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Gogunsky Vitaliy

( Actor)

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Biography Gogunsky Vitaliy
photo Gogunsky Vitaliy
Born 14/07/1978
Childhood Vitaly Gogunsky passed in the Poltava. A boy from an early age fond of music. He graduated from the School of Music in piano and even became the winner of the Poltava region.

Despite the obvious successes in music, Vitaly chosen profession actor. He graduated from VGIK, workshop Alexei Batalov.

In 2004, the young actor made his debut on the silver screen in the comedy role of Anton Marina Migunova 'Goodbye, Dr. Freud! ". Vitaly Gogunsky played the role of 15-year-old boy, the son of the head of a large building trust. His character totally uncontrollable due to the transitional age, so that parents and invite psychoanalyst.

Just another way Vitali was created in the drama directors Catherine Grokhovskaya and Peter Stepin 'MAN OF NO RETURN'. The picture tells the story of several families, united by the problem of search for human happiness, love and peace of mind. Among these fates - the history of the rise and fall of a boy named Roman (it even plays Vitali Gogunsky), who decided to earn easy money.

. Kuzya of 'Univer'

. As it happens, on-screen heroes Vitaly Gogunsky, usually under his own
. Here and in the series 'Univer' thirty years of the actor have played a student. And nothing, the image turned out quite convincing. Edward Kuzmin, or simply Kuzya - a typical 'п?п°я?пЎп?'. Science - not his element, and the university are suffering because of his athletic achievements. After all, someone has to win in competitions!

The series can hardly be called successful. Straight Valais, predictable jokes. Nevertheless, 'Univer' found its fans, and, accordingly, brought the popularity of the actors who starred in it.


Choosing the path of acting for themselves, Vitaly Gogunsky does not have music lessons. In his debut tape 'Goodbye, Dr. Freud! " He spoke not only as an actor, but also as a composer. And in 2008, after the shooting in the series 'Univer', Vitaly began recording his own CD. It is planned that he will be released in 2009.

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  • Lawsuit against ZG Film PLEASED 'Bulletin of film distributors'? 22 (174) of 1 June 2007. Directed by Peter Stepin achieved through the court returned his name in the credits as director of feature film 'Man irrevocable', which he rented in conjunction with director E. Grokhovskaya. May 3, 2007 the Moscow City Court upheld the decision Presnensky District Court, Mr.. Moscow 28. 11. 2006. and recognized the actions of owners ZG Film producer and. Zadorina and director Grokhovskaya illegal. In May 2005, finished shooting the movie 'Man irrevocable' scenario Peter Stepin, the work of two co-director E. Grokhovskaya and P. Stepin, which was sealed copyright agreements. Actors were filmed Galina Jovovich, . Ekaterina Rednikova, . Sergei Chonishvili, . Alyona Yakovleva, . Andrei Yegorov et al Eight months after the shooting, . when the film was already assembled and voiced by, . was, . that the name of Peter Stepina in directing credits did not appear,
    . Peter Stepin: "Litigation on demonstrable lasted more than a year. In court I even had to lead actors and members of the crew. Over the past year, this work is bypassed many prestigious festivals, film distribution, running on the central channel. Now the film is presented in selling discs. The court is satisfied that the producer of the film and. Hemker and his wife, E. Grokhovskaya deliberately excluded my name from the director's credits, thus flagrantly violating copyright. This, unfortunately, is. All we are faced with the duplicity and dishonesty, and no one is immune from this. Evil I do not hold. Life goes. Much Work Ahead '. Interests of producer Peter Stepin in court represented by a lawyer of the Moscow Bar 'Nikolaev and Partners' Maxim Lyakishev.
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    Gogunsky Vitaliy, photo, biography
    Gogunsky Vitaliy, photo, biography Gogunsky Vitaliy  Actor, photo, biography
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