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Dalvin Shcherbakov A.

( Honored Artist of Russia (1995))

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Biography Dalvin Shcherbakov A.
photo Dalvin Shcherbakov A.
Dalvin Shcherbakov was born August 26, 1938 in the town of Taiga in Kemerovo region. And then everything, like many boys were born before the war: barefoot, half-starved military childhood, school years, keen lessons at a local drama circle, who planted the guy in the love of theater and stage.

. As a youth, Dalvin Shcherbakov went to Moscow, because only there could "learn to be a real artist"
. Entrance Exams, . that lad from distant Siberia passed without a hitch, . and education in the famous VGIK in the studio of legendary actor Boris Chirkov, . eminent Seguela, . Boris popular butterfly, . played very Vasily Ivanovich Chapaeva,
. The talented student is already in their final year of study introduced in the main part of the troupe of the Moscow Theater of Drama and Comedy on Taganka, entrusted the leading roles in major productions of the theater

. Movies

. In cinema Dalvina Shcherbakova also invited a student, and immediately the lead role of team leader with a metal Pavel Afanasiev in the painting "The first trolley," directed by Isidore Annenskogo, . which is precisely formulated era, . fixed time,
. Scherbakovskaya hero became an absolute face of this very time. His partners on the set were: Oleg Dal, Oleg Anofriev, George Vitsin, Eugene Steblov, even Savely Kramarov - a brilliant composition that can satisfy the tastes of any audience.

. Following Dalvina Shcherbakova again invited to the main role hopelessly shy Lieutenant, . whose unexpected love deprived of everyday speech and gave a beautiful tenor Edurda Gil in the movie-musical revue, "When a song does not end" at the Roman Tikhomirov.,

. Directors liked prominent handsome Shcherbakov and invited him to the appropriate role of his appearance: Turnin in the film "Tatyana's Day", . Boria Rudnitsky, . in which all classmates were in love with the cult movie late 60's with Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Irina and Pechernikova director Stanislav Rostotsky "live to see Monday",
. Strong-willed Arkady Lykov Echo distant snows, serious-minded Ostriakov in the "sea of fire" and vain Orlov in "The Messenger of Eternity".

1970 - 80 th

1974 and became an actor at all productive. After co-starring a little shy Andrei Petrovich in the movie "All the evidence against him" and the passionate George Chebotarev "anger", . Dalvin Shcherbakov played one of their landmark kinogeroev - Chief Inspector Moscow criminal investigation department captain Andrei Rebrov, . professionally exposed the war criminal, . years in hiding under an assumed name, . detective television series, Yuri Kavtaradze "Conscience".,

. After the execution of this role, . actor already was impossible not to notice, . gained popularity, . He became a recognizable and episodic Cast: Boris Zina's husband in the movie "The Day of the wedding will have to specify", . father Vedeneeva in "Quiet troechnikah", . Andreev in the film "The morning of the doomed mine.,

. Played a major role as one of the chiefs of two shifts Myagkova Boris Yashin in the socio-psychological drama "Airport with the service entrance", . coupled with a namesake Peter Shcherbakov, . actor, . as spoken, . hit the "ten-", . invitations poured in one after the other: to approve the role of the television drama "Ten days, . that Shook the World ", . on the scientist's role in "Days and years of Nicholas Batygin", . Malysheva "Under the Sign of the Red Cross, . invited to take pictures of "Man Formation" play a major role - Rodiontseva.,

. And after such a fruitful role in the year 1987, a cine actor's life suddenly was quiet, it seemed, directors simply forgotten about the talented Dalvine Shcherbakov
. Actor did not lose heart, he waited patiently in the wings and he came. Director Alexander millet and Alexander Boyko approved the eminent actor, and without any trial, one of the main roles of the mafia boss Roman B. Kharitonov in criminal drama "In the Russian style."

. And only then off they'd go, remember Dalvina Shcherbakova finally and this time a long time: a modest neighbor Zhigin in the adventure-ironic melodrama "terrorist" Stanislaw Razdorskikh, sly Swat Nahum in "Forest Princess"
. And then the movies came time for a serial. Work in serials not something that would be attracted Shcherbakova, but she had not pressed. Actor successfully starred as Fyodor Petrovich in numerous series, "On the corner near the Patriarch". Brilliantly played by the prosecutor Mikhailova in Stylet-2, Sea Serpent - Boris Polunin in "Hunting for Piranha".


After sound animated American film "The Fox and the dog Fox and the Hound, The" "Scherbakovskaya vote notice. Actor vying with each other, are being invited to the scoring of roles, . mainly in pictures made in the USA, . France, . Denmark: "Goodfellas Goodfellas", . "Highlander II: The recovery Highlander II: The Quickening", . "Man in the Iron Mask Man in the Iron Mask, . The ", . "Racer Driven", . "They have not played in a Box Bucket List, . The ", . "Saw IV Saw IV" and many others,
. We had an actor to voice a few of their kinsmen of paintings: in the film "The Inheritance" the role of police major voice sounded Dalvina Shcherbakova, in kinoromane "War and Peace" - Count Rostov, in the TV series "Kamenskaya - Lyubomiras Lautsyavichus.

. About his personal life Dalvin Shcherbakov never with anyone not shared words, any public media anything about it stops rolling
. Maybe the way it should? Lives talented people on this "white light" quietly, peacefully, doing his favorite thing:

. Filmography:

. 1963 The first trolleybus
. 1964 When a song does not end
. 1965 Traveler with baggage
. 1965 Son
. 1967 Tatiana's Day
. 1968 live till Monday
. 1969 Echo distant snow
. 1970 Sea on Fire
. 1970 Messengers of eternity
. 1972 Always on the alert
. 1973 Appointment
. 1974 All the evidence against him
. 1974 Anger
. 1974 Conscience
. 1979Den wedding will clarify
. 1980 Whispering troechniki
. 1985 Morning doomed mine
. 1986 Airport with service entrance
. 1987 Ten Days That Shook the World
. 1987 days and years of Nicholas Batygin
. 1987 Under the sign of the Red Cross
. 1987 Man suite
. 1991 In the Russian style
. 1991 terrorist
. 2000 Metamorphosis of love
. 2004 Forest Princess
. 2004 At the corner near the Patriarch-4 - serial
. 2004 Stylet-2 - serial
. 2006 Hunting for Piranha
. 2008 Paris in love

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Dalvin Shcherbakov A., photo, biography
Dalvin Shcherbakov A., photo, biography Dalvin Shcherbakov A.  Honored Artist of Russia (1995), photo, biography
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