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Kylie Minogue

( Pop singer)

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Biography Kylie Minogue
photo Kylie Minogue
Anastacia - well-known pop singer of American origin. His fame she has acquired through an extraordinary voice and manner of performance of musical compositions. It is worth noting that many of them are of copyrighted works. However Anasteysha not become popular in his homeland, has been recognized in many parts of the world (Latin America, Asia, Europe, etc.). During the period of creative activity of the circulation of her albums has exceeded 30 million level.

Homeland Anasteyshi is a famous American city of Chicago. It was there, in the family of pop singer and actress from Broadway on Sept. 17, 1968 was born Anastacia Lyn Newkirk, known worldwide under the name Anasteysha.

From an early age, the girl was fond of dancing and music. His art she showed at the scene of one of the city clubs. But the carefree childhood did not last long - the doctors discovered the girl dangerous disease of the stomach. However Anasteysha bravely overcomes this hurdle and the vital next step in its development to become a pop-admission to the school dance in Manhetenne - 'Professional Children's School'.

. The beginning of a stellar career Anasteyshi dates back to 1992, when it began to appear regularly in the 'Club MTV' - a musical program
. In the same period, the future singer was withdrawn in a few clips of the group Salt-N-Pepa.

The next stage of becoming a new pop star is connected with a victory in one of music contests on MTV called 'The Cut'. And already in 1999, she signed a contract with record company Daylight Records, which offered her cooperation. The result of their joint work to become a debut album - 'Not That Kind', which were combined as the rhythms of contemporary pop music, and freedom-loving soul. It will take a little time and Anasteyshu become equated in the manner of execution of Chakoy Khan (Chaka Khan) and Tina Turner (Tina Turner).

. The new album sold more than 2 million copies and won a leading position in the charts of many countries in Europe and the East
. It is that time can be considered the beginning of the ascent to the throne of glory of the new American pop star. Her unorthodox manner of performance and a magnificent voice attracted the attention of many pop stars, world pop. Among them was Elton John, who invited the singer to speak with him at one of the concerts. The result of their cooperation was the song 'Saturday Night's Allright For Fighting', which gained immortality in the next album by Elton John.

In 2001, the light appears second creation Anasteyshi 'Freak Of Nature'. The album also delighted fans of his melodic and mindedness.

However, in 2003 on the road to fame singer awaits the next hurdle. And again it was associated with her health. Doctors diagnosed with breast cancer Anasteyshi. The disease has not been without the operation, which ended in complete victory over disease. This is followed by a long period of recovery. Upon completion, the singer, to take on new creative forces, released his third album, self-titled 'Anastacia'. It was kind of victory cry, which marked the victory of man over his ailment. The fans were not disappointed again. Great music combined with glubomyslennymi text creates a delightful musical atmosphere (as it turned out, . some time, . the singer in this period were major problems with voice and to, . to release the album she has spent considerable force).,

. The next album will be released after a year
. Namely, in 2005. This creation was yet another achievement in the creation of the singer, which enabled her to rise to new heights of glory. At the same time Anasteysha begins to study clothing design. She said she has always wanted to release his collection of clothing. The result of this creative work is the formation of a new brand 'Anastacia By s. Oliver '. Together with designer C. Oliver, she has translated his long-standing dream into reality. The main direction of the collection becomes universal, sexuality and sensuality. These three components produce another successful singer in his new role of entrepreneurship.

. In addition to clothing Anastacia in 2007, releasing its perfume - Resurrection, which also occupies a prominent place among brands perfume
. However, studies issuance of clothing and perfume does not interfere with creative plans Anasteyshi. She continues to work on new songs for her next album, which came out in 2008. In the same year was born the latest collection of clothing brand 'Anastacia By s. Oliver '.

During his 30 years Anasteysha managed not only to rise in the starry Olympus, but to become for many a symbol of steadfastness and firmness to the adversities of fate.
Anastacia. Discography:

Heavy Rotation (2008)

Pieces of a Dream (2005)

Anastacia (2004)

Freak of Nature (2001)

Not That Kind (2000)

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Kylie Minogue, photo, biography
Kylie Minogue, photo, biography Kylie Minogue  Pop singer, photo, biography
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