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Skvortsova Maria Savelievna

( Actress)

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Biography Skvortsova Maria Savelievna
photo Skvortsova Maria Savelievna
Skvortsova Maria Savelievna was born April 4, 1911 in the Tula region, in the village of Turin. Little girl went to Moscow to brothers. Young Maria sang well, it even took in a church choir. The only thing that stopped her everywhere - a small increase. At the end of the school, in 1930, Maria Savelievna went with a friend for the company to listen to Serafima Birman - she gained a studio at All-Union Radio Committee. Suddenly, a great actress invited to learn Skvortsova is it. So decided the fate of the future actress. Four years of study passed like a flash. Then everyone went to the great rate of Luke, played in local theater. But then the war began ...

Since 1941, Maria Skvortsova worked in the theater of the city Irbit (Sverdlovsk region), and in 1943 - went to the front. For two years she performed in front of the brigade at the Second Baltic Front. Until the war ended.

After the war, the news of the disease my mother, an actress with difficulty persuaded to let her go to Moscow. And stayed. Asked to be the regional TUZ (Tsarina). Prior to that, Maria Skvortsova many years worked in the theater, which played a major role mainly. And then a children's theater. For the guys to play hard. Must be able to keep their attention. First, Maria Skvortsova had to play boys-girls, pioneering heroes, goats, zaychat, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella. After roles in "plum", "Servant of Two Masters," "Young Guards", "Fathers and Sons". Played something about the state and collective farms. She played Prostakov and even Nilovna .... And when the actress grown old, send witch, Baba Yaga. But she never played zlodeek, she made her characters funny, teasing young viewers.

Outside the Cinema

In her youth Maria Skvortsova almost no shot. Combine work in the theater with the shooting could not. After all, the actress played in all performances of major roles, and because it simply did not let. We had to refuse many invitations. Although some epizodiki still were - for example, by Mark Donskoy in the drama on the story M. Kotsubynskogo 'heavy price'. A film about love, passion, death, unbearable, frankly bright and detached from everyday life, was recognized British Kinoakadimiey best foreign film in 1958.

'Kalina red'

Celebrity Maria Skvortsova came up offensively late. In the first big role for the first time the actress co-starred with Basil Shukshina in 'Kalina red', and it was in the sixty years. In the picture of Maria Skvortsova hit by a happy occasion. SHukshin searching for an actress for the role of mother Luba. He showed fotoproby five actresses, among them was nobody famous Maria Skvortsova. Director, surprisingly, it chose.

Using Shukshin was for the actress is a true celebration of creative joy. He helped, advised and created a bright, sharp characters, seeking to cast the role of such a picture, what he saw. But to do so tactfully, gently, offering some interesting options. So many generations of viewers remembered the heroine Skvortsova answer to the question mentions: 'There, in the cupboard ...'.

Actress was hard at first, because she plunged into an entirely new atmosphere with its laws and orders. And then - nothing, everything will work. Red viburnum was for the actress 'happy' berries. This painting opened the door to the cinema, and has given her fame, and love of the audience. Showered with invitations to new role.

Be truthful in any episode

After the film 'guest from the future' Mary Skvortsov became even know the guys. Total several episodes ... But how wonderful! Remember how the main characters pass by old ladies sitting, and the heroine throws Skvortsova after them: 'Just go unlearned. After breaking his neck and can. In our time - first think, and then running away ... ' Once again, the actress appears in the frame at the end of the film. Only now is Skvortsova space pirate, has turned into this very old lady. And the changes in her demeanor, manner of speaking. Initially wary, suspicious glance, and then: 'What have you done. You have to kill people '. And then to joyfully: 'They killed. I have all the police sent '. I really believe that under the old woman's shell lies a treacherous pirate.

This naturalness of the characters Skvortsova not accidental. After Germanovna Serafima Birman taught his students the truth in art, authenticity and naturalness. And this is true it passed her student Maria Skvortsova. Actress had carried this feeling through the entire life. Probably, therefore, even the most minor episodes, such as in 'Chicherin' or 'crew' she played realistically.

. 'If only we knew:'

. Mariya Skvortsova appeared on the screen the last time in 1993 - in a painting by Boris Blank 'If only we knew:' Screening 'Three Sisters' Chekhov
. She played a nurse. When the actress agreed to withdraw, she had no idea how awful it expects. From Chekhov there is nothing left! But the heroes were homosexuals and prostitutes. Her nanny has become a procuress.

Actress categorically not taken a new movie, a new generation of directors, and decided to retire. She was particularly struck by the attitude is not seeing in the eyes of the text, they are on 'motor! " grab the piece of paper and start to scald. No, such an approach was categorically not for her. Even when Skvortsova said: 'reel a breeze, on the site will explain you everything! " - It still demanded the entire script. She needed to know in advance all to prepare. She was supposed to work on the role, regardless of whether it is small or large. So it taught Birman, both worked with her SHukshin. Everything must go from the soul, and impromptu - it should be, but in the norm.

Talented Partners

Mariya Skvortsova often starred in films with a very strong cast of. With talented actors to work easily. She very much helped Vyacheslav Tikhonov during the filming of "White Bim Black Ear '. Great actors were in the 'Children of the Sun', the 'Trustee' Mikhail Kozakov. However, this TV movie is cursed: they took, they say, 'ultimate sacrifice' Ostrovsky, but a new way all shoveled. And Kozakova horrible, and Yankovsky, and praised only Leonid armor, Rimma Markova and Maria Skvortsov.

Good memories we have an actress on the work of Aleksandr Mitta. He clearly feels the actor, in his every movie - in its place. After the 'Crew' he said about Skvortsov: "Here is the actress will be shot, I always". But not developed. Yet best of all, for its recognition, was SHukshin!


The character of Maria Skvortsova was like and flexible, but its language is summed. It just could not see, so straight in the eye and said. And who is to their liking? For him and the title she has not received any. Theater repeatedly filed documents, and all past. From artistic director of the actress is not very friendly, so to retire quietly released its. But the actress not particularly worried: on the street will approach and say kind words - and she is already well.

When the granddaughter was born, that's happiness. Her Rukovoditelnitsa roles while the actress did not give, and she agreed: "Thank you, Lord! I have a granddaughter now, and I do not need any work '.

Son of Maria Skvortsova died in October 1991. Previously, it was not her husband, Semyon Mikhailovich, a wonderful actor and wonderful man of modesty.
So in the life of the actress has remained a bench at the entrance and TV. Watched the news, transfers, movies. All she was interested, from life trying to keep. From the life of Maria Skvortsova left on Dec. 1, 2000.
. Filmography:

. 1957 dearly
. 1971 Kalina Krasnaya
. 1974 Front without the flanks
. 1974 Downpour
. 1975 Au-u!
. 1977 White Bim the Black Ear
. 1977 Coming
. 1978 kiss Dawns
. 1979 farewell
. 1979 Crew
. 1979 Cat in the bag
. 1980 The last escape
. 1981 Retired goats drummer
. 1983 Crazy Day Barkasova Engineer
. 1983 Lone granted residence
. 1983 Quarantine
. 1983 Eternal Call
. 1983 Tender Age
. 1984 Guest from the Future
. 1984 Dead Souls
. 1984, and life, and tears, and love ...
. 1985 Do not go, girls, married
. 1985 The Sun in your pocket
. 1990 and 206-th ...
. 1993 Alphonse
. 1993 If only we knew ...

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Skvortsova Maria Savelievna, photo, biography
Skvortsova Maria Savelievna, photo, biography Skvortsova Maria Savelievna  Actress, photo, biography
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