, in late 1996, under a lull - until 1998 not issued any single, let alone a single album. Strangely enough, but in this period Peter Telenius continued to work tirelessly. In 1997 he released his solo album, Trust Then Pain under the name Petrus. He even has participated in the release of the single I Feel It Coming Finnish pop diva Ann Bell Fell. In one of the single tracks you can hear his rap game. As always - aerobatics! And then, finally, in 1998, all the fans just torn! new single Basic Element - Rok The World. Such power was not expecting one. Basic Element are back! That was significant by the fact that the first lines of this song directly and declared. The most interesting is that after such a long break Sonnet was unable to hold on to a group and as a consequence - has become the new vocalist Marie Fredrikson (Marie Fredrikson). After retiring from Basic Element Sonnet decided to pursue a career as TV presenter. It some time led the very popular Swedish TV transmission of youth Toppen. Sonnet in Role presenter could often see on the channels TV3 Sweden and ZTV Sweden. But over time it switched to another type of activity and now it works quite well on radio promouterom Warner-e in Stockholm. Together with Marie Fredrickson was entirely recorded the album The Earthquake, which consisted entirely of the same powerful dance tracks like Rok The World. In my opinion this album could easily be classified as a "Platinum Eurodance". If you still consider that he was released in 1998! year (remember that this was not the best of times for ED), then for the fans of the style he has become a real treasure. ... years passed. Since 1999, the group has not released anything new (and reprinted also unfortunately did not). But then came the remarkable 2002. It became a turning point in the history of. Marie Fredrickson had already left the group. But, . is known, . "sacred place is never empty and the singer for Basic Element took a very sexy girl named Sabina (Sabina) In 2002 the band as if reborn - again went to concerts, . performances in various clubs, . at dance festivals,
. However, throughout the year the band performed only their "cult" hits. Naturally, it was time to write something new, to have this material to climb all imaginable and unimaginable tops worldwide. It is this, that is writing new songs, and it is now Peter Telenius. Schedule him I want to tell you quite busy. However, these surprises for fans of the group do not end. Soon, Peter is going to Germany to have it continue to write new songs that will become the fifth album. And work he will be there ... whom do you think? No, never guess ... with people who once wrote songs for famous German Eurodance group - Culture Beat! As Peter said: "I hope this will lead to something good:)".

. And with the advent in 2007, another great news for all fans of this project - Basic Element release in light of the new album The Empire Strikes Back
. Album is very interesting and though the time change music, yet some of the songs can be attributed to the style of Eurodance. And the most interesting one and a half years after the release of the album tracks Basic Element heard on popular radio stations. So the song To You at the time of publication of this material (September 2008) is not the last place in the hit parade of such radio stations as D-FM.

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Element Basic, photo, biography
Element Basic, photo, biography Element Basic  With Basic Element, photo, biography
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