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Princess Harris (Princess Harris)

( Singer)

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Biography Princess Harris (Princess Harris)
Princess Harris (Princess Harris) - So goes the real name of the young r & b-diva Ciara (Ciara). Incidentally, the name of the singer should be read as 'Syarra' (See-air-ra).

A Star Is Born Oct. 25, 1985 in Austin, Texas (USA) in a military family. In connection with official duty, Ciara's parents moved frequently, so the starlet managed to live in Germany, California, New York, Nevada and Arizona. Eventually the family settled in Atlanta, it was there was a significant part of childhood for future stars.

Like many girls in their teens Ciara dreamed of a career supermodel, but her plans changed when she saw on MTV clip of 'Destiny's Child'. Now to become career Ciara r & b-singer (she even wrote on a piece of paper is the desire and hid in a secluded place).

. One of the concerts Ciara

. In perseverance to achieve dreams, Miss Harris could only envy: were forgotten hangouts with friends and a boy's first love, now all the time girls took up singing lessons

. In addition, Ciara is recognized that for hours looking through videos on music channels - remembered the manner of artists to stay on the stage.

. The first step in a future career for Ciara has participated in an obscure female trio of 'Hera Say' (a local semi-professional group from Atlanta, where Ciara was one of the singers)

Of course, even in this team Ciara got is not 'just' - by that time her powerful voice was well 'delivered'.

In 16 years, Ciara has decided that it was ready to solo work and left the 'Hera Say'. After graduating in 2003 Riverdale High School, the young singer began to stud the thresholds of recording studios, one of whom she met producer Jazze Pha, who has worked with celebrities such as Ludacris, 2pac, Twista and Nelly.

. After only five days of joint work with the gifted girl Jazze Pha offered her a contract with his music label 'Sho' Nuff '

Ciara, Jazze Pha and the famous producer Lil Jon, together wrote the first single entitled 'Goodies', which was released in summer 2004. The song attracted the attention of critics and listeners an unusual mixture of styles - funk and r & b (at the time Ciara was the only female performer, risked to speak in this unusual genre).

. Released in September 2004 self-titled album, Ciara has subdued the first line in the charts not only the U.S., . but around the world (of course, . important role played part in the work on the plate such famous rap artists, . as Ludacris, . Missy Elliott, . R,
. Kelly and Petey Pablo).
Even more successful were the single Ciara '1, 2 Step '(2005) and recorded with Ludacris hit with' Oh '. Tracks for a long time did not leave the top ranks of world charts. In summer 2005, Ciara released a DVD with three videos (the usual trick for the stars, which have 'become familiar' with the public)

. In late 2005, the rising star is sent to a joint tour with Gwen Stefani's 'Harajuku Lovers Tou', . after which the joint with Ciara waiting rapper Bow Wow and musician Chris Brown tour (during this trip Ciara and Bow Wow recorded a duet 'Like You'),

Tour finale was the performance of Ciara at the largest American Stadium Orange Bow.

The plans for Ciara - a 'P Diddy in a skirt' (or jeans)

Working with Bow Wow logically led to the novel. The result was almost perfect African-American young couple - a positive, successful, they were a year in the pages tabloidov.No Bow Wow was spotted with another girl and Ciara has sent his resignation. Press attache Bow Wow tried to provide all as a peaceful separation and claimed, . that they remained on friendly terms, . but Ciara, . always very reluctant to talk about personal life, . noticed, . that no 'friendly parting' was not and could not be.,

. At this time, hip-hop diva Missy Elliott Ciara invited to cooperate actively with the song 'Lose Control', which was destined to become a mega hit
. Last clip for the song Stars received February 8, 2006 Award Grammy in the category 'best video' (at the same ceremony Ciara appears in duet with a musician of 'Maroon 5').

. At the end of February 2006 by Michael Jackson, Ciara invited to become one of the sponsors of the charity single 'I Have This Dream'
. This was the final recognition of Ciara in the world of show business.

. It is worth mentioning that Ciara looks pretty, too, was spotted - in 2006 it became the 'face' advertising campaign clothing and footwear 'Candies' from Kohls.

. In December 2006, the second album Ciara 'The Evolution', above which worked Jazze Pha, Pharrell, and Will.i.am
. The result did not wait: 'Platinum' status with only three guest participation (Lil Jon, Chamillionaire himself 50 Cent).

The main hit from this plate was the single 'Like a boy'.

In summer 2007, Ciara attributed romance with rapper 50 Cent. The occasion was the joint appearance of stars in the video shoot 'Can't Leave Em Alone'; addition, Ciara appeared in photographs that are included in the booklet studio album, 50 Cent. But the singer once said that her and 50 Cent associate only 'close friendships'.

By his own admission, the plans have become Ciara Harris 'P Diddy in a skirt': fashion business, advertising, cinema, restaurants - all this will be and already is in the startup.

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  • Princess Harris (Princess Harris)

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Princess Harris (Princess Harris)Princess Harris (Princess Harris)Princess Harris (Princess Harris)Princess Harris (Princess Harris)

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Princess Harris (Princess Harris), photo, biography
Princess Harris (Princess Harris), photo, biography Princess Harris (Princess Harris)  Singer, photo, biography
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