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Zenkov Yefrosinya Savelievna

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Zenkov Yefrosinya Savelievna
photo Zenkov Yefrosinya Savelievna
(22. 12. 1923 - 19. 4. 1984)

E frosinya Savelievna Zenkov - the underground, the secretary of the Komsomol organization of the underground Obolskoy Б•  Б•L Young Avengers. Born Dec. 22, 1923 in the village Ushaly Shumilino district, Vitebsk region in a peasant family. Belarusian. Member of the CPSU since 1945. She graduated from high school, school FZO. Worked in a sewing factory.

The participant of Great Patriotic War in 1941. Completing tasks underground regional committee of the party and the leadership of the guerrilla unit. K.E. Voroshilov, underground caught the attention of the enemy garrison smt Obol (Shumilino rn), carried out 21 sabotage. From September 1943 3enkova fought in a guerrilla brigade of. VI. Lenin on the territory of the Vitebsk region.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Euphrosyne Savelievna Zenkov awarded July 1, 1958.

. After the war until 1967 worked in gorvoenkomate Vitebsk
. Since 1976, an honorary citizen of Vitebsk. Died April 19, 1984.

She was awarded the Order of Lenin, World War 1 degree, the Red Star and medals.

In smt Obol underground movement is a monument created by the central museum of Fame. Monument obelisk obolskim patriots installed at the school Б•¬ 41 in Minsk.

In as much as World War II found Yefrosinia Zenkov student sewing and textile college. A young patriot could not put up with bullying and robbery, which repaired on Soviet soil fascist invaders. She was looking for ways to combat the enemies. Soon representative Sirotino underground regional committee of the party asked it to organize and lead an underground Komsomol organization. On instructions from the leaders of the guerrilla unit Komsomol underground committed twenty-one major diversion. Blew up power and put out of brick and linen factories, warehouses burned in the station two thousand tons of flax, prepared for shipment to the occupation of Germany. Once through the underground, working for a German commandant's office on the instructions of the District Party Committee, Zenkov learned about the arrival at the station Obol major Nazi officials Sonderfiihrer Karl Bormann. The underground to get to his car and put it under the seat time bomb. And as soon as the car drove over Obol exploded.

August 28, 1943 the core of the Komsomol underground were arrested, and all the young patriots were shot. Zenkov before the raid and arrests went underground on the instructions of the District Party Committee on the remote junction Galushanino. In return it warned about the arrests, and she joined a partisan unit.

. W a loss of military friends Zenkov and her comrades in the guerrilla detachment cruelly avenged themselves to the enemy.

. ---
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2) Legendary Heroes-Komsomol. Vol V and VI. 1973.

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Zenkov Yefrosinya Savelievna, photo, biography
Zenkov Yefrosinya Savelievna, photo, biography Zenkov Yefrosinya Savelievna  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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