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Biography Anastacia
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Anastacia was born Sept. 17, 1973 in New York City. According to most of Anastasia, the family was, rather, an artistic. My father sang in nightclubs, while his mother played on Broadway and in musical theater. Therefore, a home environment can be called close to the bohemian. Future star flirted up to the plate holes extravagant Elton John and Barbra Streisand and a couple of my sister went to a dance club. Yeah, what-what, but in the sense of rhythm Nastasya not refuse.

This here love to dive in the movement led Anastasia's backup dancers group Salt-N-Pepa. Beauty starred in a few clips
then things went back to the movies. Went up to her, the same producer, and politely asked if she does not sing. Here's the handy ability zalivisto podpet Barbra Streisand. At the show from the series "We are looking for talent!" in 1998, Anastasia journalists there were. She introduced the song "Not that kind", which was caught in the top ten finalists. In one children's film, said: "You still hear the trumpets!". So, in 1998 after the broadcast show with Anastasia at MTV, trumpets sounded exactly for her. Most Anastasia shook call Michael Jackson, the sound of the apartment the next day. Half-hour conversation with the King of Pop made a lot of Anastasia. She herself said that during this conversation, it became crystal clear: should be myself, to do something to be proud of. Only then will all get and put in your favor.

Needless to say, Anastasia recognized. Begin an endless negotiations with representatives of major record companies. Won in the end, the label "Daylight Records", a division of "Epic / Sony". Thus the first album Anastasia's "Not that kind" - "Not so" out mothers label. Not bad for the debutants. The first clip, a bright "I'm outta love", the first single from the album, got all the "hot rotation". Album eventually sold 5 million copies and became successively gold and double platinum. Anastasia was involved in the writing of 11 of the 13 tracks on "Not that kind". Belle tried. Disclosed all myself, worked for wear, and perhaps that is why rightfully named because its plate. And already there have been particular style inherent in it Anastasia. Music - edakii mix pop, rock, rhythm & blues and soul. Honest sincere emotions. Energy, drive, strength, confidence, lyrics, vocals - all. This person does not recede ever. And it goes - the voice. Incredible voice of a white woman, sounding like a black gospel singer. This is rarely where you hear. She has amazing voice. If you do not see the person you would think that singing a sort of colorful Negress. Or that notorious Tina Turner helped a distant relative to break into the big stage. And then you look at the screen and see a real Barbie. Tall and stylish, with a shock of blond hair and squint mainland hunters on male specimens, Anastasia seizes your imagination, and authoritatively, with certainty are fully aware of its originality guests took the favorite.

. But the story does not end, on the contrary - it culminates
. Anastasia did not relax after recording their first album. She quickly began to gain material for the second plate. And really - why pull if drive rife? High blond beast with the voice of Tina Turner released his second album. Apparently, a trip to a rich inner world of beautiful Anastasia continues. Anastasia's second album, "Freak of nature" like picks, continues the story begun in the first album. This is the story of a woman who immediately declares its otherness in the other ( "Freak of nature"). It is an independent woman who is free from the obligations ( "Payed my dues"). She hates insincerity ( "Why'd you lie to me"). She cares for those whom he loves ( "You'll never be alone"). And she can dream of (the ballad "I dreamed you" - poignant declaration of love). This album - a gift for the fanatical fans of unusual voices, rhythm & blues rhythms and female choral backing vocals. The album also recommended disappointed in the girl's life. Freedom to live the plate will add immediately. Anastasia seemed divided its strength and vitality through music.

"Freak of nature" was recorded over two months in the studio "Sony". Anastasia helped with the album Rick Wake - Producer Diana Ross, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez. Due to the tight deadlines in the team had no time to ponder too long on tracks. That is why there are so many spontaneous. Somewhere in music may be moist, but all written very sincerely. And that Anastasia has always sought. And yet, why Anastasia so quickly? Why is she literally rushes through life without taking the time to analyze already perfect? Probably will have to open a nasty secret, because without that the story of Anastasia would be incomplete. For some incredible injustice Anastasia ill. This is called Crohn's disease - a singer congenital digestive problems. However, she learned to cope with the disease so that it almost caused her discomfort, the singer holds free concerts. She said that the disease is perceived by many as a punishment, became for her a gift of fate. Because she was able to better understand themselves, their feelings, emotions. And every minute of his life remembering that it saps the disease, Anastasia wants to live a full life. Appreciate every minute of its rightful. Rejoice simple things. And surely move towards your dreams, determination to do what she likes. Therefore, her songs are so piercingly sincere. She do not need to hide anything. She revealed to us until the end, gives all of herself.

November 10, 2001 at the ceremony "MTV Europe Music Awards" Anastasia has won the top prize in the category "Best Pop Artist". Probably few others deserve this award as it. Another, strong, bold, frank and sincere. And at the same time is the same as all. A beautiful woman with their weaknesses, thirsting for love.

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Anastacia, photo, biography
Anastacia, photo, biography Anastacia  Singer, photo, biography
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