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Javier Bardem

( Actor)

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Biography Javier Bardem
photo Javier Bardem
Full name: Javier ц?ngel Encinas Bardem

. Date of Birth: March 1, 1969

. Place of birth: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

. Height: 183 cm

. Occupation: Actor

. Marital status: Married

. Javier Bardem was born in a family of actors, well known around the world
. His grandparents, mother, brother and sister - actors, in addition, it is the nephew of the famous Spanish director Juan Antonio Bardema.
. Before, . how do cinema, . Javier tried himself in different manifestations: he played for the Spanish national team's rugby, . studied painting at the School of Arts and Crafts in Spain, . but realizing, . that a professional artist he did not become, . decided to devote himself to acting craft,
. In 11 years, Bardem has played in the Spanish film 'powerful influence of the moon' (1980), the main role in which she performed his mother Pilar. Thanks to the courageous appearance, very suitable for the passionate and aggressive character, Xavier began to accrue just such roles. Soon, he lit up in an erotic episode in a very controversial films of Spanish director Bigas Moon 'Age Lulu' (1990) and became a favorite of director. Bigas Luna gave Bardem's role and in his next movie 'Jamon, jamon', where he played together with a young Penelope Cruz, and this movie was for both actors a springboard into the international arena.
. In 1994, the year Bardem received several prestizhynh Spanish Awards for such films as 'Golden Eggs' (1993), 'Starting line' (1994), 'Detective and Death' (1994)
. And in 1995 he received the last picture is also a prize 'Goya' (Spanish equivalent 'Oscar'). In the future, 'Goya' and others scattered on the MTV Movie Bardema as from a horn of plenty. For several years he became one of the main actors in Spain and the first actor of this country, conquering Hollywood. In 2000 he played Cuban poet and novelist Reinaldo Arenas in the film 'until opening night', for which he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor, but this time there remained only among the nominees.
. In 2004, Bardem starred in the film by Alejandro Amenц?bar 'Sea Inside', based on real events
. Actor has played a quadriplegic as a result of injury on behalf of the Spaniard Ramon Sampedro, who for 30 years fought for the approval of euthanasia in order to win her right to die. For this role, Bardem won the main prize of the Festival of Venice, and then another statuette 'Goya'.
. In 2006, Bardem has worked with British director Michael Newell on the film 'Love in the Time of Cholera', is based on the eponymous novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
. He played a central role - a character named Florentino Ariza, who all his life trying to win the love of a girl who in his youth rejected. In 2007, Bardem, along with Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz starred in Woody Allen film 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' premiere is scheduled for autumn 2008. And in February, the actor finally got his deserved Oscar - for Best Supporting Actor in one of the best films of 2008 - 'There is no place for Old Men' Coen brothers. He became the first Spanish actor-owner of the coveted statuettes.
. Interesting facts about Javier Bardeme:
. He said in an interview that does not know how to drive.
. As a teenager, played rugby for Spain.
. Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna consider him my favorite actor.
. Received a role in the film 'Love in the Time of Cholera' (2007), which was originally planned for Johnny Depp.
. Family Bardema owns a restaurant in Spain called La Bardemcilla
. Hostess restaurant - sister of Javier, Monica Bardem.

When the film's director 'until opening night' Julian Shneybl showed that Al Pacino movie, Bardem last call at 3 o'clock in the Spanish time, and said that he liked his game. 'I do not believe in God, I believe in Al Pacino! " - Replied Bardem.
. Filmography:
. Kill Pablo (2009)
. Nine (2009)
. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)
. Love in the Time of Cholera (2007)
. Old Men (2007)
. Goya's Ghosts (2006)
. The Sea Inside (2004)
. Collateral (2004)
. Solar Mondays (2002)
. Dancing at the top (2002)
. No word from God (2001)
. Until opening night (2000)
. Second Skin (1999)
. Washington Wolves (1999)
. Between the legs (1999)
. Torrente, a stupid arm of the law (1998)
. Perdita Durango (1997)
. Live Flesh (1997)
. Airbag (1997)
. Hazards of Love (1996)
. More than love (1996)
. Ecstasy (1996)
. Mother (1995)
. Face to Face (1995)
. Tit and the Moon (1994)
. Starting line (1994)
. Detective and Death (1994)
. Golden Eggs (1993)
. Runaways (1993)
. Bilingual Lover (1993)
. Jamon, Jamon (1992)
. Amo tu cama rica (1992)
. High Heels (1991)
. Ages Lulu (1990)
. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988)
. Ascendancy lunyl (1980)

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Photos of Javier Bardem
Javier BardemJavier BardemJavier BardemJavier Bardem

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Javier Bardem, photo, biography
Javier Bardem, photo, biography Javier Bardem  Actor, photo, biography
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